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Account Based Intelligence Is The Future Of Marketing And Sales -- Here's Why

There is a paradigm shift coming in marketing and sales that will bring about the end of the “spray and pray” era. Account based marketing and sales strategies have already started this shift, with their focus on quality targeting vs. sheer volume. But the shift won’t be fully realized without a …


7 Predictions For The Future Of Online Marketing

I recently wrote a piece on my “7 Predictions For How The Internet Will Change Over the Next 15 Years.” Among my predictions were the disappearance of conventional Internet “connections,” the commoditization of privacy, the arrival of augmented reality, less work for skilled humans, and the arrival …

Online Life

Seven principles that define the future of marketing

President Obama and The World Bank have joined the growing number of forward-thinking agencies using behavioural thinking at the heart of their …


Brain Imaging Triggers Marketing Breakthroughs

The holy grail of marketing—a universal predictor of customer behaviour—may be closer than ever, thanks to recent advances in the field of …

Business School

Implications of combining marketing and analytics

Article<p>Automation ready to replace the Mad Men style of marketing Implications of combining marketing and analytics<p>March 23, 2016<p>Marketing, which is …

Digital Marketing

The Internet of Things and the Future of Marketing

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is rapidly changing the way we consume, live, and interact with the world around us. According to estimates provided …

Internet of Things

86% of Marketers Will Own the Customer Experience by 2020 – Here’s What You Need to Know

86% of marketers say they will own the end-to-end customer experience by 2020, meaning that they will become responsible for the entire customer …

Customer Experience

When it comes to personalization, ‘Dear First Name’ is not good enough

The CMO Council recently released the findings of its “Predicting Routes to Revenue” report proving that marketers have yet to master the art of …


84 percent of millennials don't trust traditional advertising #SECAREERS2016

What Does The Future Of Augmented Reality Look Like For Marketers?

Marketers are always one of the biggest audiences drooling over the latest technologies. Any new communications technology is an opportunity to reach an audience more efficiently, more effectively, or reach an even bigger audience. The trick is to figure out when these new technologies will become …

Augmented Reality

Playable Mobile Ads -- A Hot Trend or The Future?

The mobile advertising industry continues to grow and innovate at a fast pace. One of the newest mobile ad formats to emerge in the last couple of years is the playable or interactive ad. As the name suggests, these are ad units that enable the user to interact with and experience an app before it …


What Chatbots Are Teaching Us About the Future of Marketing

Chatbots are treated like the simpletons of the artificial intelligence world, overshadowed by movie-trailer-creating Watson and its ilk, or the …

Advertising Industry

Biometric Data - Will Future Marketers be able to Target Your Emotions?

Health care is an "enormous" opportunity for Apple, chief executive Tim Cook said, as he outlined how the Apple watch could become the new warning …

Apple Watch

The Marketer's Dilemma

Today's marketer has more options to reach her target audience than ever before. And yet, it has never been more difficult to earn the attention and …


80% Of Marketing Leaders Say Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Marketing By 2020

In October 2015, in my post entitled “The Future Of Sales Is AI: Are Your Sales Teams Prepared?” I shared a bold prediction from LeadGenius cofounder Anand Kulkarni: “In just 10 years most salespeoples’ jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence.”<p>As I wrote then and as I believe today, sales …

Artificial Intelligence

Computers can take social media data and make marketing personas

Computers may be able to group consumers into marketing segments in real time just by observing how they respond to online videos and other social …