By David Smith GFF | Sources for future based tweets and retweets

Virtual Reality

Microsoft imagines future NFL games played out on your coffee table, via HoloLens

If Microsoft has its way, future Super Bowl viewers will watch the game play out live on their coffee tables, as players outfitted with helmet cams …


With The Void, You Won't Just Watch Movies, You'll Take Part In Them

Vision of Infinite Dimensions is an immersive virtual reality experience that wants to change entertainment as we know it.<p>This week, I had the experience of feeling like Indiana Jones, if Indiana Jones had ever battled sea monsters.<p>"If I take over all your senses, are you transported into another …

The future of publishing is on your TV and in VR

As tablet sales stall, cloud publishing platform Madefire explains why 'motion' books are the future of publishing.<p>A decade ago smart phones, …

Uh-oh: Ad blocking forecast to cost $35 billion by 2020

The doomsday scenario for publishers is that ad blocking becomes easier, more well known and regularly used. One researcher estimates that if ad …

Digital Advertising

Ad blocking 'will cost publishers £19 billion by 2020'

News While majority of users still on PCs, ad blocking for mobile is on the rise

Digital Advertising

Netflix: the biggest rival to movies in the future? A pill that entertains you

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has been speaking about the future of Netflix and reckons movies will be rivalled by something altogether more …


How Platforms Will Disrupt the Future of Media and Entertainment

The media and entertainment industries are being upending by people and platforms. Their old way of doing business must change or they risk being …


NextVR promises to blur the lines between the real world and virtual reality

Virtual reality isn't just an exciting new technology. It's a game changer, and it has the potential to change the way we live.<p>Consider the Chicago Cubs' recent World Series win. Lucky fans got to watch history being made at Progressive Field while the rest of us were glued to our screens.<p>But what …

Virtual Reality