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5 Flexibility Marks Every Man Should Hit

When it comes to desired physical characteristics, flexibility falls down the priority list, as most guys would much rather have killer abs and …


You can never go wrong with bacon and eggs for dinner. #StarNoodle #NomNomHawaii #NomNomMaui

5 Mobility Exercises Athletes Should Be Doing Click on the following link to read: #UFC #Gym #Mobility #Training #CrossFit #WOD

Avocado Tuna Salad | Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Paleo Recipe

This <b>avocado tuna salad</b> is an easy healthy lunch or snack recipe in 5 minutes with just 4 ingredients. And it's glluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo.<p>I …


Paleo Mini Meatloaves (Gluten and Grain-Free)

Few things are as beautiful as a field or forest with freshly fallen snow. Wintertime in our neck of the woods is sometimes a Currier and Ives …


Roasted Chicken with Olives and Prunes | Gluten Free Chicken Marbella

Are you spending too much time on the computer? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately. After reading this article in The Atlantic …

Chicken Recipes

Burrata and Roasted Asparagus and Tomato Salad

I like pretty things. Guilty as charged.<p>I’d have to guess that most of us in the world do. Am I right or am I right? Who wouldn’t rather gaze at a …

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

4 Health Foods That Ain't Fads

Remember the "fat-free" baked good craze? Or the fairly recent acai pandemonium?<p>People naturally become skeptical when foods are overhyped in the media, but there are plenty of health foods that are not fads -- no matter how much the media raves about them.<p>But just like every media darling, these …

Healthy Eating

5 Reasons Why CrossFitters Should Do More Strict Weighted Pull Ups

Page: 1Next »<p>[S]trict weighted pull ups also represent a cornerstone of CrossFit, which is functional strength, and unfortunately, in a haze of …


How to Improve Your Rope Climbs

Page: 1Next »<p>Rope climbs. A flash back to Physical Education classes of old, and a movement that comes up in CrossFit <i>just</i> often enough to be …


Shut Up, Flexibility

A couple weeks ago, I sent out a newsletter in which I talked about the secret to flexibility being no secret at all, but simply commitment over time …


Tabata This: How to Use CrossFit to Increase Your "Work Capacity" at Work

[H]igh intensity interval workouts as short as four minutes can produce cardiovascular health benefits as great as those from far longer aerobic …


Another Ankle Mobilizer - NorCal CrossFit Quick Tips


Building Better Calf Muscles: How the Calf Works and How to Work It

<b>Take a gander at the muscles on the back of your lower leg.</b> Which category applies to you: Are they short and bulky? Long and bulky? Average size? …


"I Can't Gain Weight": A Strongman's Tips For Skinny CrossFitters - FuncThat: Smarter=Stronger

Fact: I’m the skinniest guy you know.<p>Fact: Being the lightest guy in the gym is not good news in CrossFit.<p>Sure, I’ll smoke everyone if we ever do a …


4 Superfoods You Need to Try

Health awareness is increasing and so is the demand for healthy and nutritious food choices. Arguably, many prepackaged and processed food options …

Healthy Eating

How to Take Care of Your Hands

Page: 1Next »<p>If you lift weights or do a lot of pullups, your hands are going to rip at some point. This not only hurts (the initial hot shower has …


Want to Be Good at Oly? by Chad Vaughn

<i>Two-time Olympian Chad Vaughn details four areas of focus if you really want to add weight to your snatch and clean and jerk.</i><p>Most athletes dive into …


4 Killer Workouts for While You're on Holiday or Vacation

<b>My wife loves to travel.</b> She spent six months working as a nanny in France. She has visited nearly every continent and speaks English, French, and …


3 Tips to Improve your Squat:

The Cheat Sheet for Beef

Wish you knew how to decide which cut of beef to buy? This infographic will inform you about the type of meat, the cost, and method to cook it.


Baked Egg in an Avocado Topped with Homemade Pico de Gallo

A Tex Mex Eggplant Napoleon

Breakfast Sausage

These are the BEST!!! <br>I made up a batch to use in a Pumpkin Soup I made the other day, you use the sausage in the soup, the smell just from all the …


My daughter absolutely LOVES baby back ribs. She doesn’t care if they are seasoned with a dry rub or slathered in barbecue sauce – either works well …


Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps

posted <b>May 12, 2014</b> by <b>Gina</b><p>This is my go-to turkey taco recipe. It’s delicious and light – On nights I want to go low-carb, I forgo the taco shells and …

Mango Banana Green Smoothie

<b>Mango Banana Superfood Green Smoothie</b> <i><br></i> <b><br>Servings</b>: 2 • <b>Size:</b> 16 oz smoothie <b>• Points +:</b> 4 pts <b>• Smart Points:</b> 5 <b><br>Calories</b>: 173.5 <b>• Fat:</b> 6 g <b>•</b> …