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Back to the future: 10 retro technologies that refuse to die

There are few things that age well – take Twinkies or George Clooney, for example. However, techies know that “cutting-edge” technology usually means …


The 18 most hotly contested islands in the world

More than ever, islands — and the resources beneath them — are the focus of geopolitical tensions between nations around the world.

The biggest disputes range from the Arctic to Croatia to north of Samoa, and some of the competing claims were made centuries ago.

South China Sea

Audi just created diesel fuel from air and water

Audi is looking to fuel the future without fossil fuels. One of the company's pilot plants in Germany has just produced the first batches of a …


The Sensor-Rich, Data-Scooping Future

The technology world is looking at ways to make everything more efficient.

The question is, will this be good for the many, or the mighty few?

Earlier this month, General Electric announced it was selling GE Capital, its financial arm. With less fanfare, G.E. also unveiled plans for …

The Future

Interactive exhibit honors women in game development

There's a new interactive video game exhibit at The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (MADE) in California, and it's not showing off just any game-related material. No, it's putting a spotlight on the accomplishments female game developers -- eight women who worked on influential titles, in …

Street Fighter

Words, Photos, and the Capitalist Aesthetic

Melbourne mixed media artist Rohan Schwartz has dabbled in pretty much everything. In the process, he's had his work celebrated and exhibited in far-reaching parts of the globe where there are toilets I don't even understand how to use.

His latest endeavour is a low-fi, consciously underwhelming, …


That Subliminal Kid

By Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky

The 7th “Global Voyage for a Nuclear-Free World”
Profiles of Participating Hibakusha

Ms. HATTORI Michiko

Nuclear Power

The Dawn of Killer Robots (Full Length)

Say "Hello World" to the World's First Algorithm Auction

Turtle Geometry, Hal Abelson, 1969. Images via

How much would you pay for a handwritten line of code?

In 2013, Tumblr helped Philip’s Auction House launch the first ever digital art auction by a major auction house. Just last year, the UK held its inaugural digital art auction. Now, Artsy, in …


Lose Yourself in a Coded World of Patterns and Geometry

PI, Alka Cappellazzo. Courtesy the artist

A version of this article originally appeared on The Creators Project Italy.

The pattern is the repetition of a graphic, a structure, an ornamental design. For creative coder Alka Cappellazzo, repetition of geometric shapes is a form of expression, whether it …


Life Is Strange: episodic video games prove as addictive as episodic TV

“Games with female protagonists will not sell.”

That was the refrain most often fielded by Oskar Guilbert, CEO of Dontnod Entertainment, when he pitched Life Is Strange to major publishers.

Of course he suspected the idea wouldn’t be fashionable. Musclebound warriors, red-blooded swashbucklers, …

Entertainment (UK)

Top 10 Facts - Apple

Our iPhones will soon be smarter than we are. What happens next?

Ray Kurzweil made a startling prediction in 1999 that appears to be coming true: that by 2023, a $1,000 laptop would have the computing power and …


Get Ready For The Internet For Things

Rough commute? What if someone offered you a private highway to take to work? There’d be no crush of cars, box trucks, taxis or minivans. Just you and the open road. Would you take it? Of course you would.

But what if there were a slight wrinkle to that deal? What if the only way you’d be allowed …


Why Google+ failed, according to Google insiders

Last month, Google announced that it's changing up its strategy with Google+.

In a sense, it's giving up on pitching Google+ as a social network aimed at competing with Facebook. Instead, Google+ will become two separate pieces: Photos and Streams.

This didn't come as a surprise — Google+ never …


These are the memories you’re most likely to get wrong

It isn’t surprising that many Bostonians have vivid memories of the 2013 Marathon bombing, or that many New Yorkers have very clear memories about where they were and what they were doing on 9/11.

But many individuals who were not onsite for these attacks, or not even in Boston on Apr. 15, 2013 or …

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Posted by Paul D. Miller

Victim of Extremists Comes to Understand the Siren Song of ISIS

AARHUS, Denmark — FROM his earliest years, Ahmad Walid Rashidi says he harbored a seething hatred against the Taliban, the extremist Sunni group that dominated Afghanistan before 2001 and the United States invasion.

In 1997, when he was 5, he says he lost his leg, and almost his life, in a bomb …


This Country Has the World’s Happiest People

Life expectancy, social connections, personal freedom and the economy all play a role in happiness

The happiest people in the world live in Switzerland, a new study found.

The third World Happiness Report, released by the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network on Thursday, ranked 158 …


What Is a Geosynchronous Orbit?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Climate Prediction Center (CPC) uses five geosynchronous satellites: GOES-11, GOES-13, MSG-2, …


Here’s How Wi-Fi Actually Works

For many frustrated web users, this is one of life’s great mysteries

Most computer users know little about how Wi-Fi works. In fact, one of the only things many do know is that sometimes it doesn’t. But even a little bit of background knowledge can go a long way towards making your Internet …


Germans are paranoid that the US is spying on their data

Germany and the United States have enjoyed a special relationship ever since World War II. But today, the strength of that relationship is being tested by differences over personal privacy rights: Germans deeply distrust how the US handles digital data.

When asked in 2013 whether they thought the US …

National Security Agency

7 Times We Decided People of Color Don't Feel Pain Like White People Do

Pain is universal. Everyone feels it at some point. But somewhere in the course of history, the world decided that people of color feel less pain …


Should We Stop #Cyberbullying TIDAL?

TIDAL is one of the biggest flops in the history of floppy flop flops. Movies, websites, tech services, restaurant re-branding initiatives, and television series finales haven’t seen a flop this big since the last flop. Remember that flop?

Did you hear that TIDAL is one of the least popular apps in …

Kanye West

Nine Months After He Filmed Eric Garner's Killing, the Cops Are Trying to Put Ramsey Orta Behind Bars

"At first I didn't think it would blow up this big," Ramsey Orta told me. He was describing the video he took of his friend Eric Garner being killed by the NYPD. His voice was nearly too soft to hear.

I interviewed Orta on April 10, nine months after Officer Daniel Pantaleo had choked Eric Garner to …


Manga Entertainment

V-log/Talk show that launches every Thursday and Friday starring @MANGAcom's Jesse Gouldsbury


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Researchers find another terrifying iOS flaw

It can't have escaped your attention that security experts have declared open season on Apple products over the last few weeks. At San Francisco's RSA conference, an even more terrifying exploit has been revealed that has the power to send your iPhone or iPad into a perpetual restart loop. Mobile …


World War O

Obama took office vowing to end America’s wars. Now we’re in at least five, and U.S. officials are unsure what to do about it.

Updated 4/23/15 8:31 PM EDT

President Barack Obama’s expression of remorse on Thursday for the death of two hostages in a U.S. drone strike underscored one of the great …

International Relations