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ISIS vs. 3D Printing

Men descend on the venerated space, laying waste to anything they can topple. Armed with sledgehammers, power drills, and cellphone cameras, they leave dust and stones in their wake, mere suggestions of the priceless artifacts proudly displayed only hours before. What little fragments are left of …


10 Scientific Studies Proving That Consciousness Interacts With the Physical World

Nikola Tesla said it best, “the day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make mor...

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Nobel Prize Scientists Who Believed This Reality is NOT Real

Some of the biggest scientists ever to live on Earth, have reached the conclusion that we exist in a...

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Quantum Mechanics

Swap tea and smoothies for more water to beat fatigue, say experts

It is 'not enough' to rely on tea, coffee and soft drinks, experts say, as data show poor drinking habits are putting strain on the NHS

Smoothies and health drinks have become so popular that people are drinking less water without realising and then crowding GP surgeries with complaints of fatigue, …


How long can we stay awake?

We can fight off the sandman for a while, but after a certain point, sleeplessness leads to temporary madness and – just maybe – death, discovers Adam Hadhazy.

It’s surprising how we spend our lives. Reach your 78th birthday and according to some back-of-the-envelope calculations, you will have …


A climate change poem for today: X by Imtiaz Dharker

Hand shaking on the stop-cock, she looks
at the X, the warning cross,

the water-tap unlocked, its padlock cracked.
Breath hacks in the throat, Check your back.

Turn it on and an anxious mutter swells
to thunder in the plastic bucket. Don’t spill it.

Fill it to the top. Lift to the hip, stop,
balance the …


Women’s activists cross from North to South Korea, say divide can be bridged

PAJU, South Korea — A group of international women’s activists made a rare crossing from North Korea into South Korea on Sunday, hailing the trip as a “first step in the right direction” toward bridging divisions between the estranged countries.

But the women — led by Gloria Steinem, the pioneering …

South Korea

Humans could download brains on to a computer and live forever

The brain works like a complex circuit board which could be recreated on a computer

Humans could download their brain on to a computer and live forever inside a machine, a Cambridge neuroscientist has claimed.

Dr Hannah Critchlow said that if a computer could be built to recreate the 100 trillion …

The Brain

Go East review – Ai Weiwei's overcoat and other ambiguities of Asian art

Go East is a curious exhibition. The name suggests a grand and sweeping overview of the art of an entire region of the world and it’s certainly that. But it’s also a curious venture because of the way the show is curated, staged and promoted. Split into two parts, the bulk is at the Art Gallery of …


Future - How the eyes betray your thoughts

It’s sometimes said that the eyes are windows into the soul, revealing deep emotions that we might otherwise want to hide. Although modern science precludes the existence of the soul, it does suggest that there is a kernel of truth in this old saying: it turns out the eyes not only reflect what is …

The Brain

Enter an Electric Vortex of Smartphone-Captured Light Paintings

Rooted (2015). Images courtesy the artist

A stunning new light painting series from photographer Keow Wee Loong, who previously trekked into an active volcano to shoot self-portraits, transforms human beings and subway tunnels into glowing aliens and hyperspace vortexes. Eschewing the standard …


Sci-fi crown Jules Verne had a fantastical vision of the future

Every advance in film technology is bringing Jules Verne’s futurist vision to the screen in ever more fantastic and believable ways, author Brian Taves writes in his new book Hollywood Presents Jules Verne: The Father of Science Fiction on Screen.

Talking over the phone from his office at the Library …

Science Fiction

Growth at all costs: climate change, fossil fuel subsidies and the Treasury

There are no oil rigs visible from Aberdeen itself, but evidence of the foundations of Europe’s oil capital is easy to see: plaques for the head offices of major fossil fuel companies, helicopters ferrying workers to and from offshore platforms, designer shops for a city that has more millionaires …

Climate Change

Future - What is the world’s scarcest material?

Of all the world’s materials, which one will “run out” first? The more we consume as a society, the more we hear about how vital ores and minerals are dwindling, so it seems logical to assume that a few may be about to disappear.

Yet that may be entirely the wrong way of looking at the problem. …

The Future

The Weather Experiment by Peter Moore review – storms and sunny intervals in 19th-century meteorology

It was 1854, and Robert FitzRoy was awaiting government funding for a nascent Met Office that might forecast the weather. But he was literally laughed out of town. A supportive MP, proposing an increase in the £3,200 allocated because “we might know in this metropolis the condition of the weather …


Why are so many Asian Americans missing out on Ivy League schools?

Michael Wang was ranked second at James Logan high school in California, on GPA. He had a perfect score on his ACT, and a near-perfect score on his SAT. He was a national districts qualifier on the debate team. At the AMC 12 – a nationwide mathematics competition – he placed first in the state.

He …

Ivy League

Apple and Google Execs met in English mansion to secretly discuss government surveillance plans

Ditchley Park – the host of a truly unlikely meeting

An 18th-century Mansion in England hosted an unlikely meeting of spy chiefs from seven countries …


Confederate flag-burning events spark outrage

A conceptual-art project that includes plans to burn and bury Confederate flags in 13 mostly Southern states on Memorial Day has drawn the ire of groups such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans that consider the events disrespectful and divisive.

The planned flag burnings and burials also raised …

Confederate Flag

NSA bulk phone records collection to end despite USA Freedom Act fail

Even as the Senate remains at an impasse over the future of US domestic surveillance powers, the National Security Agency will be legally unable to collect US phone records in bulk by the time Congress returns from its Memorial Day vacation.

The administration, as suggested in a memo it sent …

National Security Agency

CIA shuts down program using spy satellites to track climate change

For most of the past two decades, a handful of climate change scientists have had the CIA's MEDEA (Measurement of Earth Data for Environmental Analysis) program as an ace in the hole: they could draw on classified info from spy satellites and subs to study global warming in extreme detail. However, …

Climate Change

Music 3.0 Music Industry Blog: Artists Use Uber To Release New Music

Artists Use Uber To Release New Music

It seems that the car service Uber is becoming more than a taxi. It's also a way to deliver and even break new …

Entertainment Industry


Chipotle Mexican Grill

Researchers find Android factory reset faulty and reversible

Android's factory reset function isn't as effective as we'd all like it to be, according to a team of Cambridge University researchers. The group estimates that as many as 500 to 630 million Android devices might not be capable of completely wiping the data saved in their internal disks and SD …


'Lizard Squad' hacker pleads guilty to 23 cyber crimes

A teenage member of black hat hacker group Lizard Squad has pleaded guilty to numerous charges brought against him in his native Canada, all centred on illegal computer activities. The group notoriously launched DDoS attacks on both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live last Christmas, bringing both …

League of Legends

The latest Google Maps catastrophe is directing racists to the White House

Google can’t win for losing. Just days after the search giant was forced to temporarily shut down its Map Maker tool in light of a rash of vandalism, …


Banks as Felons, or Criminality Lite

As of this week, Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland are felons, having pleaded guilty on Wednesday to criminal charges of conspiring to rig the value of the world’s currencies. According to the Justice Department, the lengthy and lucrative conspiracy enabled the banks to …

U.S. Justice Department

It’s Not a ‘Stream’ of Consciousness

IN 1890, the American psychologist William James famously likened our conscious experience to the flow of a stream. “A ‘river’ or a ‘stream’ are the metaphors by which it is most naturally described,” he wrote. “In talking of it hereafter, let’s call it the stream of thought, consciousness, or …


We live in the future AT&T imagined in 1994

More than 20 years ago, AT&T ran a series of ads depicting the miraculous things information technology would allow us to do in the future.

"Have you …

The Future