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<i>Welcome aboard!</i> These will be the words, and this the spirit, which will greet those who have chosen to be 'beamed up' to the Mother Ships if and …

Dental Care

Broccoli, kale, apples, celery, carrots, cilantro, ginger, lemon and beets! Time to kick that flu's ass!!! I'm feeling better just smelling it ❤️💪🏼💕 This is what true health care looks like #Healthcare #Medicare4All #FoodIsMedicine #Love

World's Largest Geoengineering Study Triggers Major Controversy

Regardless of the debate, what comes of this study will be either a real lesson or a huge failure.<p>112<p>Cassie Kelly, <i>EcoWatch</i> <b><br>Waking Times Media</b><p>In an …

Climate Change

Geo Engineering Documentary 2016 (This is a must watch)

This Common Hormone Disorder In Women Has Everything To Do With Blood Sugar Balance

Your hormones are the messengers of your body, and they determine everything from your mood to your energy levels to your weight. The major endocrine …


The Shocking Doomsday Maps Of The World And The Billionaire Escape Plans

When I wrote my first article on billionaire bunkers years ago, I never would have imagined how quickly our world was changing. Our lives are in a constant state of flux, the political situation aside, our earth is rapidly changing. Between the increase of bizarre weather patterns hitting the …

Rio De Janeiro

You Can Carve Ina Garten's Zucchini Pancakes Recipe Onto My Tombstone

By Alyse Whitney<p>The world needs to know about these 5-ingredient veggie-packed pancakes.<p><i>Welcome to Never Fail, a weekly column where we wax poetic about the recipes that never, ever let us down. This week: the zucchini pancakes recipe that associate web editor Alyse Whitney just couldn't live</i> …


Drought conditions in Russell, Kansas


How are Vaccinations, Chemtrails, Morgellon, GMO and Transhumanism Connected


Morgellons Presentation (Potent News Blast #10)

Molecular Biology

How 401(k)s created a class of suckers to be fleeced by the investor class

America's 1% have waged a long war on defined-benefits pensions, insisting that America could prepare for retirement by putting their money into …


Glyphosate from Monsanto’s Roundup Decimates Microbes in Soils and the Human Gut – New Science

<i>Gut bacteria is gaining increasing attention for the role it plays in our overall health. Given its influence on everything from immune function to</i> …

Demons & Black Goo - Harald Kautz Vella


Fights break out at Michigan State as protesters, white supremacists converge for Richard Spencer speech

Rights & Freedoms

Orphaned baby chimp rescued from poacher, snuggles pilot on rescue flight

Video of a young orphaned chimpanzee named Mussa snuggling with a pilot on his flight to safety is raising awareness about the poaching of the endangered species.<p>A team from Lwiro Primates, along with pilot Anthony Caere, rescued 3-year-old Mussa from a village called Beni in North Kivu.<p>Lwiro …

Cute Animals

Barbra Streisand Cloned Her Dog—Twice

Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett can be identified by their colored scarves (via Russell James/Variety)<p>Barbra Streisand cloned her beloved dog—twice— …

Barbra Streisand

There Are 60 Times More Microplastics in Oceans Today Than 15 Years Ago

<i>This article originally appeared on Oceans Deeply. You can find the original here.</i><p>In 1997, sailboat captain Charles Moore sailed from Hawaii across …


Austrian woman poisons local water treatment plant with mercury-laced remedy from India

A cancer patient reportedly brought back 10 kilograms of mercury-loaded remedies from India and caused a major headache for local water authorities. …


You Are NOW Breathing Ethylene Dibromide, Virally Mutated Molds, Nano-Particulates of Aluminum & Barium, & Polymer Fibers With Unidentified Bio-Active Material

<i>This article was originally published by Before It’s News.</i><p>This image showing a relatively pristine earth was taken during the Apollo Missions between …

Science Publication Concludes Clandestine Geoengineering Is Poisoning Humanity

The featured paper below, published in June 25, 2015 by <b>J. Marvin Herndon</b> is in response to a plea for assistance by authors of a study that finds …


Lucy vs. Adam and Eve: The theory of evolution in Africa

Did God create mankind, or did we evolve from apes? Many Africans find it difficult to reconcile the theory of evolution with their faith. But what …

John Paul II

Netters clear 47,000 carp from Creve Coeur Lake

Creve Coeur Lake has about 47,000 fewer Asian carp after an elaborate multi-agency netting operation concluded last week, based on preliminary …


Geoengineering: Waging Weather Warfare On World Populations ( Dane Wigington )

Why adding a rug under dining table sets is a MUST

Some people swear by adding a rug to the dining room and others say it's a huge no-no, but today, we are going to tell you why we, as well as a large …

Home Decorating

MASS ANIMAL DEATHS ESCALATING WORLDWIDE. While we all seek distractions.

It’s Not Just Animals Anymore, Now There is a Massive Die-Off Of Trees! Get Ready!

Schnucks expanding delivery as Instacart enters St. Louis

Schnucks is partnering with Instacart for the new service debuting at 29 stores Feb. 16.


Present at the Destruction: Humanity’s Success in Ruining Nature

IN HIS URGENT NEW BOOK, Jeff Goodell takes readers on a tour of places likely to be swallowed up by the sea — among them Florida; New York City; …

Climate Change

If you drive into or out of the city on I-44, your life is about to suck—big time!

Updated:Friday, February 23 2018 3:27 PM EST2018-02-23 20:27:48 GMT<p>Two men were sentenced Friday in the shooting of a St. Louis Metropolitan Police …

Eric Greitens