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4 Powerful Perks Of CrossFit Workouts

Ever since CrossFit became popular, I have avoided any form of supportive discussions or been a participant in any local boxes that provide CrossFit …


“Open Workout 15.2 #CrossFitGames Athlete: @brookeence”

Predicting 15.2—Week 2 of the CrossFit Games Open

March 4, 2015

15.1 (and 15.1a) are in the books. On to 15.2—which is tomorrow! How time flies when you’re having fun. Not to sound too vain, but just …


Nike Metcon and the CrossFit Games

Why You Will Never See a Nike Metcon at the CrossFit Games


You don't bite the hand that feeds you, especially when you are legally …


WOD data: CrossFit Open 15.1

15.1 is in the books which means everyone is done with their toes-to-bar, but I’m just getting started with my scraping and plotting. Just like last …


Indoor Rowing Advice: Finding your Pace

Recently, the Row4Rice team has been visiting CrossFit gyms around Texas (Kemah, Galveston, Stafford, Clear Lake, even as far as Midland!) giving …


CrossFit Open Workout 15.1 – Tips & Strategy

It’s time for the 2015 Crossfit Open!The entire Barbell Shrugged team is here with some tips that are sure to help you perform and recover better …


What The CrossFit Open Means to Me

If you are a part of the CrossFit community, or you know someone who is, you are probably aware that this week marks the beginning of the CrossFit …


Games Open 15.1 Preliminary Numbers

Are you hitting 15.1 today? Here are some preliminary btwb numbers to help you figure out what to shoot for. Men’s 90th Percentile: 152 reps (5 + 2 …


CrossFit Open 15.1 Strategy Guide

Well Dave Castro has done it again. He promised: “People think they have figured out the open…they haven’t figured anything out.” Tackling 15.1 …

Strategy Guide

CrossFit Games Open Announcement 15.1

In a few days, hundreds of thousands of athletes will put their bodies to the test competing in the 2015 CrossFit Games. The competition begins with …


“The Open starts now. #CrossFitGames Review the standards carefully at”

What Failing at the CrossFit Games Can Teach You About Success


Whether you love or hate burpees, this will help improve your personal records in business too.

Would you be happy to be in the bottom 30 percent of any competition? I was delighted last year to come 3551st out of 5062 competitors in my group in the CrossFit Games. On Thursday hundreds of …


The Open Part 1

Open Essentials: 8 things you NEED for the 2015 Crossfit Open Season

Source: Artic Warrior Flickr

"The Open is coming..."

Whether it's your first season …


Here's 5 Videos of Rich Froning Preparing for CrossFit Open 15.1

Feb 26, 2015

Well Dave Castro has done it again. He promised: “People think they have figured out the open…they have...

Feb 26, 2015

Kill Cliff, the …


5 CrossFit Games Athletes Share Their Tips for the 2015 Open

In case you’ve been living under a giant rock, the 2015 CrossFit Games start this Thursday at 5 p.m. PT/8 pm.EST. You have our permission to freak …


What the 2012 CrossFit Open Workouts Have Meant to the Everyday Athlete

I’ve read all the journal entries posted hereby elite CrossFitters making a run at the 2012 CrossFit Games. I love reading about their two-a-days, …


The 2015 Frannies: The Worst in the Sport of CrossFit

The Oscars has its Razzies, the counterpoint to its self-aggrandizing pageant, so let’s cash in on that feel, shall we?The CrossFit Games Open is


Mental Games: Are You Ready for the CrossFit Open?

Many people will compete in the CrossFit Open, but only a few make it to the Games. So, ask yourself - is your head in line with your goals?The …


The Open Part 1

The CrossFit Open - Part 1

Source: Anthony Topper -

When we first came up with idea behind WODlytics …


It's Not Too Late to Prepare for the CrossFit Games Open

There's no reason you can’t give yourself every possible advantage - starting right now. The CrossFit Games Open is less than eight weeks away. On or …


CrossFit Injuries: Four Major Mistakes Athletes Make

Google “CrossFit injury,” and you’ll be introduced to a slew of major news publications harshly critiquing CrossFit and its training methods. There’s …


21 Habits You Need to Break to be a Better CrossFitter

Habitual behavior usually goes unnoticed in the person doing it; it’s a routine, something that happens unconsciously. Because of this, breaking a …


6 Mobility Exercises for an A$$-to-Grass Squat

Increasing the range of motion in your hips and ankles will have a big impact on your squatting mechanics.Can you squat to parallel? Or do you …


Previewing the 2015 CrossFit Open Live Announcements & Athletes

This past Thursday, CrossFit HQ revealed the affiliates that will be hosting the five live announcements of the 2015 Open, and the athletes that will …


Fans of CrossFit Training Brag About Extra Bulk

Claire Koch is proud of her hard-earned physique. So she wasn’t bothered when her jeans went up a size or when a seam split on her pencil skirt.

But when the 27-year-old student weighed herself after a recent shower, she lost it.

“I wrapped myself in a towel, walked outside and threw the scale away,” …


Don't Let Mobility Stand In the Way of Your Gains

Having a limited range of motion can lead to inefficient lifts, but don't fret - there is always a fix.I come from a background of Russian hardstyle


CrossFit Exercises Getting Back in Shape

9 CrossFit Exercises to Lose Weight and Tummy Fat

CrossFit is a series of workout methods primarily intended for enhancing strength and conditioning. …


The Proper Starting Position for Olympic Weightlifting « Invictus | Redefining Fitness

The Proper Starting Position for Olympic Weightlifting
Written by Cody Burgener

In my past two blog posts regarding the proper positions in Olympic …

Olympic Weightlifting