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The New Elder Statesman

With a pink neon sign hovering above an elevated cactus garden, beckoning passersby like a groovy roadside motel, The Elder Statesman’s first boutique channels founder Greg Chait's desert upbringing in Arizona into a 1920's West Hollywood bungalow. "I've been looking for years for a space and I was …

A New Bathroom With Vintage Charm

The room is new, but it feels lived-in.<p>The room is new, but it feels as if it's been there forever — in the best way.Produced by Samantha Emmerling and Carisha Swanson

Farrow & Ball

You Don’t Know Jack

The artist Jack Early’s career first took off in the ‘90s—Madonna, David LaChapelle, and his then-boyfriend and collaborator Rob Pruitt were all his contemporaries. But after a poorly received show in 1992, he disappeared from the art world. More than 20 years later, Early is making a comeback with …

The Identity Crisis Under the Ink

Americans—particularly Millennials—are getting more tattoos than ever. Is a shifting, increasingly uncertain culture to blame?<p>Some weeks ago, during a bleary-eyed subway ride to work, I found myself staring at a young woman on the other side of the car. She wore business attire with a North Face …

17 of the world's nicest, brightest metro stations | CNN Travel

Flickr Taking Heat from CC Photographers for Selling Their Work as Wall Art Without Compensation

Flickr — a site that sometimes seems like the punching bag of the photo community — is again taking heat from photographers, this time over their …

The 21 Most Stylish Celebrity Couples

As if their Hollywood romances aren't envy-inducing enough...<p>As if their Hollywood romances aren't envy-inducing enough, many of our favorite couples boast blithely cool and complimentary style. Sometimes it's the off-duty rockers like Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale other times it's the 'Oh, wow, …

Gwen Stefani

Week's Best Space Pictures: Cosmic Web, Martian Vistas, and Earth From Above

A volcano awakens, scientists spin a massive cosmic web, and NASA's Mars rover continues to climb Mount Sharp.

Tie Dye

The good, the bad, and the fugly trends rated by 1,000 men.<p><b>What the hell were men thinking</b> when they began wearing platform shoes and jumpsuits in the '70s? Or in the '80s, when neon and silk took a decade-long barf on the brotherhood of man? Not to mention the '90s, when somehow we saw fit to walk …

15 creative parents who raised the bar in 2014

Some parents go above and beyond posting cute pictures of their kids on Facebook.<p>Whether they're bringing new life into the world or just bringing …