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FREE Credit Freezes For All! It’s Now A Law

Thanks to the worst data breach ever, we all get an amazing new crime-fighting tool.

Identity Theft

How To Have A Budget-Friendly Halloween

Scour pre-Halloween sales, and plan ahead by buying this year's decorations for next October.


Is Generation Z Best at Saving Money?

Younger people are doing really well at saving for long-term goals.

Generation Z

Take Control of Your Credit Report to Fix Your Credit

Explore debt relief programs and other options so you can find the fastest, easiest way to get out of debt.<p>Debt relief is a broad term that covers …

Credit Card Debt

Credit Card APR: How Credit Card Interest Works

High credit card interest rates are often the reason you can’t get out of debt quickly.<p>Credit card debt can be extremely frustrating to pay off. You …

Personal Finance

What is Credit? How to Get It and What to Look for

Knowing what credit is and how it works is often the key to using it correctly.<p>Many of us probably had a toy cash register growing up. Depending on</i> …

Credit Cards

Can We Retire Off of Our Stock Investments?

Employees have more confidence in their work-sponsored investments than two years ago.<p>American workers have too much faith in the stock market, …

Retirement Planning

4 Reasons to Use Your Tax Refund to Pay Down Debt -

Paying your tax refund toward debt is one claim anyone can be proud to make.<p>The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the …

Tax Preparation

How Long Should I Keep Receipts For Tax Purposes?

A reader's simple question has no simple answer.

Income Tax

Americans Can’t Stop Swiping Their Credit Cards

We’re twice as likely to add thousands to our debt than anything to our savings.

Credit Card Debt

20 Budgeting Tips for Saving Money and Avoiding Debt -

Learning how to budget so you can achieve your goals in the fastest and easiest way possible.<p>Budgeting often gets a bad rap for being tremendous …

Personal Finance

Should I Invest in Stocks or Pay Down Debt? -

A reader's husband wants to invest. She wants to pay off their loans first. Only one is right.<p>The views and opinions expressed in this article are …

Stock Markets

Derek Tackled Debt With a Vengeance -

Some say he went off the deep end, but he didn't care.<p>The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not …

Credit Card Debt

Americans Can’t Afford to Take Care of Older Relatives

They expect to pay for them, but haven’t planned how.<p>More Americans are sacrificing their own needs financially to support elderly family …

Long-Term Care

Want to Teach Your Kids About Money? Show Them Your Mistakes

Parents tell kids to do as they say, not as they do when it comes to money.

The Secrets to Buying A Car After Bankruptcy

Buying a car after bankruptcy is easier than you think, even if your credit hasn’t fully recovered.<p>You might think that making a major car purchase …

Personal Finance

5 Essential Money Tips for Generations X, Y, and Z

Savings and emergency funds are a must, but setting aside every penny isn't.

Personal Finance

Healthcare Costs Scare Retirees Away From Touching Their Savings

Retired Americans advise to pay attention to your health — or it’ll cost you.

Social Security

Are Sell-by Dates Chewing Up Your Grocery Budget?

Don't rely on those dates on your groceries — most foods are safe to eat at least a week after what they say.

Debt Management

Even Those Who’ve Been Hit by a Disaster Aren’t Preparing for Another One

Despite the financial and personal catastrophe, Americans don't have an emergency plan.

How to Get Out of Debt: 4 Ways to Be Debt Free -

There are four basic ways to get out of debt. What’s the best solution for you?<p>Whether you owe thousands of dollars or hundreds of thousands, any …

Personal Finance

Which Is Better If I Make Good Money: Debt Settlement Or Debt Management?

A reader has serious debts, but he also has a new job with a big salary.

Why Do I Have to Pay Taxes on a Debt That’s Been Written Off?

A reader has a taxing question and gets a taxing answer.

Income Tax

New Car Loans Hit Record High This Year

Auto experts recommend buying used or leasing new.<p>A new vehicle will cost you $6,500 more than it did five years ago.<p>The annual percentage rate on …

Interest Rates

Which State Saves Best in America?

PeskyMonkey / Getty Images<p>It turns out high income isn’t the best predictor of how people save. Using survey data and U.S. Census …

Demographics Scholarship Winner: Tragedy Can Kill You Or Make You Stronger

Makiyah Baptiste lost her mother but found her calling.

New Jersey

Families Are Struggling to Make Money and Stay Together

Money causes stress in relationships, but kids want more time with mom and dad.


Don't Fall Into the “Target Trap”

How I learned to avoid impulse spending at my favorite store.<p>The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not …

What Is It and How to Make One

Whether you need to pay off credit card debt, federal student loans or back taxes, a debt repayment plan may be your best option.<p>The term “debt …

Personal Finance

Americans Don’t Know Enough About Money to Make Financial Decisions

We put off making them because we don’t understand them.<p>More than half of Americans haven’t bought a home or made an investment in three years — …