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A top futurist predicts the largest internet company of 2030 will be an online school

Thirty years ago, it was a big deal when schools got their first computers. Today, it's a big deal when students get their own laptops.<p>According to futurist Thomas Frey, in 14 years it'll be a big deal when students learn from robot teachers over the internet.<p>It's not just because the technology …

Artificial Intelligence

Could online tutors and artificial intelligence be the future of teaching?

Online maths company has partnered with scientists to identify what makes lessons successful - and to see if AI can be used to improve teaching<p>Ambar presses her hand to her forehead, nose crinkled in concentration as she considers the question on her screen: how many sevens in 91? The ten-year-old …



International Women's Day: why are there so few women in the arts?<p>So many women study the arts, but very few end up in jobs in the arts industry. …


Can Algorithms Replace Academics?

Algorithms will augment the professor’s research, taking it into realms previously unimaginable in academia. But where does this leave the academic?


How technology will change the future of work

How many of us can say, with certainty, what jobs we would choose if we were kids today? The pace of technological change in the time I’ve been in …

Talent & Education

SPOTLIGHT<p>Driving the skills agenda May 27, 2015<p>How can education systems best prepare students for the future?

The future of gaming is virtual reality, in real time, on Facebook

Seoul, Korea<p>If the future of Facebook is video, as a top company executive said recently, the gaming industry is already predicting that a lot of that video will show live-action professional gamers, using virtual reality.<p>Minkonet, a Seoul-based company, is rolling out what it says is the very …

Virtual Reality

Pisa tests to include 'global skills' and cultural awareness

OECD education director<p><b>Pisa tests, an international standard for comparing education systems around the world, could include a new measurement of global skills in the next round of tests in 2018.</b><b>The OECD, which runs the tests in maths, reading and science, is considering adding another test which</b> …

This Is The Future Of College

It’s not the death of higher education, but college as we’ve known it will be forced to undergo some dramatic changes in the next decade.<p>The college experience has been roughly the same for the last 100 years: You pick a major, find a school, buy the books, attend the lectures, write the papers, …

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Are ‘Motivation Bots’ Part of the Future of Education?

Personalized learning is a common goal these days with little disagreement about the benefits this style of learning holds.<p>But can experts agree that …


Fostering a culture of learning

Explore<p>Create and download a custom PDF<p>Watch the related video<p>Explore the related infographic<p>The pressure on organizations to improve learning and …

Learning 2.0 And The Future Of The Disrupted University

Developments in MOOCs, like MIT’s “instructor grading” addition, could stand to make a minimum of $100,000 for every course run in this way. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)<p>Technology has fundamentally disrupted higher education. This is a cliché; it is also by now absolutely true. This is because no …


Machine Learning And The Future Of Education

When publishing on the Internet, content creators have considerable insight into what readers are doing, whether it’s where they’ve come from, how much they consume and whether they share content on social media. This real-time feedback has allowed publishers to tailor content specifically to the …


The future of higher education is a responsive classroom

When it comes to continuing education and skills-based learning, one of the biggest challenges that universities face is ensuring quality and …

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