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8 Infinity Pools You Have to See to Believe

From the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea to the soaring skyscrapers of Singapore, there may be no better way to truly soak in a destination this summer than by lazily lounging beside one of the world's most beautiful infinity swimming pools. While it's impossible to pick a favorite, …


20 Amazing Hotels You Need To Visit Before You Die

Credits: Bored Panda
Take a look at some of the most amazing hotels in the world.
Not everyone can afford holiday in one of these locations, however …

Garden Transition: Creative Glass Cube Home Extension

Extensions to homes often look like afterthoughts, inexpertly blended with the existing architecture or made of subpar prefabricated materials. But …

30 Colorful Bedrooms That Will Inspire You to Redecorate

Interior Design

Building Transformed Into Giant Rubik's Cube

For his thesis project, Javier Lloret turned a building into a giant, solvable Rubik's Cube. Making use of the media facade of the Ars Electronica in …

Rubik's Cube

Lucid Stead: A "Disappearing" Cabin of Mirrors

In Joshua Tree, California, artist Phillip K Smith III has completed Lucid Stead: an optical illusion/installation that modifies an abandoned …


Instagram of the Moment: Sunrise Over Quebec's Stunning Ice Hotel

Sunrise over Quebec’s stunning Ice Hotel. After my first full night in the hotel, staff informed us that it’d been the coldest night of the 2011 …

Best Hotel Room Fireplaces for Getting It On (Bearskin Rug Not Included)

It's cold outside. Time to snuggle up by a fireplace. These are 11 of our favorite hotel fireplaces from across the world.

Bob Hardy photographs in hotel rooms – in pictures

As the bassist in art pop band Franz Ferdinand, Bob Hardy has stayed in quite a few hotels in his time. Since 2005 that number is 325, to be precise – and he's photographed himself in the same pose, face covered by his current reading material, in each of them. "Some of the shots have a lot of …


Ryhan Villa Complex Gate Winning Proposal / Waltritsch a+u + Rndr Studio

Waltritsch a+u, in collaboration with Rndr Studio, just won the 1st prize in a international competition for the design of the Ryhan villa complex ‘s …


You Can Now Stay at an Underwater Hotel Room and Sleep with the Fishes

At the Manta Resort on the island of Pemba, Tanzania, you will find a hotel room unlike any other. Designed by Mikael Genberg of Genberg Underwater …

Cats can scratch their itch for luxury at upscale feline hotel

Your cat doesn’t have to have a trust fund to stay at England’s Ings Luxury Cat Hotel, but they’re sure to feel like an heir or heiress after their …

The Multi-Million Dollar Rebirth Of The Hotel Jerome, Aspen's Crown Jewel

The grande dame of American ski hotels, the Hotel Jerome is a brick pile that dominates Aspen’s Main Street, looking more like a bank building (it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places) than a rumpus room for the rich. Constructed in 1889 by Macy's department store magnate Jerome B. …


Top 10 Houses on Dwell This Week

As the weekend slowly draws to a near, we've gathered up ten of our most clicked on homes on Dwell this week for your perusal.

See last week's here.

Prefab Homes

Asian Influences in Austin, Texas: The Lovely Tarrytown Residence

The clients’ passion for Balinese design and Zen philosophy led to the development of this impressive residence located in the neighborhood of …


Lithia Springs Resort, Ashland, Oregon

The Lithia Springs Resort is imbued with a sort of Shakespearean vibe.

I don’t mean Shakespearean in a “ruffled collar and everything smells of …

Nine Jaw-Dropping Hotel-Room Views Around the World

Nine unusual places to stay

From a windmill in Greece to a converted fishing boat in France, spend the weekend somewhere out of the ordinary.

These unconventional travel destinations are a far cry from the standard beach holiday. From a treehouse swaying in the canopy in Spain to a converted fishing boat in France, spend the …


Heart of the District is an Innovative Hotel Lobby that Hangs Like a Parasite Between Existing Buildings

Hanging between buildings like a parasite, ZA Architects' Heart of the District is a unique architectural interruption that engages the city streets. …

9 Hotel Libraries (And Library Hotels) That Bring Books To Life

That lady next to you on the plane can Kindle all she wants, but nothing beats picking up a real, weathered book upon arrival at your destination.

Check in to one of these awesome hotels with libraries -- and some hotels that are libraries -- where both the book shopping and scene-setting are done …


These Incredible Hotels Will Leave You Feeling Like A Completely New Person

Healing Hotels of the World strives to change the way you think about vacation.

The hotel collection offers a unique take on travel, one that emphasizes health and wellness, rather than the more taxing vacation habits some have formed, like drinking heavily, over-eating and not getting enough …

Luxury Lifestyle

Boutique Bavaria: designer hotels in Munich's winter playground

Bavaria has long attracted reclusive kings, skiers and, for 16-days each year, ardent beer lovers. Now, a spate of interesting refurbs has started to attract the attention of Germany's style-conscious city-dwellers, who are heading south-east in much the same way Brits are gravitating towards …

Boutique Hotels

Caravan Hotel lets guests live tiny even while on the road

Are you a fan of tiny house living, but reside in a more conventionally-sized home? Now is your chance to try the small space movement on for size by …


The Best New Buildings Of The Year

Cox Rayner Architects

Each year, more than 2,000 architects from 60 countries around the world gather to attend the World Architecture Festival, which features the largest and most prestigious annual awards ceremony for the industry.

The festival took place October 2nd - 4th at Singapore's Marina Bay …

Can You Guess the Year?A Vintage House Beautiful Photo of a Garden Room

It's Throwback Thursday! This week's photo from our archives featured a garden room in Georgetown townhouse with a high ceiling. Which year do you think this vintage photo was featured in House Beautiful? Tell us below in the comments — we'll announce the answer tomorrow!

Answer: This photo was