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Environmental Affairs Committee Believes Agreement Between Kruger National Park and Private Reserves Should Be Revised

<b>Parliament, Wednesday, 12 September 2018 –</b> The Portfolio Committee on Environmental Affairs today had an engagement with the Department of …

National Parks

DNA from seized elephant ivory unmasks 3 big trafficking cartels in Africa

Scientists can sleuth out wildlife crime and aid law enforcement by tracing elephant DNA from ivory seizures back to the source.

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Permitting authority shows Parliament photo of dead lion it claims is not famous pride male – but experts say it is - Conservation Action Trust

The authority that licensed the lion trophy hunt which became the focus of a parliamentary inquiry last week has been at pains to assure everyone it …

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Anger as rhino trade kingpin released from SA jail

Conservationists expressed shock on Monday after a Thai kingpin of the illegal rhino horn trade was released from jail in Pretoria after serving just …

The Ongoing Disgrace of South Africa’s Captive-Bred Lion Trade

An estimated 7,000 to 14,000 lions are held in captivity and bred in South Africa. Increasingly, the animals are slaughtered for their bones and …


This Baby Elephant Lost Its Trunk. Can It Survive?

AnimalsVideo<p>An elephant uses its trunk to eat, drink, and socialize, but the animal's adaptability means losing one may not be a death sentence.<p>AnimalsVideo<p>Can an elephant survive without its trunk?<p>Unfortunately for one calf in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, this is not a hypothetical …


Undercover operation exposes Vietnam as growing hub for international ivory trade

As China introduced stricter enforcement on its entry and exit points, several Vietnamese syndicates appear to have taken over.

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How Teeth Became Tusks, and Tusks Became Liabilities

GORONGOSA NATIONAL PARK, Mozambique — We are flying in a Bat Hawk aircraft — which may be named for a raptor that preys on bats but looks more like a giant, lime-green dragonfly — and my hair, thanks to the open cockpit, has gone full Phyllis Diller.<p>Scudding above flood plains the color of worn …


Collaring exercise which began in Dec 2017 is targeting 60 elephants

The completion of this exercise will make a total of 20 GPS satellite collars fitted on adult elephants within and outside core areas of Selous …


Elephant poaching on rise, spurred by Chinese demand

British wildlife conservation group Elephant Family warns that the trend poses “a new threat” to their survival as, unlike tusk poaching, not only …


Tracking elephant movements reveals transboundary wildlife corridors

Data from satellite tracking tags deployed on elephants in Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and along the border of Angola and Zimbabwe have revealed that …


How much is China’s $60-billion really worth?

Xi Jinping opened his wallet again, but it’s hard to track where the money for Africa really goes

Xi Jinping

China's “Marshall Plan” for Africa — debt or new deal?

It is doubtful that Europe would have emerged from poverty without the American bailout.


Africans must analyse lending by China, ensure it’s in their interest

In August 2010, China overtook Japan to become the world’s second largest economy.

Court president suspended as damning allegations come to the surface

Durban - The Magistrates’ Commission has moved to suspend KZN’s regional court president Eric Nzimande over allegations of misconduct.<br>The magistrate …


China is doubling down on its “win-win” strategy in Africa

Chinese president Xi Jinping has affirmed his country’s commitment to its “win-win” cooperation policy with Africa, noting China won’t interfere in the political and development paths of African states. Xi was speaking at the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation where he announced $60 billion for …


Delay in Hong Kong’s ivory ban endangers elephants and is ‘legally unnecessary’

In December 2016, China and Hong Kong, two of the world’s major ivory markets, announced their commitment to shut down all domestic ivory trade. …

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An anti-poaching technology for elephants that is always listening

Working under cover of night in parks as large as US states, poachers are skilled in avoiding detection. If they kill with silencers on their rifles, …

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Humans Are Destroying Animals’ Ancestral Knowledge

Bighorn sheep and moose learn to migrate from one another. When they die, that generational know-how is not easily replaced.<p>In the 1800s, there were so many bighorn sheep in Wyoming that when one trapper passed through Jackson Hole, he described “over a thousand sheep in the cliffs above our …


87 Elephants Killed by Poachers in Africa’s ‘Last Safe Haven’

AnimalsWildlife Watch<p>Experts explain how the slaughter could happen in Botswana, which may no longer be the refuge it’s long been thought of.<p>At least 87 elephants have been killed for their ivory in Botswana in recent months, according to the conservation nonprofit Elephants Without Borders, which …


BBC’s Chilling New Rhino Poaching Doccie Exposes Massive KZN Corruption [Video]

South Africa is home to almost 80% of Africa’s rhino population, but there are only roughly 25 000 rhinos left in our country.The reason for their …


ANC blames Jacob Zuma’s maladministration for SA’s economic mess

Under Zuma’s administration, SA had four finance ministers, including Nene, over a two-year period, a political move with questionable motives that …

South Africa

The African Elephant Atlas: The Census

How many elephants are left? The results from the Great Elephant Census show it's time for action. #ElephantsCount


Kaziranga to China's Kunming: The Long and Winding Route of Illegal Rhino Horn Trade

Rhinos are poached in Assam’s Kaziranga National Park and their horns smuggled through as many as three routes leading to hubs in neighbouring …


South African president rejects claims of Chinese "colonialism" - Xinhua

BEIJING, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday dismissed allegations of China practicing colonialism in Africa, …

South Africa

Dozens of elephants killed near Botswana wildlife sanctuary

<b>Carcases of nearly 90 elephants have been found near a famous wildlife sanctuary in Botswana, conservationists say.</b><p>Elephants Without Borders, which is conducting an aerial survey, said the scale of poaching deaths is the largest seen in Africa.<p>The spike coincides with Botswana's anti-poaching unit …


Dozens of elephants killed near Botswana wildlife sanctuary

<b>Carcases of nearly 90 elephants have been found near a famous wildlife sanctuary in Botswana, conservationists say.</b><p>Elephants Without Borders, which is conducting an aerial survey, said the scale of poaching deaths is the largest seen in Africa.<p>The spike coincides with Botswana's anti-poaching unit …


How China can save African elephants

Hardened poachers have killed so many elephants that they can often imitate the screams the animals make when speared. They can tell you how other …


Ramaphosa: SA has signed several deals to boost economic ties with China

President Cyril Ramaphosa has assured investors in Beijing that government is addressing policy and regulatory issues to make South Africa more …


Was a protected lion killed in a baited hunt?

JOHANNESBURG - Controversy surrounds the hunting of a lion in a reserve near the Kruger Park in June.Both the identity of the lion and the manner in …