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Are you overusing your Olympic Lifting gear?

March 26, 2014

Traditional power lifting (such as squats and deadlifts) and Olympic Weightlifting (snatch, cleans etc) movements are a staple of the …


A candid look inside the 2015 CrossFit Open

So I finished my final WOD of the 2015 CrossFit Open about 14 hours ago, and I decided I would give my thoughts on this years Open. I also wanted to …



PSYCHOLOGY OF WEIGHTLIFTINGI know we have all seen it, a lifter in a meet or heavy training day pacing around, hootin’ and hollerin’, getting slapped …


Lies of the CrossFit Hater

September 4, 2014

As CrossFit continues to expand, a throng of CrossFit haters seems to be growing along with it. It seems that bashing CrossFit is …

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6 Olympic Weightlifting Habits To Break Today!

June 26, 2013

With over 20 years of Olympic Weightlifting experience, I’m used to the sport being relatively misunderstood. Most often it’s confused …

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Serious Strategies for the Serious CrossFitter: A Guaranteed Plan to Boost your 15.5 score

CrossFit Open Workout 15.5 - The FINAL Tips & Strategy!

The 2015 Crossfit Open comes to a close with WOD 15.5.

Many athletes have had a great year, and they will move on to compete at Regionals. The road to …


These CrossFit Engagement Photos Are Both Terrifying And Adorable

How do you get your body to that?

Joe Marttila and Ili Buenrostro are just your average newly engaged couple from Ocoee, Florida.

With one slight difference…

They’re basically superheroes.

To celebrate their love of each other and their love of CrossFit, they decided to shoot their engagement photos …


Build Strong and Stable Ankles for a Strong and Stable Body

Strong ankles are all about supportive shoes and isolated strength exercises, right? No, actually they have nothing to do with either. Those …


Crossfit CMO Jimi Letchford: ‘Crossfit is tighter than a religion.’

This is ThinkTank, a new series from Digiday where we quiz CMOs and brand chiefs on where their industry is heading. First up: Jimi Letchford, the


“Open Workout 15.5 #CrossFitGames Athlete: @brookeence Video: @marzmedia”

CrossFit Games Open 15.4: Final Numbers

4 down. 1 to go. With muscle-ups and handstand push-ups in back-to-back weeks, 15.5 should feel like a breeze. Here’s how the BTWB community managed …


The 10 Most Difficult CrossFit Hero WODs

Since its early days, CrossFit has been honoring service men who have given their lives in service of their country and communities. From time to …


CrossFit and Risk Management: It's All About Your Goals

Risk, in the context of how we humans move through the world, means the probability of injury, disease, or death under specific circumstances. …


Balancing CrossFit and Running

Hello, hello!

I get questions all the time from readers about how to best balance CrossFit with running, specifically long distance running, like …


CrossFitters: The 3 Letters You Need to Know in Supplements

“If you had to choose one supplement to take for performance, what it would be?” I’m often asked this question. Amid the myriad of information and …


The Human CrossFit Lab Rats That Tested Apple Watch

Apple's lab rats wear Lululemon. For the past two years, Apple paid people to exercise in a top-secret testing center wearing elaborate monitoring …

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The CrossFit Open: Stop Whining About Muscle Ups

Do we really need to have the muscle up conversation again? When 15.3 was announced, the CrossFit world split into two camps:



Lucas Parker's Tips for Open WOD 15.3 !

CrossFit Open 15.3 Recap + Some Tips From the Pros

March 13, 2015

The third week of the Open kicked off amongst much speculation and intrigue. Of course, the days leading up to any Open announcement are …


Coaching Roundtable: CrossFit Open 15.3 Tips & Advice - Page 3 of 6

Here we go! 15.3 is going to be a real test for you, whether you’re hitting the RX or scaled divisions.

For the RX, you’ve got a 14-minute AMRAP …


The 17 Commandments of Rowing - My Journey From Hate To Happiness

Years ago when I first started training in CrossFit, I hated rowing. In actuality I just didn’t know how to do it correctly, so I was horribly …


CrossFit Open 15.3 Strategy Guide, Tips

And we are back for week 3 of the 2015 CrossFit Open. Tonight’s match up was between Games veteran from the Central East Julie Foucher and 2014 Games …

Strategy Guide

“15.3. #CrossFitGames”

“Open Workout 15.3 #CrossFitGames Athlete: @brookeence Video: @marzmedia”

4 Techniques To Instantly Improve Your Freestanding Handstand

You’ve been working on your handstand for a while now. You’ve spent countless hours on line drills, hollow bodies, and shoulder mobility. Most of your …


CrossFit Open Part 3 15.2

The CrossFit Open - Part 3 - 15.2

Source: Crossfit Games Website

Here we go again...

If you competed in last year's Open, you know this workout is a …


CrossFit Open 15.2 is 14.2: Workout Analysis & Breakdown

Just when Dave Castro got us thinking that this year’s Open would be completely different with his 15.1/15.1a announcement, he went and threw us for …


4 Powerful Perks Of CrossFit Workouts

Ever since CrossFit became popular, I have avoided any form of supportive discussions or been a participant in any local boxes that provide CrossFit …