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Becoming Human

At the end of this week I’ll say goodbye to my Washington University crew to begin a new adventure as a Senior WordPress Engineer for Human …

Pursuit by Anna Brannon

Winner of a Silver ADDY (American Advertising Award) – Regional (Illinois)

Hot Air Balloons

the day I pretended to be a photojournalist

I put a little piece together about digital journalism and my firsthand experience creating it. See below.<p><b>4.00</b> avg. rating (<b>87</b>% score) - <b>1</b> vote

My Dream Job is a Lifestyle — #vanlife

Success comes in many forms, and most people have much different ideas of what it means to them. For some, success means high social status, and to …


Watercolor Painting in Photoshop CC Tutorial

Draw It. Scan It. Paint It. Print It. As designers we tend to spend a lot of time simply making vector designs on the computer and not enough time …


Just a Text Away

While technology certainly has its drawbacks when it comes to human interaction, it would be remiss not to praise it’s ability to strengthen …


One of the Many Ways to Find Love

Why on earth would someone choose to sign up for an account on an online dating website? Why can’t they just go out on the town and try to meet …

Online Dating

4 Ways Technology Makes Thanksgiving Better

Written and Media by Kelsey Neier.Thanksgiving is here! What a wonderful time to be with family and stuff yourselves with turkey, mashed potatoes, …

Black Friday

That is the Question

By the time you could walk and talk and balance a too-big fire fighter’s hat on your head, people were probably already asking you what you wanted to …


I See the Future Podcast: Kelsey Neier

Media by Kelsey Neier.Today I’m talking all about self driving cars and a little bit about cloning! In my blog I also talked about holograms and …

Tech Trends

In Plain Sight

Written by Baylen WhitfieldImage by you know that you’re almost never not being watched? Are you aware you’re your location is …


All College Hike 2016 Recap

created by Logan Nelson (DM:2017)


Frustration and Constant Fighting

We are in an age of technology where our schedules are filled and there is no room to breathe. The only way to survive is to hunker down and get …


MovieVS podcast

Hosts: Tyler Lamb (DM:2015), Steve, and Charlie.MovieVS


Real Hello

When walking across campus, I’ve noticed that fifty percent or more of the people I encounter are holding or using their phone. In fact, it’s to a …


Do We Even Want Art?

When it comes to art, what is it that we are looking for?Many people will say that in art they are looking for “authentic expression.” Or maybe …


Acorns Ablaze

<b>In the Beginning…</b>Jimmy Menk Memorial Park was home to a multitude of adorable friendly woodland creatures. All of the animals lived in peace and …


3D modeling

<b>Beky Smith Bucket List</b><p><b>Animation Project 1</b><p><b>Epic RAP Battles of GC</b><p><b>DM Portfolios #2</b><p><b>Portfolio: Logan Shaw (2014)</b><p><b>Hilary Wright Bowling for Soup</b><p><b>2014 DM</b> …

Radio Drama: Other People’s Dreams

by Thomas Hajny (DM:2016). Group Members: Sami Pearson, Taylor Neal.[soundcloud url=”″ …



Directed by Bri Phillips (DM:2016). Cinematography by Logan Nelson (DM:2017). Edited by Jack Wang (DM:2016). Appearances by Jonathan Raffa & Anna …


500 Days of Summer

by Bekah (Dothager) Simmonds (DM:2016)The post 500 Days of Summer appeared first on GC Digital Media.

3D Modeling

It Can Wait PSA

by Katie Wallace (DM:2016)The post It Can Wait PSA appeared first on GC Digital Media.


The Vista | Issue 112 | No. 2

2016 Design Expo Winners!

Congrats to Kelsey Neier (DM:2017) and Dustin Higginbotham (DM:2016)The post 2016 Design Expo Winners! appeared first on GC Digital Media.


Bekah Dothager wins the DM Creator Award!

And… Dustin Higginbotham wins the Jr. DM Creator Award! <br>The post Bekah Dothager wins the DM Creator Award! appeared first on GC Digital Media.


Portfolio: Jack Wang (2016)

The post Portfolio: Jack Wang (2016) appeared first on GC Digital Media.


Portfolio: Noah Henry (2016)

The post Portfolio: Noah Henry (2016) appeared first on GC Digital Media.


Los Portfolios Locos: 2016 DM Portfolios #3

Join Paul, Max, Thomas, Steven, and Noah as they present their senior DM portfolios! There will be tacos! Facebook EventPaul Anderson – 7:00 pm<br>Max …

Portfolio: Madison Moran (2016)

The post Portfolio: Madison Moran (2016) appeared first on GC Digital Media.

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