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By Dave Huynh | Forging Elite Fitness

ErgStick - Automatically record your Concept2 scores

ErgStick plugs into every Concept2 monitor from PM3 onwards. Enables you to collect the information from every stroke of your training session. You …

Fix Lower Back Tightness by Mobilizing Your Hips

Fix Lower Back Tightness by Mobilizing Your Hips

If you use a foam roller to roll out your back if it feels tight, then you may only be working half …


T Nation | The Secret of Loaded Carries

The Game Changer

Tapping into the right movement can radically change your body.

Find that missing ingredient and you'll build more muscle faster, drop …


Mat Fraser and Nike Training present: Inner Strength

10 CrossFit WOD Logs You Should Know About

wodlounge | March 6, 2013 | 1 Comments

CrossFit enthusiasts or CrossFitters are people who have an extreme passion for completing the Workout of the …


Dietary Supplements: Can You Separate Fact from Fiction?

Dr. John Swartzberg is an internist and specialist in infectious disease and is chair of the editorial board of the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter and

Healthy Food

CrossFit Regional Workouts 2015: The Good, the Bad, and the Shoulders

“Shoulders? Where we’re going we don’t need…shoulders”

- Me, paraphrasing Back to the Future

In probably the most uninspired set of regional workouts


A Simple Warm Up for Getting Bigger, Safer Deadlifts

The deadlift is one of the most useful exercises, and you want to be fully prepared before performing it in order to reap the most benefit. Jeff Ford


My Attempt to Become a Better Person Through CrossFit

From the column 'A Better Edith'

We gave the writer Edith Zimmerman a monthly column because we love her. But like everyone, she could be better, so we asked her to write about doing things that improve herself. Follow her over the next year as she gets better and better until she reaches perfection


CrossFit Regionals 2015: Day 2 Individual Events Announced

May 6, 2015

Day 1 of Individual competition at Regionals is fittingly labeled as ‘HERO Friday’. In that same vein, day 2 is being promoted as ‘Moving …


4 Training Tips from CrossFit Regionals Athlete Sara Sigmundsdóttir

Sara Sigmundsdóttir’s first CrossFit competition was a surprise, even to her. A good friend encouraged her to register and with no background in …


How Many Calories Does CrossFit Really Burn?

Hurricanes and CrossFit workouts have one thing in common: Some of the most brutal ones are named after women.

When scientists at Kennesaw State University studied Cindy, one of the fitness brand’s benchmark timed workouts, they found that

doing total-body moves against the clock can burn 261


Why You Lost in the CrossFit Open and How to Win Next Year

The 2015 CrossFit Open has come to a close, and the CrossFit community is on the brink of the next stage in the season - Regionals. Of the quarter …


Tracking CrossFit workouts with Apple Watch

I have been tracking the raw movement of my workouts for over a year with Jawbone’s Up band, and I’ve never been thrilled with it. I could see my …


Turn Down The Damper On The Erg

The C2 Rower: Training Plans and Technique Drills From Champions

C2. Erg. Rower. Rowing Ergometer. This simple piece of equipment has tested the resolve of even the most hardened athlete.

Whether using it to train …


20 Legit Reasons to Love CrossFit

20 Legit Reasons to Love CrossFit CrossFit helps you develop cardio respiratory and muscular endurance. Because of weight plate size, even just 10 …


The Training Sneaker From Nike That's Selling Out Faster Than LeBrons Are

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Regional Stats

5 Squat Variations for Strength, Mobility, and Better Movement

Squat. It's like a magic word. Add the word "squat" to any workout and you will feel an immediate sense of accomplishment, even before you actually …


Investing in Fitness: Lessons From CrossFit Games Athlete Jon Pera

CrossFit Games veteran Jon Pera isn’t just looking for a return trip to compete at the largest CrossFit event in the world. He’s looking to compete at


Does Size Matter? The Role of Bodyweight in CrossFit

April 15, 2015

In almost every competitive sport in which an athlete is required to move an external load—be it metal or flesh—weight classes play a …


Why This Is the Best CrossFit Video You’ll Ever See

“You have to be mentally strong before you can get physically strong,” says CrossFit athlete Krystal Cantu in a new video for The Box. “You need to …


RX-FORGED: Get Shredded Abs With No Gimmicks - Using the GHD

Get Shredded Abs With No Gimmicks - Using the GHD

Also known as the roman chair sit-up, the (GHD) glute-ham developer sit-up is quite easily the most …


Bands vs. Straps on Rings for Muscle Up Strength

Bands vs. Straps on Rings for Muscle Up Strength

Ever since 15.3 of this year's CrossFit open, which pushed muscle ups as the first movement of a …


How to workout through injury? Be Smart!

How to workout through injury? Be Smart!

If you’re like me, it’s hard to let anything stop you when it comes to getting in a workout, even if it means …


The Critical Art of Recovery for CrossFitters

There is a strange paradox that develops in CrossFit athletes, from high-level performers to weekend warriors. Their training - or overtraining - …


CrossFit and Rowing: Blaxburg, Featured Photographer

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Baltimore-based photographer, Zephan Moses Blaxburg, and chatted about his photography and …


Pros & Cons: Should You Look at the Day’s WOD Before You Go to the Box?

July 29, 2014

There is wide debate raging within the CrossFit community, but it has nothing to do with technique, style or diet. Athletes are very …