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The Future of Transportation Is Closer Than You Think

[DIGEST: CNNMoney, skyTran, FastCoExist]

A NASA Space Act company called skyTran, based in California, is closer than ever to making an efficient, …


Filipino Entrepreneur Creates Revolutionary Lamp That Runs on Saltwater

Meet Aisa Mijeno, a Filipino architect and scientist who invented a revolutionary lamp that runs on a glass of saltwater instead of batteries. Her …


Raspberry Pi Zero already sold out, says 'amazed' founder

Virtually every Raspberry Pi Zero in existence has been sold within 24 hours of the miniature £4 computer's launch, The Raspberry Pi Foundation has said.

Around 20,000 Pi Zeroes have been sold, along with almost every copy of MagPi magazine, which included a free Zero on the cover.

The Zero's …

Raspberry Pi

Batman Green Lantern Rugby Jerseys Unveiled

The rugby union clothing company, BLK, has teamed-up with DC Comics to create superhero jerseys for Pro12 clubs. On Wednesday, Ospreys unveiled their …


STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT to Run at Stable 60fps on PS4, According to Report

The Force seems to be strong with the Xbox One and PS4, at least when it comes to Star Wars: Battlefront’s frame rate. According to Digital Foundry, …

Fallout 3 actually works better on Xbox One than on Xbox 360

For the majority of backwards compatible Xbox 360 games, running them on the Xbox One as compared to their native system shouldn’t be any different. …

Fallout 3

Star Wars: Battlefront Plays Like You’re Watching the Movie

Star Wars: Battlefront is a raucous, chaotic ordeal that might be the best visual expression of the Star Wars universe on a videogame screen.The post …

Star Wars

How to build a robot with Raspberry Pi

Boot your Raspberry Pi to the desktop and open a terminal, you can find the icon in the menu bar at the top left corner of the screen.

In the …

Raspberry Pi

The first big 'Halo 5' update brings 16-player vehicle battles

Whatever you think of Halo 5's solo component, 343 Industries is determined to keep you interested in the multiplayer part. As part of a first content drop due next week (Battle of Shadow and Light), the studio is introducing 16-player Big Team Battles where vehicles play a big role. If your …


First WONDER WOMAN Cast Photo Confirms Major Rumor

The long-awaited Wonder Woman movie has officially started shooting. And one of its newest cast members has inadvertently given away one of the film’s …

Disney’s smartwatch prototype can identify and track everything you touch

Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University have hacked together a proof-of-concept smartwatch that uses electromagnetic noise profiles to detect, …

Walt Disney Company

Ted Cruz Promises Return to Economic Policies That Literally Caused Great Depression

Ted Cruz answered a question about economic growth at Tuesday night’s Fox Business Network debate in Milwaukee with a curious reference. Here’s his …

Ted Cruz

Star Wars Characters Will Now Teach Your Kids To Code

Computer science may be critical to careers of the future, but kids today don’t much care about it. For the most part, they still need convincing …


Doctors breach the blood-brain barrier for the first time

Our blood-brain barrier is a highly selective membrane specially designed to only allow very specific molecules access to our grey matter while keeping everything else out -- regardless of whether they're invading foreign bodies or potentially life-saving medicines. That's no longer the case. …


Xbox One Gains Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility For 104 Games

Starting on Thursday, you will be able to play 104 games on your Xbox One that were previously only available on the Xbox 360. Games include Fable II, Fallout 3, Gears of War games and more. All of this is free of charge.

Microsoft previously announced this feature at E3, promising a hundred games …


Why The 'Robot Revolution' Is Really A Fight For Your Mind

Will technology create more jobs than it destroys, or are we doomed to live in a jobless world? Depends on whom you ask. Not long ago, I participated in a debate hosted by BBC World Service on the impact of automation on employment.

Fueling the debate was a recently released report by consultancy …


Dark Matter and Particle Acceleration in Near Space

Gaining a better understanding of how cosmic rays originate and the mechanisms of particle acceleration and propagation is important to space travel …

Dark Matter

Here are the first Xbox 360 games that will work on Xbox One

Microsoft's Xbox One is getting its big "New Experience" update on November 12, which also includes the long-awaited backwards compatibility feature for playing Xbox 360 games. Now, we've finally got the full list of 104 Xbox 360 titles that'll work on the system. That includes some games we've …

Gears of War

Like Bitter Foods? You're Probably a Psychopath

Today, I've found even more proof that I'm probably a psychopath. Not only do I enjoy taking selfies, but I also love bitter foods like coffee. Yep, …


Meteorologists defend NOAA; Congressman repeats allegations of fraud [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Even as third parties tried to defend the scientific record (see original article, below), Congressman Lamar Smith's office has continued his …


Speaker Paul Ryan Moves Fast to ‘Detoxify’ Boehner’s Smoky Suite

WASHINGTON — There are many things Americans cannot yet know about Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s plans for his fancy new digs on Capitol Hill. Dark curtains or sheers? Memorabilia from the 2012 presidential campaign or his first House race in 1998? Will he hang a poster of his favorite band, Rage Against …

Paul Ryan

This Robot Bartender Mines Your Facebook Data To Mix Personality-Based Shooters

Are you shaken or stirred?

What someone orders at a bar says a lot about who they are. Don Draper had his old fashioneds. James Bond had his vodka martinis. Carrie Bradshaw had her cosmos. Buy a few Four Lokos or Jägerbombs and we feel you, bro.

The designers behind Social Shot brought this notion …


The Most Powerful Republican in Washington Is Taking a Stand Against Paid Maternity Leave

​Paul Ryan, a Republican from Wisconsin, was named Speaker of the House last week. That means he not only presides over the House of Representatives, but is also second in line to the presidency. Which makes his comments on Sunday about not supporting a paid family leave law that much more …

Maternity Leave

Augury’s Gadget Lets Machines Hear When They’re About to Die

Augury’s Gadget Lets Machines Hear When They’re About to DieAuguryAuguryAbout four years ago software developer Gal Shaul boarded a flight from Tel …

Tel Aviv

The new 'Need for Speed' looks like a movie shot on film

The new, simply titled Need for Speed (out this week on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) is as close as you're going to get to an art-house, video game version of The Fast and the Furious. The series has had players recreating cop chases from movies since 1998's Hot Pursuit, but this is the first time the …


The Digital Disparities Facing Lower-Income Teenagers

Teenagers in lower-income households have fewer desktop, laptop and tablet computers to use at home than their higher-income peers, according to a new study. And those disparities may influence more than how teenagers socialize, entertain themselves and apply for college or jobs.

At a time when …

Digital Divide

Gandalf And Balrog "You Shall Not Pass" Jack O' Lantern

Well, Halloween is over, so you all know what that means. "CHRISTMAS FULL STEAM AHEAD." Yep. A couple of my neighbors put their decorations up …

Tiger bites woman in painful Halloween zoo trespass

(CNN) — Breaking into a Nebraska zoo to "pet" a tiger has left a woman with injuries from the big cat and a citation for criminal trespass.

Jacqueline Eide, 33, apparently evaded security to sneak into Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo on Halloween night.

She was bitten Sunday morning and taken to Creighton …


Medicine-covered nanoparticles could help stroke victims

Doctors have been working for years on using tiny nanoparticles covered in clot busting drugs to clear blocked vessels in stroke victims. The only problem is that when a vessel is completely blocked, a lack of blood flow in the affected area is a problem. Strokes can be treated by inserting a stent …