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Super Slow-Motion Video of a Giant Water Balloon Exploding on a Person’s Face Shot at 10,000 fps

Slow Mo Lab shows what it is like to have giant water balloon explode on a person’s face in super slow-motion shot at 10,000 fps.<p>In addition to this …

6 Surprising Facts About Caffeine

What you didn't know about the world's most popular stimulant<p>You’ve almost certainly taken the world’s most commonly used psycho­active drug. In the U.S. alone, 90 percent of adults consume caffeine daily—often as coffee, but increasingly in the form of beverages, pills, snacks, and even pure …

Science Fair Winner Designs Device To Cut Virus Spread On Planes

When 17-year-old Raymond Wang saw the Ebola outbreak on the news last year, it got him thinking about viruses and how they spread around the world, especially on airplanes.<p>He dug into the literature, and found some disconcerting studies. For instance, one study estimated that a person sick with …

Personal Hygiene

In Massachusetts Lab, Scientists Grow An Artificial Rat Limb

A team of scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston made news earlier this month when they published research in the journal <i>Biomaterials</i> describing how they'd created the world's first bioartificial limb in the laboratory.<p>Or, in other words: scientists have now grown the entire …

How sexually confusing moths could save your clothes from holes

Museum tricks male moths into thinking other males are females in bid to stop them reproducing as it wages gender warfare on cloth-eating insects<p>Sexually confusing moths might not seem the obvious solution to protecting your cashmere but it could be the most effective way to prevent insects from …


Disagreeable Teens Fail To Understand Their Blind Spots, Research Reveals

Disagreeable teens tend to grow up into disagreeable adults. A 10-year study finds that disagreeable teens often have no awareness that their behavior is harming their relationships.<p>Transcript<p>STEVE INSKEEP, HOST:<p>Next, let's talk about teenagers, specifically disagreeable teenagers. There are some. …


More evidence that chocolate may be good for the heart, say researchers

New research has added to tentative evidence that eating chocolate in modest quantities may be good for the heart.<p>Scientists in Britain looked at data from nearly 21,000 people who filled out questionnaires about their lifestyle and had their health monitored for more than 11 years.<p>Their average …

Holistic Medicine

Scientists Make Friction Disappear By Coating Diamonds With Graphene

The discovery could help make cars, computers, and other machines more efficient<p>Diamonds are already one of the hardest natural substances known to science. But combine them with graphene, and diamond nanoparticles are also incredibly slippery, which can be useful if you want to reduce friction in …

World’s ‘Thinnest’ Light Bulb, Made From Graphene, Debuts

Discovery could eventually transform computers as well.<p>The quest for the better light bulb has taken yet another leap. This time, nanotechnology derives light from atom-thin strips of one of the world’s strongest materials: graphene.<p>For the first time, scientists say they’ve created a flexible and …


Professor Jeffrey Long - The beauty of chemistry

<b>Story by Veronika Meduna</b> About a tenth of the energy we use globally goes into chemical separations—processes that strip a particular molecule from a …

Some scientists claim that new discoveries have proved free will is an illusion. Nonsense, says Julian Baggini<p>Whenever you read stories about identical twins separated at birth, they tend to follow the template set by the most remarkable of them all: the “two Jims”. James Springer and James Lewis …


Drinking milk may be good for your brain - Futurity

Older adults who drink milk tend to have higher levels of the antioxidant called glutathione in the brain.

Can buckyball 'bombs' blow up cancer? - Futurity

Scientists have turned buckyballs into exploding buckybombs. Could these tiny blasts one day kill cancer?

Analysis over 20 years reveals heavy Anglo-Saxon influence, with French and Danish DNA coming from earlier migrations than the Normans or Vikings<p>The Romans, Vikings and Normans may have ruled or invaded the British for hundreds of years, but they left barely a trace on our DNA, the first detailed …

Ice Age

Photograph: Bill Coster IN/Alamy<p>Two wing colour traits of peppered moths, <i>Biston betularia</i>; charcoal-coloured (melanistic; L) and pale-coloured (R) forms on a dark background. Essex, England, …


12 Best Foods To Boost Brain Power

We all know that the food we eat can affect our bodies. But, what about the greater impact food can have on the brain? An article written in Psychology Today discusses the mind-gut connection in relation to the immune system and how food can either prevent or cause certain sickness. We are …


The Top 10 Worst Jobs In Science

These down-and-dirty labors are hard, dangerous, and outright gross—and people love them anyway<p><i>This article was originally published in the February 2015 issue of</i> Popular Science, <i>under the title "The Worst Jobs In Science".</i><p><i>Check out our other coverage of best/worst jobs in science here.</i>

The Chemistry of Things

Musical Instruments<p>Contact Lenses<p>Post-its<p>The Chemistry of the Coulours of Autumn<p>Nail Polish<p>Laptops<p>Detergents<p>Sporting Goods<p>Stained Glass<p>Swimming …


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