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Bethy Driscoll

AMAZING encounter with Mum & Calf in Tonga!

Which gear do you think he's in? 🤔😂🚴 @Manuel_Bustelo 📷: @scubaibiza

Great escapes: Top destinations to discover just under 5 hours from Doha!

There are a great many international destinations where you can relish a legit exotic escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. To help you …

It's #WorldSnorkelDay! Where's your favorite spot to snorkel? 💦

Discover the Marine Megafauna of Nosy Be, Madagascar

Get ready to explore the archipelago of Nosy Be, Madagascar and discover the inhabitants of these tropical waters.<p>Marine experts will show you a …

This info about lemon sharks is misleading - they will come by a fresh kill (*of marine life*) but they have NEVER killed anyone and do not have a reputation for attacking people. Please stop with the fearmongering for these kind animals. #SharkWeek #NakedandAfraidofSharks

Which looks more “infested” to you? #SharkWeek

Photo: Guy Stevens @mantaguy Spotted eagle rays at Rasdhoo Madivaru, Rasdu Atoll in the Maldives. Large groups of spotted eagle rays are often seen outside of breeding season. They swim close to the surface and can occasionally be seen jumping clear out of the water. Did you know, this very distinctive ray has a rounded and pointed snout - which almost resembles a bird’s beak? The heavy dental plates are used to crush their hard-shelled prey (such as bivalve shellfish). They also have a long, ship-like tail which bears 2-6 spines. #rays #eaglerays #marinelife #marinebiology #marineconservation #photography #underwaterphotography #uwphotography #science #research #ocean #mantatrust #maldives #scuba #scubadiving #freediving #snorkelling #oceanlife #wildlife #nature #saveourseasfoundation #saveourseas

Emma! #tigerbeach #tigershark #sharkdive #shootermag #tuesdaymotivation #savesharks #discoverocean #protectwildlife #protectwhatyoulove #finfree #uwphotography #uwphoto #underwaterphotography

Pop Quiz! What species of fish is this? 🤔 Answer correctly to score 💯! #NameThatFish #PopQuiz #ScubaDiving

For #SharkWeek2018, Oceana is partnering with @Tinder and @pledgeling to help sharks. Text SHARK to 707070 to show sharks some love.

It has been suggested that manatees evolved from four-legged land mammals over millions of years, and that the closest relative to today's manatees is elephants! #ManateeMonday

#OceanFacts - Did you know Nudibranchs ("naked-gills") live their lives fully exposed with no shell? Talk about #RiskyBusiness, luckily predators know these ocean animals are very toxic and choose to stay away. Photo: Nick Hobgood/Wikimedia Commons

Did you know that dugongs are believed to be the inspiration behind the mythical mermaids and sirens? #OceanFacts #Dugongs #MarineMammals Photo: Julien Willem/Wikimedia Commons

When your boat captain says there's one more spot to check out and it is absolute perfection. 📷 of Cassi Manner by Brandon Verdura 📍 Nusa Penida, Indonesia.

Adventure Lodge Accommodation Kota Kinabalu

From RM100.00 per night<p>From RM100.00 per night<p>From RM160.00 per night<p>From RM160.00 per night<p>From RM35.00 per night<p>Our Adventure Lodge accommodation …

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How is your #PlasticFreeJuly going to far? Let us know how you're swapping out plastics to protect our ocean.

There are 9 known species of hammerhead sharks in our world's oceans. The Great Hammerhead being the largest at 11 feet long and 500 pounds! Photo: Albert kok/Wikimedia Commons

If your dive buddy could be anyone in the world, who would it be?

Byron Bay, Australia.

Protosphyraena was a swordfish-like marine fish that lived worlwide in the Upper Cretaceous Period. It was about 2-3 meter long and weighted upto 240kg. It belongs to the extinct family Pachycormidae.

Some stingray and sawfish species now declared 'protected'

<i>By Tim Newton</i><p>Now into the eighth day. Hopes and prayers unanswered.<p>The 12 teenagers and their coach went into the caves last Saturday afternoon …

Coral Etiquette 101

<b>Make sure you enjoy coral areas responsibly by taking a few simple actions during your time in the water and on land.</b><p>Corals and other marine habitats …

What can I do to protect coral reefs?

Here are some things YOU can do:<p>Corals are already a gift, don't give them as presents.<br>• Conserve water. The less water you use, the less runoff and …

@ErikSolheim @mikellomealy @NaokoIshiiGEF @UNEnvironment @UNEnvironmentAP We also need @UNEnvironment and all international agreements to recognize, respect and protect NON-EXTRACTIVE USES AND USERS of biodiversity. You give too much space & time to fishing, hunting, timber felling, where's Ecotourism, Diving, Birdwatching, Whale Watching stakeholders?

Guylian announce underwater seahorse photography competition

Guylian Belgian Chocolates has announced the 7th Guylian Seahorses of the World Photo Competition. This competition is held every two years and …

Scientists Discover First Nursery For Juvenile Manta Rays

Scientists recently found the first known nursery for Manta Rays in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Texas.

Belize praised for 'visionary' steps to save coral reef

<b>World heritage body Unesco has removed the Belize Barrier Reef from its list of endangered World Heritage Sites after nine years.</b><p>It said the government of the Central American country had taken "visionary" steps to preserve it.<p>The reef is the second largest in the world after Australia's Great … brings daily news from The Netherlands in English

Junior justice minister Mark Harbers has used his right of discretion to grant residency permits to two children who were threatened with deportation …