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Who are the best hosting providers for adult websites?

Recently I wrote about making money from adult content. It has proved to be a very popular article receiving many visitors. It briefly touched on …


BlueHost stop prorated refunds on web hosting – still no monthly payment option

One of the biggest suppliers of web hosting, BlueHost, will no longer give prorated refunds to customers after 30 days. You will still get a 100% …


5 Reasons Why Blogging Is So Much Better Than A “Traditional” Job

You want to run a successful blog and make a living online. And I don’t blame you. It’s an amazing thing to do.However, over the years that I have …


5 Driving Myths That Really Don’t Save You Money

It’s a question every car owner asks themselves at some point: ‘Is it costing me too much?’ Sure, we may love our cars – that explains why we …

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I Was a Shy Entrepreneur: Here's What I Wish I Knew

Hindsight is 20/20, and this entrepreneur shares what would've been helpful to know earlier on in his journey.<p><i>Editor's note: We asked noted entrepreneurs to reflect on what they wish they'd known starting out and to put it in a letter to their younger selves. Logan Chierotti started and sold three</i> …


These 5 self-defeating excuses keep you from getting richer

There are lots of things you know perfectly well that you should do, but don't <i>—</i> from eating less junk food to getting more sleep. Making a budget is …


How Dividends Can Cost You Money

Given that the human lifespan has risen globally, first in wealthy nations like the United States and Japan, and now rising almost everywhere, people are worrying about how to finance the consumption they will need in retirement. As one solution, many people seek to fund their retirement by …


Pausing a personal pension to pursue other priorities

The title of this post sums up what I’m doing at the moment. The train of thought here is; how long should you pause a personal pension to invest …


Abundance Investment review after selling my holdings

Abundance Investment is a company that let’s you put money into sustainable projects in return for capital gains. Projects include wind farms and …


8 Ways to Get a Free Vacation

Think you can't afford to take a vacation, or just looking for ways to travel on the cheap? Then, check out these free vacation options:<p>1<p>World Wide …


Struggling with the constant battle of opportunity cost

At the moment I am working hard to try and get my blog off the ground. The reason is I think it has decent prospects long-term and I want to give it …

Setting up a WordPress blogging schedule to make things easier

This is the first post to be published on this new blog, so I guess I should start by saying hi! I’m Chris and I will be writing all the content …

You can kiss 10% stock returns goodbye

Maybe you’re expecting the stock market over the coming decade to match its historical annualized total return of 10%.<p>Fuggedaboutit. We’ll be lucky …


These Are The Most Affordable Places To Live Based On Your Actual Earnings

Enter your postcode to compare the average income in your area with rent and house prices.

Car Insurance

5 things you should always put on your credit card

In Today’s 'Money Matters', Nicole Lapin discusses 5 things you should always put on your credit card, and why.<p><b>1. Appliances and Electronics</b><p>Many …

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