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How Your Company Can Use Quizzes, Calculators, and Interactive White Papers for Lead Generation

Interactive content is a creative way to engage with your audience and it can be a differentiating factor that sets you apart from your competition. …


An easy way to see if Google thinks your webpages are keyword relevant

We all want to rank well, but there are times when it seems nearly impossible to do so.There can be many causes for rankings shortfalls, and as I …


Snapchat Launches Lens Studio for Making AR ‘Lenses’

Lens Studio is a new Mac and Windows desktop app from Snap Inc. for creating, publishing, and sharing augmented reality objects and experiences in</i> …

Augmented Reality

What the new Snapchat update gets right about social media

As a parent, I'm a member of more than a few Facebook Groups related to my children's education. And damn, they can be irritating. You quickly learn …

Snapchat quietly releases new filters based on what you're snapping

Too lazy to be creative with Snapchat? Well, there's a new feature for you.<p>Snap quietly launched new filters that recognize what's being snapped and …

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13 outdated SEO tactics that should terrify you

As we approach Halloween and our Netflix queues again fill up with all manner of spooky, startling and downright horrifying monsters, I’m reminded of …


The doctor of the future

In new healthcare systems, 'the doctor' is increasingly a team. Can actual physicians adapt?<p>DENVER — When patients go to see Dr. C.T. Lin for a checkup, they don’t see just Dr. Lin. They see Dr. Lin and Becky.<p>Becky Peterson, the medical assistant who works with Lin, sits down with patients first …

Health Care

A Beginner’s Guide: How to Organize Facebook Ad Campaigns

If you’re new to paid social media advertising, think of Facebook ads as the ideal place to get started — they’re inexpensive, low-pressure, and …


10 Unexpected Lead Sources for B2B Marketers

Adding a live chat feature to your website increases sales tremendously.<p>Opinions expressed by <i>Entrepreneur</i> contributors are their own.<p>Sales are the lifeblood for any B2B business, and to acquire sales, you must first generate leads.<p>With a B2C model, it’s far easier to convert cold traffic into …

App Store

Does Snapchat Discover want to be TV or magazines? Maybe both

In August, CNN replaced its Snapchat Discover channel with a daily news show called “The Update.” It was an interesting move for the news giant, …

What The Economist learned in its first year on Snapchat Discover

Our editors reveal how they crunch smart analysis for a young audience<p>Printed copies of <i>The Economist</i> have been landing on doormats every week since …

Snapchat for Android now supports 60-second ‘multi-snap’ videos

Snapchat for Android is considered by many to be behind that of its iOS counterpart, and that’s unfortunately quite true. Thankfully, it’s been getting a lot better, and now, Snapchat’s Android app is picking up a useful feature from iOS.<p>Sending videos on Snapchat has traditionally been limited to …

How your Snapchat could earn you $100,000 per year

It’s pretty safe to say it doesn’t even come close to the lucrative money “teen influencers” are earning using Snapchat.<p>Unlike Gen Y’s primary use of …

Charlotte Tilbury

Snapchat adds new sky filters feature to celebrate its sixth birthday

Snapchat has released a new sky filters feature to celebrate its sixth birthday.<p>The newest filter lets users alter the background of their pictures …


5 Ways to Use White Papers for Lead Generation

Generating white papers or research that can be shared with customers or the public can help give your company credibility in the space and help …


Snapchat's new feature takes Bitmoji to the next level

Snapchat's latest Bitmoji update is about much more than dancing animations.<p>Snapchat is updating its Bitmoji-enabled "World Lenses," the feature that …

Augmented Reality

Snapchat has inked 14 partners for post-swipe ads

Snapchat has partnered with 14 companies to help brands make the "post-swipe" ad experience more enjoyable for users.<p>The term refers to what users are shown after they swipe up on one of Snapchat's full screen ads. The new partners include companies like Whalar, TreSensa, Entrypoint, and Popwallet …


Bing now officially supports Fact Check label with ClaimReview markup

Bing has finally announced their official support for the “Fact Check” label in search. This is powered by the ClaimReview schema markup and now …


AMP links at large: What’s a publisher to do?

If you're a publisher that's implemented Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), you've likely seen views on those pages coming from some unexpected sources. …