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I study policing. White people call cops to remove black people because it often works.

But when black people call the cops for help, many have a very different experience.<p>Tina, a black woman from Milwaukee, was on a road trip with her eldest son when she had an unpleasant encounter with the police of a sort that’s all too common.<p>After stopping to fuel up the car, she realized that …

Law Enforcement

‘Don’t be evil’ removed from Google’s code of conduct, except one line

Back in 2015 when Google reorganized and made Alphabet its parent company, the Silicon Valley giant almost wholly dropped its “don’t be evil” business-wide mantra for “do the right thing.” Now, in its latest code of conduct, the text has been completely removed except for a single inclusion at the …

Codes of Conduct

Who Invented the Computer Mouse and Its Surprisingly Long Journey to Your Desk


The Art of Building a Monopoly


Why Bing Isn't a Failure (& the Future of the Internet)


15,000 Scientists From 184 Countries Are Warning Humankind We Are Screwed

Human impacts on the environment are putting our future at risk, they say.<p>More than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries warn the evidence is clear: Current and future human health and wellbeing are at serious risk from climate change, deforestation, loss of access to freshwater, species …

Climate Change

Abraham Ortelius: 6 Maps That Illustrate His Idea of Continental Drift

He mapped out the theory 300 years before scientists took it seriously.<p>To celebrate the anniversary of the world’s first atlas published in 1570, a …

Earth Science

Even $200 Billion Isn’t Enough

Selling more to China won’t solve America’s larger problem.<p>Questions remain about just how many more U.S. exports China’s promised to buy to avert a trade war: U.S. officials have floated the figure of $200 billion annually, which would cut the bilateral trade deficit in half. Even if that were …


The 99% Is a Myth—Here's How It Really Breaks Down


Why Do So Many People Share and Believe Fake News?

Fake News

Republican Successful Assault On The American Fabric Started With Him

This may sound like a hyper-partisan article. It is not. It is based on actions by Republicans of all stripes that are verifiable and quantifiable. …

Andrew Sullivan: Obama’s Legacy Has Already Been Destroyed

In one respect, it seems to me, the presidency of Donald Trump has been remarkably successful. In 17 months, he has effectively erased Barack Obama’s …

Political Science

Blacklisted Academic Norman Finkelstein on Gaza, “the World’s Largest Concentration Camp”

<b>Jeremy Scahill:</b> Norman, welcome to Intercepted.<p><b>Norman Finkelstein:</b> Thank you for having me.<p><b>JS:</b> First, just your response to what’s happening right …


2,300-year-old Chinese philosophy shows why we should all try to be a bit of mess

Recently, I started hanging out with a group of friends who seem intimidatingly on top of things. They respond to their emails—even non-urgent ones—politely and punctually, they freeze leftovers in neatly labeled Tupperware that they never forget about, and they sort their mail into orderly files, …


In social networks, group boundaries promote the spread of ideas, study finds

Social networks affect every aspect of our lives, from the jobs we get and the technologies we adopt to the partners we choose and the healthiness of …

University of Pennsylvania

How North Korea Has Played the United States for Seven Decades

A nuclear arsenal has been a central focus of North Korea since the peninsula was divided after World War II.<p>North Korea has been playing the United …

North Korea

Google's new browser experiment lets you learn about basic AI

Just how does machine learning work? You’ve probably read a primer or two on the subject, but often the best way to understand a thing is to try it out for yourself. With that in mind, check out this little in-browser experiment from Google named Teachable Machine. It’s a perfect two-minute summary …

Watch the #MeToo campaign spread around the world on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

The #MeToo campaign has filled social media with the depressing realities of pervasive sexual harassment and sexual assault. Spurred on by actress Alyssa Milano after being created years ago by an activist named Tarana Burke, the campaign encourages people to share their stories of unwanted sexual …

Social Media

May 2018

Political Cartoons

Robbie Barrat's AI-generated nude paintings make Francis Bacon look like a genteel pre-Raphaelite

Robbie Barrat is generating warped, surreal paintings using artificial intelligence and the results are really something.<p>Usually the machine just …

INFOGRAPHIE. Une carte qui recense les météorites

Elle liste tous les impacts de météorites enregistrés depuis plus de quatre mille ans.<p>Alors que ce week-end une météorite a frappé la capitale du …


This site guesses exactly who you are based on just 15 questions

Inti de Ceukelaire, the ethical hacker from ‘Oilsjt’ in Belgium, is back again. De Ceukelaire has built a tool that can pretty reliably tell who you are after answering 15 questions on his new site ‘Oilsjt Analytica,’ a cheeky reference to Cambridge Analytica’s recent Facebook scandal.<p>I would say …

Google’s astounding new search tool will answer any question by reading thousands of books

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada<p>Imagine if you could gather thousands of writers in a circle to discuss one question. What would optimist Thomas L. Friedman say about intervening in Syria, for example? Would chaos theorist Santo Banerjee concur?<p>Google now has a way to convene that kind of …

British Columbia

You can literally watch the Laurel-Yanny debate spread around the world in 24 hours

Unless you have just emerged from a very long nap, you probably know that a salient acoustic debate set social media ablaze last night, as people argued furiously over whether a snippet of audio produced the word “Laurel” or “Yanny.”<p>Just how widespread was this raging disagreement? For guidance, I …

Social Media

Earth's Magnetic Field Is Drifting Westward, and Nobody Knows Why

Over the 400 years or so that humans have been measuring Earth's magnetic field, it has drifted inexorably to the west. Now, a new hypothesis …

Earth Science

Lasers Could Make Computers 1 Million Times Faster

A billion operations per second isn't cool. Know what's cool? A million billion operations per second.<p>That's the promise of a new computing technique …

Quantum Computing

You Can Send Invisible Messages With Subtle Font Tweaks

If you’re grasping for the deeper meaning of an essay or article, consider the possibility that it may not be in the words themselves, but hidden in …

Columbia University

Trump May Be The Most Fiscally Reckless President In American History

I have no doubt that your first response to the headline above is some combination of “Duh!,” “You just realizing this now?” and “This is what we get from someone whose Twitter handle is @thebudgetguy?”<p>You need to chill. I first posted about Trump’s federal budget follies more than two years ago …

Donald Trump

This algorithm is quickly clearing old marijuana convictions in San Francisco

Now that weed is legal in California, people with old marijuana arrests can have their records cleared. Code for America, working with the SF District Attorney’s office, built a system to quickly find which people were eligible, and fill out their paperwork for them.<p>When Proposition 64 legalized …

San Francisco

Removing shoes when entering the house could help people stay slim, scientists claim

Removing shoes when entering the house and swapping carpet for wooden floors could help people stay slim because it prevents environmental chemicals accumulating in the house, scientists have claimed.<p>According to new research presented at the European Society of Endocrinology in Barcelona, everyday …

Carbon Emissions