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By Discover Tasmania | On Tasmania's West Coast you'll find world famous wilderness rich in convict heritage, stunning national parks and historic mining towns.

Sarah Island - home to some of the most fascinating stories of Tassie's colonial history and convict hardship - thanks to @mandarinmandarin7. Established in 1821 in the remote reaches of Macquarie Harbour on Tassie's isolated West Coast, Sarah Island was used as a penal settlement. Here, convicts laboured under the harshest of conditions, building boats from local Huon pines. Of all the penal settlement sites, Macquarie Harbour was the most windswept and barren. But it was also the most secure. Any convict trying to escape Sarah Island had not only had to conquer Macquarie Harbour, but had to then to hack their way through the impenetrable wilderness to civilisation on the East Coast. Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania, Amanda.

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Check out this fantastic shot of a steam loco being turned at Queenstown Station! Step back in history and climb aboard a majestic steam train and journey deep into the heritage of the wild West Coast, where tales of resilience and triumph showcase the iconic local spirit. Discover how the Feud of the Irishmen helped shape the rugged and isolated region. The West Coast Wilderness Railway is a must do experience. This great shot comes courtesy of @photos_by_lon who recently visited @wcwrtas! #tasmaniasnorthwest #trains #discovertasmania #travel #history

The curvature of the fernery

Tasmania is AMAZING! Some updates for you ūüėĀ 1ÔłŹ‚É£ We're currently in Strahan, weather is fabulous and Hobart is the destination for tomorrow 2ÔłŹ‚É£ My eyebrows have recovered, thanks for asking ūüėā 3ÔłŹ‚É£ I had a great birthday and so far 30 is looking pretty great 4ÔłŹ‚É£ Yes I'm vlogging! Will be editing and uploading when I get back though . . #travel #tasmania #travelblogger #australia #summer #beer #happy #discovertasmania

What a place ūüėć #montezumafalls #tasmania #westcoasttasmania #discovertasmania #adventuretasmania

Keen for a roadtrip? These are the winding roads of Tassie's West Coast, en route to the other-worldly landscape of Queenstown. Tucked away in this martian-like terrain, Queenstown is the largest town on Tassie's West Coast and was once the world's richest mining town, with gold and copper resources attracting prospectors from around the globe. The scenic drive into the valley spirals down with more than 90 bends, giving visitors a stunning window into the brutal history of Tassie's mining past and the sheer power of Mother Nature as she slowly reclaims this wild west landscape. Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania, @dalialpaca!

All home safe and sound from the King River Gorge Raft and Steam Experience. #tasmania #discovertasmania #wcwr #adventuretasmania #rafting #whitewater #photoftheday #hobartandbeyond #seeaustralia #westcoasttasmania #metime #tassiestyle - [ ]

All ready the the the King River Gorge Raft and Steam T the Newall Creek put in. Raft the King River Gorge and catch the West Coast Wilder steam train bac to Queenstown #tasmania #discovertasmania #wcwr #adventuretasmania #rafting #whitewater #photoftheday #hobartandbeyond #seeaustralia #westcoasttasmania #metime #tassiestyle

The pristine Denison River - Took is 5 hours to walk into this beauty, but well worth it for lunch on the banks and a swim before heading back out #tasmania #instatassie #discovertasmania #denisonriver #packraftingtasmania

What consumes your mind controls your life.

‚ô° Sunsets wow ‚̧ Tassie showing off ūüėÄ ūüďć Strahan, Tasmania, Australia @tasmania @australia @tasmaniagram

We'd like to turn your world upside down in the nicest possible way! Today you're gliding across glassy waters of Macquarie Harbour and the Gordon River with @gordonrivercruises - waters that can be so mirror-like, it's often hard to know which way is up! Gordon River Cruises are based in Strahan, a harbour-side village with a dark and fascinating convict past set on the edge of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area on Tassie's West Coast. Cruises depart daily and explore Macquarie Harbour - Australia's second largest natural harbour and a body of water six times the size of Sydney Harbour - and the Gordon River, one of the namesakes of the Fraklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. Magical. Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania, team.

Bonnet Island, Macquarie Harbour, Strahan. Brilliant day, not a drop of rain in a place that has rain 300 days a year. #discovertasmania #seetasmania #adventuretasmania #westcoasttasmania #wilderness #wildrivers #getoutthere

#australia #tasmania #discovertasmania #tasmaniagram #strahan #holidays ...we made it to the cute little town of Strahan on the West coast a couple of days ago. Telstra has a monopoly on the phone services so we were cut off from the outside world until we left Strahan an hour ago. We now have mobile phone access. This is one of the few images I'll be posting of Strahan. It's a beautiful place and a gateway to Tasmania's Cradle Country and the West. Population of Strahan is 660 and the locals we met and spoke to are super friendly.

Making tracks with @lisaflanno for a wilderness adventure like no other - aboard the West Coast Wilderness Railway (@wcwrtas). The world's steepest steam-operated railway was originally built to move copper ore for the Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Company, delivering the mine's deep riches out of a massive, landlocked deposit at Queenstown to the port of Strahan, and from there, to the world. The railway features a Swiss-engineered ABT cog-and-rack system, in which a central cog under the locos engaged the teeth of a 'rack' ‚Äď a third rail below. This enables the trains to drag themselves up inclines over twice as steep as normal - and there are plenty of those on Tassie's wild West Coast! Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania, Lisa.

Murchison Dam near Tullah #instatassie #australia #discovertasmania #tassiegram #tasmaniagram #westcoasttasmania

A quick pic snapped between meetings in Strahan during the week.

It's going to be a beautiful day in #strahan today. #strahanvillage

Recent much-needed winter rains have resulted in some spectacular displays from Tassie's waterfalls. And Nelson Falls on the West Coast is no exception, as this snap from @simmybear shows. An easy 20-minute circuit track leads to this magical cascade from the Lyell Highway between Derwent Bridge and the historic mining town of Queenstown. It's just one of the jaw-dropping highlights encountered on a roadtrip into Tassie's Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park and the spectacular Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. We hope you had a memorable trip, Simon - thanks for tagging #discovertasmania.

Frenchmans Cap from Lake Burbury in deepest west #Tasmania. Take the road less travelled and be rewarded with views like this, right from the side of the road. Head due south out of #queenstown towards the Crotty Dam. At the top of the pass look west to the ocean and east to the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. Drive along the old twisting rail line, cut through thick lush rainforest. Easily one of the best drives in Tasmania and you'll feel like you have the place to yourself. ============================================================ ============================================================= #discovertasmania #tassiepics #thisistassie #ig_australia #australiagram #exploreaustralia #exploringaustralia #amazingtasmania #thinktasmania #clicktasmania #mytassiebreak #instatasmania #westcoasttasmania

Cute little Police House in Strahan. #taspol #police #policehouse #strahan #westcoast #tasmania #tasmaniapolice

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You can almost feel the silence as evening mist slowly descends over the Pieman River in @tasmaniasnorthwest in this atmospheric shot from @_emwilson_. The banks of the Pieman are home to Corinna - a remote historic mining town now eco-tourism haven set in pristine rainforest surrounded by stunning wilderness and great nature experiences. This tiny settlement sits at the southern end of the Tarkine wilderness area. Here, nature is the star, with the old-growth rainforests forming a living link with the ancient supercontinent Gondwana. Corinna was once a thriving gold mining town and is now an oasis for nature lovers and explorers seeking the ultimate wilderness experience. Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania, Em.

This is where #garden #gnomes go for #holidays ūüėāSaw this shot as we were leaving #Queenstown in #Tasmania and just had to stop and shoot it! Even at 10mm we couldn't get them all in the shot without getting the road in the shot. Nikon D7000 | Nikkor 10-24 f3.5-4.5G lens | f16 | 1/100th | 10mm | ISO 200 | Handheld

Anyone up for an early morning sail along the glassy waters of the Gordon River? @peterhendriephoto captured this stunning shot while exploring this pristine piece of wilderness buried deep in the ancient forests of Tassie's West Coast. Meandering through the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, the Gordon winds its way for more than 172km before passing through the wide expanse of Macquarie Harbour and on through the narrows of Hells Gates into the Southern Ocean. It's a favourite with visitors to our wild west, as they glide across Australia’s second largest harbour and down the river on an wilderness cruise that's bound to take your breath away! Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania, Peter! #SeeAustralia #Tasmania #GordonRiver

The other day I shared this photo of a section of track along the West Coast Wilderness Railway on @wcwrtas and it's had quite a bit of action on their social sites, so I thought my followers might enjoy it to. Hope everyone is having a great week.

Stunning morning view of Mt Owen today. #tasmania #thinktasmania #queenstown #discovertasmania.