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Drone Operators Will Be Charged With Murder, California DA Offers Bounty On Operators

Officials in San Bernardino County, California are ready to charge some drone operators with murder because their flying machines have kept …


Quadcopter from scratch

Quadcopter from scratch Gallery

created by Sidharth • 22 days ago

This is a micro-quadcopter I'm building from scratch using an Arduino Pro Mini, …


Hillview man arrested for shooting down drone; cites right to privacy

By Travis Kircher

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — A Hillview man has been arrested after he shot down a drone flying over his property — but he’s not making …


Man arrested for shooting $1,800 drone won’t apologize, cites privacy

A Kentucky man arresting for blasting a drone says he was protecting his property and the privacy of his daughters.

When William Meredith’s two daughters complained of a drone flying over the house last Sunday, the 47-year-old Kentucky man took action: he fetched a shotgun and blew the machine from …


Google Wants a Piece of Air-Traffic Control for Drones

Google Inc., the company that brought order to the Internet, has set its sights on doing the same for the flocks of commercial drones expected to …


Laboratory Highlight

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• > Laboratory Highlight: First Weather Observing Mission for a NOAA UAS within the Continental United States

First Weather Observing …


There is a new megatrend in the oil and gas industry

A Phantom drone by DJI company, equipped with a camera, flies during the 4th Intergalactic Meeting of Phantom's Pilots (MIPP) in an open secure area in the Bois de Boulogne, western Paris, March 16, 2014.

Few trends have been bigger or more exciting to watch in the last decade than the rise of …

Oil & Gas Industry

We've created an open source database of every company flying drones in the US

Last week we published a story about the first 500 companies given permission by the FAA to fly drones for commercial purposes over the US. The number of exemptions granted by the FAA has been growing quickly. Today we added all the data from the month of June, increasing the grand total by nearly …

Open Source

Very soon, robotic drones will automatically follow you (or your kids) around

CyPhy Works LVL 1 robot drone

By now, most of us have seen a remote-controlled camera drone flying around taking pictures from above.

There's about 1 million of them out there used by hobbyists, according to Helen Greiner, CEO of drone robot company CyPhy Works.

But we haven't seen anything yet, …


Predictive analytics combined with drone technology could help save South Africa's rhinos

In the wake of record numbers of rhinos slaughtered in 2014 by poachers in South Africa — an estimated 1200 — there is a glimmer of good news: a high-tech anti-poaching technique is stopping the bad guys in their tracks.

The Air Shepherd Initiative uses military-style computer analytics to identify …

South Africa

Emergency response UAV for healthcare and aid - i-HLS

Jul 11, 2015

As unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) become a more familiar presence in the skies, new companies are getting in on the action. Krossblade …

Health Care

You can now 3D print a perfect clone of DJI’s Inspire 1 quadcopter

Take a stroll through any online repository of 3D printable objects and you’ll find no shortage of drone schematics. Now that 3D printers have …


The 2015 International Drone Photography Contest: The winners


the RVJET Flying Wing Platform (PATENT PENDING)

More info

The RVJET platform features 2 wingspans, a huge 1.95 meter (76.7 inches) wing span for ultra stabile video footage, and a shorter 1.55 meter …


Spreading Wings S800 EVO - Unprecedented Stability

Watch footage captured with the S800 EVO& and a Zenmuse Z15-GH3 gimbal, filmed at ML FUji, Japan.

Learn how to assemble the S800 EVO.

Watch this high …


What`s difference of NAZA-M Lite/NAZA-M V1/NAZA-M V2

DJI continues innovating, improving and bringing exciting new products to the market. Now we present our entry-level product NAZA-M Lite for …

Cowboys find out there are rules regarding drones’ use

By JEFF MOSIERThe Dallas Cowboys and two other NFL teams got a close look recently at the opportunities, confusion and federal scrutiny that’s …


Farmers eager for drones, but most can't legally fly them

CORDOVA, Md. (AP) — Mike Geske wants a drone.

Watching a flying demonstration on Maryland's Eastern Shore, the Missouri farmer envisions using an unmanned aerial vehicle to monitor the irrigation pipes on his farm — a job he now pays three men to do.

"The savings on labor and fuel would just be …


Ducted Fan Drone Flies

A while back, we wrote about the ducted fan, single rotor, VTOL drone that [Armin Strobel] was working on. It wasn’t quite finished then, and hadn’t …


Man comes forward after woman knocked out by drone

A man suspected of piloting a drone that knocked a woman unconscious in the US has come forward, police have said.

The woman was hit on the head by the device after it crashed into a building and fell on to her.

Detectives are investigating the case, which happened at a gay pride parade in Seattle on …


That future where we fly around with jetpacks will arrive soon

We’ve been promised jetpacks since the 1950s and dreaming about them even longer. Just hang on a couple more years.

Plenty of time to save the $150,000 it will cost to buy the Martin Jetpack, which promises to be the first practical jetpack ready for vertical liftoff.

The Martin Aircraft Company has …

Watch this crazy video of an engineer riding a human-sized drone

Quadcopter drones are everywhere these days—Amazon will soon be delivering our packages with them, and Microsoft is trying to combat malaria with them. There’s even a sport based around racing them, in the style of a first-person video game, with participants on the ground getting a drone’s-eye …


Parrot’s Tiny New Drones Travel by Land, Air, and Sea

The second-generation slew of Parrot's Minidrones includes quadcopters, a hydrofoil accessory, and rolling robots.The post Parrot’s Tiny New Drones …


Oversight Committee Hearing - Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International

Chairman Chaffetz, Ranking Member Cummings and members of the committee, thank you very much for the opportunity to address the Federal Aviation …


BlackOps tricopter claims "swoopier" flight than quadcopters

There are already quite a few camera-equipped quadcopters that can be used for shooting aerial video. According to Japanese startup RcRebel, however, …


The 18-Rotor Volocopter Is Like a Flying Car, But Better

The Volocopter has two seats, 18 rotors, and a joystick, ready to carry you and a friend anywhere you want to go.The post The 18-Rotor Volocopter Is …


The Military Is Building a Hoverbike

Marty McFly’s hoverboard is a cool piece of scifi fantasy, but I’m more excited for this hoverbike to hit the skies. And there’s a good chance that …


Uncharted Waters: Drone Used to Spot Sharks Off California Coast

A drone sent up over the ocean off the California coast is providing more than scenic views: It's giving lifeguards startling insight into just how many sharks circle only feet away from their beach.

A month ago, looking for a more efficient way to detect sharks, Seal Beach in Orange County decided …


Drone Startups Grab Record Cash as Kleiner, FF Venture Seek Wins

Startup drone makers are finding record amounts of funding as venture capitalists prowl for early winners in what may become an $82 billion …