Winter 2016

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Back to those lovely #gdsteam stats: Mobiles overtook desktop for 1 wk, Dec 16 Tablets are stuck Autumn is the season of mellow desktop use

The Rise of the Image: Every NY Times Front Page Since 1852 in Under a Minute | Colossal

<p>The New York Times published its first issue on September 18, 1851, but the first photos wouldn’t appear on the cover until the early 1900s over 60 …

Time-lapse Photography

How air pollution harms your health - and how to avoid it

It can cause eye irritation, breathing difficulties and heart disease. Here are ways to limit the damage<p>How have you been affected by air pollution?<p>The European Commission has told the UK to clean up its air. Levels of nitrogen dioxide – which is linked to heart and lung disease and contributes to …

Running Tips: 10 Ways To Beat The Mud

February 15, 2017 Comments (0) All Posts, Tips & Inspiration<p>Mud. Some runners love it. Some runners hate it. Either way, there’s no escaping the fact …

As Letters to the Editor go, this is one of the greats

terminal experience of wordless thought by karolina halatek

the installation reflects on near-death experiences reported by people -- often evoking the idea of an enlightened tunnel.The post terminal …