King Island

By Discover Tasmania | King Island lies off the north-west coast of Tasmania, surrounded by a rugged coastline and full of fresh seafood, famously good produce and some of the cleanest air in the world.

King Island Holiday

King Island, Tasmania Australia drone video

“Currie on King Island ♥ What an amazing view of Currie by @acrossthestrait. King Island is anchored in the middle of the Bass Strait…”

Golf expected to drive King Island's economic recovery

Tourism operators on King Island are confident the region is about to experience an economic boom, driven by international golfers.

The remote Bass …

Tasmania's North West

“Live life like someone left the gate open. A beautiful sunrise from King Island this morning by @business_sense. #tasmania #tassie…”

“Explored the rich beauty and delicious cheese of King Island yesterday! Stayed at #RockyGlenRetreat with the most welcoming host Heidi. Do…”

“King Island, a very picturesque place 👌”

“Cape Wickham. #lighthouse #KingIsland #work”

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48 hours on King Island: what to do, where to go

King Island may not be the home of day spas and banana lounges, but this windy dot of earth in the middle of Bass Strait – the body of water separating Tasmania from the mainland – is not without its seductions. It’s home to some of the most delicious beef and cheese in Australia, some spectacular …

“Reminiscing on an amazing week in King Island. Huge thanks to all the amazing artists, my stomach is only just recovering from the…”

King Island

We’ve been over there a couple of time now in the past 12 months and although we need to pack our thicker wetties, we gotta say we’re head over heels …

“king Island dreaming from last weeks video #discovertasmania @tasmania @australia #seeaustralia”

“Doirt a-muas do mhaitheas chaoimh, a Dhé! (Pour down your healing kindness, oh God!) This is why I drive hours & hike miles in the dark, to…”

“A little touch of King Island made it into print this week. Big thanks to @iancrolfe for showing me his wonderful playground of landscapes…”

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“King Island sand dunes #porkybeach”

“Tallest lighthouse in Australia, standing at 48m #capewickham #lighthouse #kingisland #tasmania #australia #roundthetwist”

“Goodbye #kingislandtasmania it's been great. #cheeseoverload”

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Cape Wickham Golf Course, King Island

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King Island Tourism Tasmania

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“King Island exploring @jesshealy1 #kingisland #discovertasmania #kingislandtrailrides”

Hole by Hole – Before & After

One of the more exotic opening holes in world golf, the 1st at Cape Wickham is a short par four that appears more difficult than it really is. …

Photos from King Island Trail Rides's post - King Island Trail Rides