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You'll most likely know the Belgian brand Conid for their very industrial-looking demonstrator fountain pens with their -already iconic- Bulkfiller …


Field Trip: Insights X Stationery/Trade Show @InsightsExpo

We received this little magic wand and pen gift set. The idea was we take the wand to the stand to exchange it for their newest fountain pen! Awesome.


Pelikan Edelstein Olivine

Pelikan Edelstein line is great proof of Pelikan’s marketing team efficiency. Beautifully packaged inks bear promise of amazing writing experience. …

A slew of paper reviews!

Hi-ya, Loyal Blog Readers!<p>I've been busy checking out papers over on the YouTubes. I'll probably post some short reviews here on the blog, as well, …


Ohto Rays Flash Dry Gel Pen Review

When I first saw the Ohto Rays on JetPens, I wrote it off as another imported Parker Jotter clone. I remember thinking “there was no way this could …

Tampa Bay Rays

Sailor 1911 Large Stormy Sea: A Review

(<i>Susan M. Pigott is a fountain pen collector, pen and paperholic, photographer, and professor. You can find more from Susan on her blog …


20 - Pen Materials Throwdown

This episode, the hosts are here to talk pen body materials. What will be their top pick? Will it be acrylic? Metal? Celluloid? Place your bets and …

Mont Blanc

10 Lust-Worthy Pieces To Fuel Your Stationery Addiction

Oh, go on then. 🖋📖📝📚<p>If you’re a stationery addict, you know full well you don’t need an excuse like National Stationery Week to fill your drawers …


Sundae Brights

With the coming season all about colour – the more the better in fact – it’s hard to miss the clashing, crashing brashness of Spring/Summer 2018’s …

Ice Cream

Teachers keep cursive writing style alive

<b>CASPER, Wyo. (KCWY) --</b> (5/24/2018) - Fewer teachers are teaching cursive handwriting; however, there's one school where teachers are keeping the …


A Goulet Life: Inky Splatter Acceptance



It has been a while since my last blog post. The reason lies in the transforming of my life stages—I was graduating and trying my best to land a good …

Rose Gold

Why Field Notes Have Remained Curiously Addictive for a Decade

Above:Coudal Partners sells its Field Notes notebooks out of a small retail location inside their River West headquarters. <br>Photo: DS Shin<p>Sometime in …

Boker Plus Bolt Action Tactical Pen

A satisfying open/close mechanism.

Self Defense

The 20 Best Pocket Notebooks

The pocket notebook has become as much a part of EDC culture as the bifold wallet, the folding knife, and of course, a smartphone. With the rise in …

Comic Books


Not to exaggerate, but the Ensso Piuma fountain pens -<b>when I first looked at them (you can read my original review HERE)</b>, kind of set a new standard …

Fountain Pens

Ink Review: Ink Institute Cut Jade


Ink Shot Review: KWZ Ink IG Green #1 @BureauDirect

Thanks to Bureau Direct for sending this ink for a review!<p><b>ABOUT</b><p>Color: Green<br>Bottle: 60 ml<br>Price: £16.95<br>Where to buy: Bureau Direct<p>Bureau Direct and …


Fountain Pen Review: Pelikan Souverän M600 Turquoise White

Review by Laura CameronWhen Pelikan released the photos of the Souverän M600 Turquoise-White I was pretty smitten. Even though it was more than any …

Fountain Pens

TWSBI ECO-T Yellow Green Review

Van der Spek Custom Large Pen Pouch Overview

I ordered this custom pen pouch for larger pens through Van der Spek’s website. I thought I’d just share this, in case anyone else is interested.<p><p>The …


LAMY Safari All Black! Spot this stealth pen at Anderson Pens Chicago today! 10am to 6pm - Seven Days A Week! -- #fpn #fpgeeks #fountainpen #fountainpens #penaddict #lamy #lamysafari #lamyallblack @lamy_official @lamy_usa @lamy_russia @lamy_korea @lamyturkey @lamymexico #apwindycity #apchicago #andersonpenschicago #andersonpens

“Gumdrop Green” Field Notes

I started using the Field Museum Field Notes at the beginning of this month, and it reminded me that there are other Field Notes editions that use …


Kokuyo Sokuryo-Yacho: The original Japanese field notebook

<i>(Original article. Written by Takuya Takahashi. Translated by Bruce Eimon.)</i>Did you know Japan has its very own field notebook? As its …

Die Hard

Pilot Parallel Pen Review & Difference between Broad-Edge & Pointed-Pen

Thanks to Goulet Pen Company for providing us with the Pilot Parallel Pen Handlettering and Calligraphy Set. Both Hayley and I had a lot of fun …



Precision Weighted<p>It’s hard to find a pen that feels invisible in your hand. The Squire’s weight is engineered to sit perfectly in your …

Micron Technology

Where is the value in a gold nib fountain pen?

The desire for a gold nib<p>There comes a point in every fountain pen users life when they get the itch to upgrade! The Lamy Safari and TWSBI ECO have …


Moleskine’s New Productivity App Is a Lot Like Its Notebooks — Really Simple, Really Good

Moleskine notebooks did not become as popular as they have by way of suggestive design — it became popular for the exact opposite reason. Moleskine …