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World’s largest hedge fund to replace managers with artificial intelligence

Bridgewater Associates has a team of engineers working on a project to automate decision-making to save time and eliminate human emotional volatility<p>The world’s largest hedge fund is building a piece of software to automate the day-to-day management of the firm, including hiring, firing and other …

Artificial Intelligence

A framework to execute strategy better | London Business School

Rebecca Homkes explains a new strategy to execute strategy more effectively for your organisation.

London Business School

Women: Under-Representation Is 'An Economic And Social Travesty'

Is all the global talk about improving the progress of women in the workplace just hype?<p>A comprehensive study and 10-year forecast published in London today finds that at the current rate of progress, female representation in the professional and managerial ranks will only reach 40% globally in …


2017 Global Human Capital Trends


Impact of culture on business

Explore<p>Create and download a custom PDF<p>Watch the related video<p>Explore the related infographic<p>Culture has become one of the most important business …

Corporate Culture

50 Ways To Understand The Digital Customer Experience

Insights from the 2016 Cognizanti journal that focuses on the simplicity promised, but not guaranteed, by digital business. It illuminates the possibilities and pitfalls, while offering concrete ideas and inspiration to those seeking to jumpstart or accelerate the digital journey.<p>Read the current …

Customer Experience

Culture Is Not the Culprit

When organizations get into big trouble, fixing the culture is usually the prescription. That’s what most everyone said General Motors needed to do after its recall crisis in 2014—and ever since, CEO Mary Barra has been focusing on creating “the right environment” to promote accountability and head …

Harvard Business Review

Making Digital Work For You

For over a decade companies have been urged to “digitalise” or risk getting left behind. While many accept this as a reality, we argue that the …


Bringing Tech Insight to Corporate Boards

Today's rapidly changing technology environment often has boards scrambling to keep up. The best way to do so lies in recruiting more digital …


Accenture Technology Vision for Oracle - 2016

In the Technology Vision for Oracle 2016 we explore how Accenture and Oracle are applying their individual strengths to enable organizations to carve out their places in the digital ecosystems that are defining their industries in the platform economy. With Oracle technologies residing at the heart …


8 Must-Read Digital Insights To Prepare You For The Workforce Of The Future

As new technologies cause value chains to rapidly evolve and organizational boundaries to blur, human roles and tasks are also digitizing, as machines alter how knowledge work is performed. Read more: https://www.cognizant.com/digital-workforce-of-the-future

Emerging Technology

Gaming away the leadership gap

Article<p>Gaming away the leadership gap Linking gamification and behavioral science to transform leadership development<p>May 19, 2016<p>Is gamification the …


Managing the Bots That Are Managing the Business

Tim O’Reilly, founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media and organizer of the Next: Economy Summit<i>Editor’s Note: This is the first in a special series of</i> …

O'Reilly Media

CIOs making digital waves and more will take on Chief Digital Officer job title and dual role

The 2016 CIO 100 sees digital programmes taking centre stage like never before. So much so in fact that at least one of this year's top ten has …


The ‘how’ of transformation

In the consumer sector and in many other industries, transformation programs often fail. Creating a “performance infrastructure” can help ensure that …


Social intelligence differentiates successful CIOs

Virtually every company is becoming a technology company at its core. This puts chief information officers (CIOs) at a crossroads: They can step up …

Data Management

Machine Intelligence Will Let Us All Work Like CEOs

When I started my career I was astounded by how superhuman some Fortune 500 executives were. It seemed they were magicians. Every time they answered an impromptu question, the response was refined. Every email they sent was worded perfectly, every decision they made based on deep market knowledge …

Harvard Business Review

The Greatest Barriers to Growth, According to Executives

A large, iconic multinational is now struggling to keep growing while being chased by leaner, more aggressive competitors. To find the next wave of growth, they were taking a hard look at their bureaucracy.<p>“When I joined the company, the front line management jobs were the best,” the CEO told us. …

Harvard Business Review

The Future CEO

With the pace of change increasing in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, more than ever CEOs need to be visioning and driving a strategic …


Why corporate structure needs to change in the age of big data

Big data and analytics are being integrated into organisations in many different ways, from internal operations to driving the business model.<p>An …

Data Management

Is Your Operating Model Holding You Back From Growth

Overview<p>Key Findings<p>No one is speaking the same language <br>Few organizations have a clear and consistent definition of what an operating model is, and …

In response to change, CEOs transform for the future | KPMG | GLOBAL

Based on responses to KPMG’s 2016 Global CEO Outlook survey, the pace of change continues to accelerate. Almost half of CEOs (41 percent) anticipate …

How Automakers Can Think Like a Disruptor

Digital platforms and networks like Uber and Lyft are disrupting the automotive industry. Here’s how the incumbents can fight back.

Wharton School

Automation in C-suite closer than you think

<b>Bengaluru:</b> When International Business Machines Corp.’s (IBM’s) Watson computer beat two leading <i>Jeopardy</i> players in 2011, people around the world …


Developing effective change management strategies

Article<p>Humanizing change: Developing more effective change management strategies Deloitte Review issue 19<p>July 14, 2016<p>Research shows that most large …