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Solar Cars Are Far From Mainstream. OTOH, Solar-Powered Cars Are Normal, Common, Becoming Popular.

Many of us who are interested in electric vehicles and solar power have probably wondered if this form of clean electricity could be integrated into …

Clean Energy

Saelig Introduces Sol Chip Saturn802 Solar Energy Harvester ICs

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the patented Sol Chip Saturn802 Energy Harvester IC - a unique photovoltaic cell which can produce output voltage …

Clean Energy

Why Solar Is on a Path to Dominance

Despite the Trump administration’s recent decision to levy a 30 percent tariff on solar, we see tremendous opportunity ahead for the industry.In the …

Solar Power

Rainfall recycling: Trees as rainmakers

<b> Bonn</b> - A commonly held view is that water is transpired from trees and lost from the landscape. But research now shows that this water, rather than …


Did you know the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics are powered by wind energy? - Into the Wind

Did you know the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics are powered by wind energy?<p>Last night my husband and I sat down to watch the women’s snowboarding halfpipe …

Renewable Energy

Swedish start-up Karma has an innovative solution to food waste

Karma uses AI to connect hungry Londoners with top restaurants offering surplus meals — and it's all half-price, says Samuel Fishwick


Grooming the Next Generation of Farmers

Urban ag groups are engaging youth to build sustainable community food systems in New York State

Urban Agriculture

Is Personalized, Next-Day Delivery the Future of Urban Farming?

A rooftop-farming venture in Montreal has found success with a model that’s part CSA, part Amazon Prime.<p>Canadians have grown accustomed to seeing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pop up in unlikely photos, sometimes shirtless or in athletic gear. But Trudeau was wearing a suit for a planned photo op …

Urban Agriculture

These are the kind of magic mushrooms you should be eating

In an interview with Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of Moonjuice, which is Hollywood’s most popular juice bar, she mentioned that she loves a …


Global Wind Installations Reach 52.5 Gigawatts In 2017, Brings Total To 539.5 Gigawatts

The global wind energy industry enjoyed another strong year in 2017, installing a total of 52,573 megawatts worth of new wind capacity, increasing …

Renewable Energy

American drinking water could soon get a lot dirtier

A new plan to speed up the way the US government does business related to federal waters may leave some cities footing a bigger bill for clean drinking water.<p>The White House on Monday released its new infrastructure plan, which calls for "protecting clean water with greater efficiency."<p>In the plan …


Water Closely Linked to World's Refugee Crisis

<i>Tanker trucks, boreholes help quench refugees’ thirst.</i><p>A truck hauling potable water arrives at the entrance to Al Azraq refugee camp. Photo © Randall …

North Africa

7 Top Tesla Shuttle Customer Reactions After 50,000 Kilometers

We're approaching one year of operation with Tesla Shuttle — city-to-city transport in a Tesla, airport pickups & drop-offs, special event show & …

Tesla Model S

Farm-to-table comes to a Louisiana jail

The phrase farm-to-table is a big selling point in the culinary world. The food sells at a premium because of the wholesome halo around it — a direct path from the earth to your plate. But farm-to-table doesn’t have to be about luxury. One Louisiana jail is working with the concept.<p>About 10 miles …

Criminal Justice

Billionaire Trump Foe Behind Solar Energy Measures in Arizona, Other States

Tom Steyer-funded group touts health benefits of measure that would require the state's utilities to use clean energy to generate 50 percent of …

Solar Power

No-Till Farmers’ Push for Healthy Soils Ignites a Movement in the Plains

<i>Editors’ Note: Today, we introduce our year-long reporting series on rural America, the Rural Environment and Agriculture Project (REAP).</i>Jimmy Emmons …


Rural America’s Drinking-Water Crisis

“I’ll be honest with you,” said Gary Michael Hunt. “You never know when you go in there and turn on the faucet if you have water, or if you ain’t …


The First Drug For Postpartum Depression Could Be On Its Way

It has taken decades for the medical establishment to recognize the vast scope of postpartum depression, or PPD.<p>Conservative estimates say 11 percent of women become depressed at some point in their first year of motherhood; others put that figure at closer to 25 percent. And that’s just the women …


A Method for Growing a Lot of Food on Little Land

Over the last nine years, Ben Hartman’s farm in northern Indiana has become more efficient and profitable following the techniques developed by an …


How Picking Mushrooms in America Became a Russian Jewish Tradition

Every fall, hordes of mysterious visitors descend upon Cape Cod from Boston and Providence and as far away as New Jersey and Philadelphia. They …

This Firm is Creating Eco-Friendly Homes Out of Mushrooms

We hear a lot of buzz about what the future of a particular type of home design will look like. Sleek, plugged in and tech forward, the sexy smart …


Here Are the Places That Struggle to Meet the Rules on Safe Drinking Water

WASHINGTON — To ensure that tap water in the United States is safe to drink, the federal government has been steadily tightening the health standards for the nation’s water supplies for decades. But over and over again, local water systems around the country have failed to meet these …


Better growing results with mycorrizhae | Planting

Micorrhizal fungi help to grow healthy plants and better crops. Roots cannot eat and drink from the soil. They cooperate with micorrhizae to do …


Batteries, Not The Model 3, Are The Real Keys To Tesla’s Future Success

Sure, the Tesla Model 3 production delays are troubling. But isn't the financial stability of Tesla actually dependent on the evolution of batteries


Baojun E100 EV Availability Continuing To Expand, Price Now Only ~$7,300 — Why Doesn’t GM Offer Something Similar In US?

The availability of the Baojun E100 electric vehicle outside of the city of Liuzhou has continued to improve in recent months, with greater …

Electric Vehicles

A Bike Or A Car? Meet Podbike!

Chief engineer and founder of Podbike Per Hassel Sørensen assures us that this is a bike, even if it looks like a car. He says it's a 4-wheel …


Fungi as meat substitutes

Mushrooms and other fungi could soon play an important role in food production. They are low-fat and high in protein and other nutrients. But are …

Low Fat

Can Fungus Clean Up a Superfund Site?

#sewage #cleanup<p>Can Fungi Clean Up a Superfund Site?<p>Newtown Creek, which opens into New York City’s East River, accumulated toxic waste during its …


PooPac: Using Oyster Mushrooms to stop human faeces smelling in UDDTs - A Masters Thesis

Topic Author<p>Product UX Designer<p>07 Feb 2018 12:53 #23983 by joshuaurieli<p>Dear Forum<br>During my masters research (2015-16), I found that Oyster Mushrooms …

Mushrooms and Mist in San José del Pacífico

High up in the mountainous splendor of the Sierra Madre del Sur, nearly permanently enveloped in mist, lies the small town of San José del Pacífico. …

Indigenous Peoples