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Vittore Buzzi Fotografo

The most important thing for a photo journalist? His net...<br>Mmm... In molti mi chiedono quale sia la cosa più importante per un fotografo di …

HID-class USB Serial Communication for AVRs using V-USB

A month with no new post? That’s unacceptable. Since my last trip to Shenzhen, I actually have quite a few new ideas and projects to post about. The …

Garage Door Controller Tutorial - Step 1 - Parts Gathering

Here are the parts:<p>BOM (Bill of Materials) in relation to above image:<p>A.<p>N/A<p>9V Switching power supply<p>Part# TOL-00298 @ …

Raspberry Pi Python Software Released: WeatherRack / WeatherPiArduino

Raspberry Pi Python Software Released: WeatherRack Sensors / WeatherPiArduino<p>Want to build your own Weather Station?<p>We have been working on the …


Kings Mountain Rd. // #gopro

Let the adventure start!!! Heading up to Lofoten Norway with these crazy dudes @dansmoe @kpunkka @konstalinkola @joonaslinkola and it's going to be wild. Follow our crazy journey also in Snapchat:@eljackson

Why are the Joshua Tree's dying? Through a hollowed out section of a dead tree another living Joshua Tree sits in the setting sun. Experts expect the Joshuas to vanish entirely from the southern half of California within a century. The ancient plants are dying in the #JoshuaTree National Park. Already slow and difficult reproducers by nature the Joshua trees are the victim of global warming and its symptoms -- including fire and drought -- plus pollution and the proliferation of non-native species. The #Seussian looking trees are really plants, a relative of the yucca. Joshua trees are a foundation species, providing habitat for other animals that otherwise would disappear. @robertclarkphoto @thephotosociety @instituteartist @natgeo


Photo by @paleyphoto (Matthieu Paley). Happy Year of the Goat everyone!! Tomorrow is Chinese new year. Remember to stray from the herd every once in a while, it feels Oh so good! Shot during an @natgeo assignment in Afghanistan's Pamir mountains #unpublished. #Afghanistan #mountains #goat #chinesenewyear @thephotosociety @natgeocreative

Canada Geese, Sewanee Tennessee Photo by @salvarezphoto After sparing us most of the year winter has finally arrived in the deep south giving us just a taste of what the North East has endured this year. While this might not impress anyone in Boston or Yellowstone the temperature will be five below tonight closing schools and freezing pipes across the region. #winter #snow @thephotosociety

Photo by @drewtrush Record setting high temperatures are waking up bears early across the entire Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. If you're headed out into the field don't forget your bear spray and be #bearaware #blackbear #bears #wildlifephotography #wildlife #bigwonderfulwyoming #gye #greateryellowstoneecosystem @natgeocreative @thephotosociety

Can't wait to see these inviting roads covered in snow!!! We are excited to take our BMW from @bayerncar_official to the Norwegian roads!!! #visitnorway. You can follow the story on snapchat:eljackson

As you may know, I've started shooting film again, and have teamed up with @refocus_. I've really enjoyed seeing my scanned film and look forward to sharing more of it with you all, but I also want to see your film photography as well. So @refocus_ and I are launching an Adventure Film Photography Contest. For the photo contest, we want you to post film photos from one of your past adventures, be sure to tell your adventerous story in the caption and tag #filmadventurecontest, mention what film and camera you're shooting with, and tag @refocus_ in the photo itself. March 20th four finalists will be selected, featured, and voted on. The winner will receive a free Full Circle Film service from @refocus_ and will also receive a undeveloped roll of film full of Yosemite photos taken by me! We look forward to seeing your film adventures, and good luck!!

Photo by @pedromcbride (Pete McBride) // A #leopard enjoys nap time in the arid hills of Samburu National Wildlife Reserve in Northern #Kenya. #Leopards will often store food in trees for protection and on occasion, hunt from the elevated vantage. #wildlife #conservation #bigcat #threatened #nature #predator #lewa #elephantcamp @thephotosociety

South Georgia, in the Southern Ocean, may be one of the most visually stunning areas on earth. On a National Geographic Expedition to Antarctica, S. Georgia and the Falklands, we were in Zodiacs (rubber rafts, able to hold up to 12 passengers) checking out the waters around Cooper Island. This small island, about 2 miles long, lies on the north side of the entrance to Drygalski Fjord, on the southeast end of South Georgia. The Islands of South Georgia have suffered from an infestation of Norway rats, which have devastated many indigenous populations of petrels, penguins, albatross, etc. An aggressive program has been put into place by South Georgia to eradicate that exploding population of rats, Cooper Island is one of a handful of rat-free islands in South Georgia. Thus, healthy populations of the birds and mammals have avoided the destruction of the rats. Here, a Macaroni penguin (Eudyptes chrysolophus) “porpoises” its way towards the shore. Penguins use this method of leaping from the water as it swims, making themselves less available to predation and may use the method of swimming and leaping as a sighting device. In photo workshops I lead for National Geographic as well as my FirstLight Workshops, I strongly suggest that our students, when putting the camera on over their necks, think of that motion as turning on a switch in their heads, enabling the process of “seeing photographically.” The appropriate settings on the camera are made-exposure mode set for that situation-camera is on and ready, and the photographer is looking for those photographic “moments.” These often are fleeting opportunities, as was this scene, so the photographer has to be ready. @JayDickmanPhoto, @thephotosociety, @NatGeoCreative, @GetOlympus

BELGIUM, Binche (Hainaut). 17/02/2015: 'Gilles de Binche' dancing in front of their drummers during their first round of the city in the morning on Mardi Gras. Traces of the carnival celebrations in Binche, a former industrial region of Belgium, can be traced back to the 14th century. It is part of the continent-wide pagan-related rites celebrating the end of winter. The festival was recognised by UNESCO as an ‘Oral and Immaterial Patrimony of Humanity’ in 2003. But to the inhabitants of the small city of Binche it is much more than that: the three days of Mardi Gras celebrations and also the rituals in the preceding weeks of actual Mardi Gras are the expression of an intense sense of belonging to a community, creating very strong social bonds. The main character around which the festival evolves is the ‘Gille de Binche’. Probably created around the end of the 18th century the Gille, organised in various brotherhoods, obey very strict rules during carnival: they can only dress up as a Gille, with the ostrich feather hat, the straw-stuffed costume, the bundle of twigs to ward off evil winter spirits (which is also thrown to relatives or friends in the public as a greeting), and the wooden clogs during the day of Mardi Gras, they should at all times be accompanied by a drum, should never be seen sitting in public. The hardest requisite in a context of free flowing alcohol during the carnival days is probably not being seen drunk. Being a Gille is an honour but comes at a price, and many members go through severe financial sacrifice to pay for the rent of the costume (300€ for the ostrich hat), buy the oranges which will be thrown to the public as a sign of good luck (throwing them back to the Gille is a grave offence) and the bottles of champagne and other alcoholic beverages consumed during the festive days. The post on my weblog also has some sound: @vinkjohn

"Like I said you can’t get housing here in the city. No way. There’s too many people wanting it, plus there’s too many people that want it and then some, in the city. It’s just not for me. That’s all there is to it. You can’t wait. You can’t stay in this city and wait for months, or years. But, they have housing here for people. Tons of it. They’re just not using it properly. They’re just not using it all properly. As far as I can see. There was none for me. They say you could wait six, eight, nine, ten months maybe. And then it may happen. That’s the thing and I wasn’t gonna wait. There’s no way I could wait. I can’t wait. It’s too long for anybody. I mean you can’t sleep in the streets like this. These streets in the city are not good, kiddo. Nowadays they’re the worst I have ever seen in my entire life. The last six or seven years, probably, it’s been really nasty. I mean even the streets are nasty, kiddo. They don’t even sweep the streets up here. " RICHARD PRESLEY, 55 . Richard lost his wife and their RV over the course of the last year and hasn't figured out how to navigate the San Francisco housing situation. He mostly sleeps in Golden Gate park now. This photo of Richard is part of my project “Shame of the City”. It’s my latest installment for the Future of Cities project, a collaboration between @Panospictures and@SGIAmbassadors. The full series will be live in the next day or so. Links to come . . . Zackary Canepari(@caneparitilidie) . Special thanks to @jasminmara, @laurencrew, @jfeetv and @stanthonysf for the help and support . #homeless #FutureOfCities #shameofthecity #sanfrancisco #housingcrisis .

Dell'Erba Mario

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