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10 Vintage Beauty Secrets From Old Hollywood's Most Glamorous Stars

With their glowing skin, simple elegance and striking makeup, there's a reason why people are still obsessed with the style and glamour of Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and other classic Hollywood beauties.

We decided to take a look back and see what simple tricks and tips were …


1924 Hollywood Scandal Involved Denver "Clubman" Courtland Dines

Courtland Dines. International Newsreel File Photo

On New Year’s Day 1924, Denver “clubman” Courtland Dines was shot and seriously injured in a Los …


Tragic Star: Beautiful Olive Borden

2015 is the year of the Tragic Star at A Person in the Dark. January's Tragic Star is Olive Borden.
Beautiful Olive Borden had it all, but she ended …

Top 10 Hollywood Scandals: #1 Gone With The Wind


Marcia Carroll

August 26, 2013

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BY: Marcia Carroll

August 26, 2013

Here is the first of our Top 10 Hollywood Scandals series, compiled by …

The letters Cary Grant wrote to woo Sophia Loren

• Letters reveal Grant's passionate pursuit of the Italian bombshell• 
They were filming together in Spain when he tried to propose to her
Two years later

Marie's Jewelry Line

During the late 1950s Marie had her own line of costume jewelry. Here is a necklace and earrings set she designed ...

Images from Etsy

Posted …

Actress Pier Angeli's Accidental Overdose 1971

Pier Angeli (19 June 1932 – 10 September 1971)[1] was an Italian-born television and film actress. Her American cinematographic debut was in the

Kirk Douglas

Elizabeth Taylor: James Dean was molested by his minister

(CBS) - Elizabeth Taylor shared a shocking secret about fellow screen legend James Dean during an interview 14 years ago, but requested that it not …

Marilyn Monroe Animated GIF

Marilyn and Tony Curtis

'Some Like It Hot', 1959

Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis are indelibly linked in the public consciousness for two main reasons: firstly, they …

Jeanne Carmen

Jeanne Carmen claimed she was a very good friend of Marilyn’s.They met in 1948 when they both lived in the same apartment complex. At a bar, Carmen …

Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Ecstasy of Hedy Lamarr

The first time audiences saw Hedy Lamarr, she was running naked through a field. The second time they saw her, she was in the throes of a very …

Gwili Andre

Gwili Andre was born Gurli Andresen in Copenhagen, Denmark on February 4, 1908. She got her Hollywood break courtesy of David O. Selznick, who cast …

Meet Ann Dvorak: The Actress Who Traded in Hollywood for a Honeymoon

Ann Dvorak could have been a major Hollywood star. At least she should have been. With unconventional, yet striking good looks and an acting style that was raw and understated for the 1930s, she seemed destined to rise to the highest heights Warner Brothers had to offer. However, that immortality …

Jack Warner

Suicide of Dorothy Hale, El Suicidio de Dorothy Hale, Frida Kahlo, C0260

The Suicide of Dorothy Hale


This is one of Frida's most shocking and controversial paintings. Frida painted it in the style of an "ex-voto …

The Disappearance of Jean Elizabeth Spangler

Jean Elizabeth Spangler was born in Seattle, Washington on September 2, 1923 and was an American dancer, model, and bit-part actress in Hollywood …

Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Rita Hayworth, Tragic Princess

Readers, Rita Hayworth had something. And by something, I mean everything. This little girl from Brooklyn, exploited at the hands of her domineering …

Gene Tierney: Depression and Mental Illness

From Hollywood's Bright Light to Darkness

In the early 1940s, talented stage and film actress Gene Tierney became one of Hollywood's top box office …

Errol Flynn, warts and all: How the broke Hollywood film star met his end in Vancouver

Over July and August, more than five million foreigners will come to Canada on their summer vacation. For the rest of the summer, the National Post

Ramon Novarro: Gay Hollywood Murder


Ramon Novarro was once one of the great male sex symbols in American films. The gorgeous Mexico-born movie star caused a sensation in the …

John Gilbert

John Gilbert was born John Pringle on July 10, 1895 in Logan, Utah. He entered films through family connections in 1916 and slowly worked his way up …

The Curse of the Little Rascals

The following is an article from the book Uncle John's Fast-Acting Long-Lasting Bathroom Reader.

When Robert Blake was arrested in 2002 and charged …

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“ Interesting Tidbit: Clara Bow carried on an affair with actor Bela Lugosi (‘Dracula’ fame) in the late ’20s. Lugosi kept a nude portrait of the actress hanging on his bedroom wall. ”

Interesting Tidbit: Clara Bow carried on an affair with actor Bela Lugosi (‘Dracula’ fame) in the late ’20s. Lugosi kept a nude portrait of the …

Eartha Kitt: Singer and actress with a difficult reputation who was described as 'the most exciting woman on earth'

When New Faces of 1952, a revue celebrating fresh talent, opened on Broadway, the New York Times critic Brooks Atkinson stated, "Eartha Kitt not only …

Orson Welles

1968: William David Powell

Life With Father

March 13, 1968 – Suicide of William David Powell (43), the only son of well-known movie actor William Powell and actress Eileen Wilson …

The Man Who Had Everything: The Curious Case of Jack Pickford and the New York Times


Jack Pickford

Jack Pickford – actor, director, and alleged womaniser, alcoholic, drug-user, bootlegger and all-around scoundrel. Born in …

Louise Brooks

Charlie had a 2-month long affair with Louise Brooks during the summer of 1925 while he was in New York for the premiere of The Gold Rush. Louise …