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Marsh Drone Floats On Water To Search Murky Depths Below

Perfect for a rainy existence

Drones are not really known for their amphibiosity. Most quadcopters handle water so poorly that their pilots will dive into canals to save them. Waterproof drones are novel enough that floating without failing is enough to be a selling point. Made by Search Systems, …


The Navy Wants Anti-Drone Lasers On Trucks

GBAD news for drones

The Navy is building a system of trucks that will fight drones with lasers, and they’re advertising them with all the thrill and excitement of a second-quarter earnings report. The “Ground-Based Air Defense Directed Energy On-the-Move” weapons program, or GBAD for short, puts a …


NASA Tests Cartoonish Flying Wing Drone

Putting the "aeronautic" back in NASA

NASA’s Multi-Utility Technology Testbed (MUTT) looks like a kid’s cartoon drawing of an airplane crossed with a stingray, and it comes with the appropriately pet-esque moniker “Buckeye.” The remotely operated flying wing drone will test how wobbly parts work on …


Watch This Autonomous Drone Eat Fuel In The Sky

The X-47B flying Dorito checks mid-air refueling off its bucket list

We are so far in the future of aircraft that a stealthy autonomous flying wing simply existing is just sort of a given. The U.S. Navy’s X-47B is a test platform, designed to see just what modern autonomy and design can do. In the …


Asparagus Delivery Drone Catches Fire In Netherlands

Spearheading a new style of accidents

Drones offer a lot of potential for farmers, from shining lights on crops at night to better tracking just how well crops are growing. At an asparagus farm in the Netherlands, some farmers decided to use the drones for a more novel purpose: carrying the crop …


The Drone Phone

Designed for droneheads, this far-out smartphone takes interactive remote flying to a fun new level. Modeled after the shape of a quadcopter itself, …


Tiny Drone Lands On Giant Helipad [Video]

Thanks, Dubai

In this video, a quadcopter piloted by the crew at Drone Adventures takes a leisurely approach to the 1,053-foot-tall Burj Al-Arab, and then gently arrives at the helipad. It’s no eagle flying from the world’s tallest building, but it’s nice to know that even one of the world’s …


DJI is about to sell a whole lot more drones

The latest iteration of the company’s Phantom drone costs little, does much, and is ready to cross over into commercial applications.

Earlier today via simultaneous events in New York City, London, and Munich, DJI—maker of the ubiquitous white quadrotor aircraft that have become synonymous with the …


The “D” Word, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Drone

Drone. It’s a word that creates quite a bit of heated controversy of late. The debate often comes from radio control hobbyists — it seems like the entire world has gotten used to using a term that still makes hobbyists cringe.

The radio control hobby existed for quite sometime before multirotors …


FAA Gives USAA The A-Okay To Test Damage Claims Drones

Innovation at the speed of insurance

After the disaster comes the accountants. Major tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and the like do dollar amounts of damage, sometimes in the billions. That number comes from the nitty-gritty of insurance valuations and payouts, a wholly human assessment of the …


DJI updates our favorite line of drones with the new Phantom 3

DJI created the Kleenex of consumer drones with its Phantom line of quadcopters. The sleek, white aircraft were ready to fly right out of the box, simple enough for beginners, but powerful enough for pros. They have appeared everywhere, from South Park to the White House lawn. And they are the …


This Drone's Brain Is Just a Run-of-the-Mill Smartphone

Like with many technologies, drones and quadcopters are getting cheaper and cheaper as they get smarter and more capable. And as Dr. Vijay Kumar and …

The Brain

Drone Privacy Lawsuit Seeks Tighter FAA Restrictions

Just weeks after releasing preliminary rules for drone regulation, the FAA is facing a lawsuit. The Electronic Privacy Information Center’s lawsuit asks the Washington, DC federal appeals court to declare the regulations unlawful due to the lack of privacy protections, and alleges that the proposal …


Project Breadcrumb Helps Lost Drones Find Their Way Home

No word yet on its ability to thwart witches in candy houses

When a drone loses communication with its pilot, there’s little the remote control pilot to do. It’s a situation that’s bad for drone pilots and scary for the FAA. Announced last week, Project Breadcrumb is a collaborative project between …


Drones Will Be Investigating Your Insurance Claim

Like a good neighbor, insurance adjuster drones are there

Fewer human insurance adjusters may be needed in the field now. Instead, drones will be checking on your insurance claim after a disaster. The FAA just approved use of drones in insurance investigations by insurance bigwigs AIG, following the …


Sonar Helps Drones Dodge Obstacles

Safer for drones, safer for people

Much like marathon runners, everything goes fine for a drone until it hits a wall. Only, unlike marathoners, in the case of drones the wall is usually a literal wall. A new crowdfunding project available on Kickstarter called the eBumper4 wants to change that, by …


Police turn to pepper-spraying drones in congested Indian city

Drones are popping up everywhere. They've been largely unfamiliar in India, but that's changing. The police department in Lucknow, a populous city in the country, is the first to purchase five weaponized drones that can spray pepper on a rioting mob. The concept of aerial robots isn't entirely new …


DJI’s Phantom 3 drone brings 4K video capture to the consumer drone market

Drone maker DJI has today announced a new model aimed squarely at the consumer market.

While it’s known for professional and ‘prosumer’ devices, the new model brings higher-definition video capture to tempt the average home user too. Now, it maxes out at 4K resolution.

The company said the device …


New technology keeps drones from crashing and burning

Small drones could easily be blown off course by harsh winds or lose access to GPS while passing through somewhat closed-off locations. Since either scenario could spell disaster for delivery or service drones of the future, a research team from the University of Zurich has devised a system that …


Flying Drones Into Tornadoes. Really?

By: Dr. Marshall Shepherd

Sunday’s edition of Weather Geeks is really fascinating. If you looked up the definition of what we intended for WxGeeks, …


Archaeologist uses drone to track looting of ancient tombs in Jordan

Archaeologist Chad Hill is using a custom-built "septocopter" drone to monitor looting of an ancient cemetery in Jordan.

Part of the "Landscapes of the Dead Research Project," Hill and his team aim to map more than 10,000 tombs at Fifa, an Early Bronze Age burial site, "as a method of site …


Filmmakers hack drone to carry 1,000 fps 4K camera

There are 4K cameras and drones, and then there's the Phantom Flex4K and the Aerigon drone --products that top the bad-assery charts in both categories. Drone cinematography outfit Brain Farm decided to pair them up, resulting in a video exactly as impressive as you'd expect. The company (which has …


Hybrid Power Could Let Drones Fly for Hours

For the drone revolution to really take off, the flying machines will have to fly longer than the half-hour-or-so that today's batteries allow. Startup Top Flight says it has the solution.

Companies like Amazon are annoyed by the FAA's draft drone rules that restrict commercial use of unmanned …


South Korea Gets Ready For Drone-On-Drone Warfare With North Korea

Just call it the “Drone militarized zone”

The Korean demilitarized zone is an artifact of the Korean War, a heavily defended two-and-a-half-mile-wide static front line for a war that never officially ended. But technology has not remained static over the half-century since the end of the fighting, …


37 incredible drone photos from across the globe that would be totally illegal today

Drones are everywhere from the battlefield to the backyards of America. For such a simple concept, the possibilities for how we can use drones is vast and still being explored.

One of the most interesting ways to utilize drone technology is photography. Photographer Amos Chapple knows this better …


The Navy Is Making A Flying, Swimming, Submarine-Hunting Duck Drone

Duckhunt for Red October

The fastest way to move a submarine is through the air. At least, that’s the logic behind “Flimmer,” a new flying and swimming duck drone currently in development by the Naval Research Laboratory. Profiled in the winter issue of Spectra, the NRL’s magazine, Flimmer may go …

Water Sports

Oneplus' Latest Product Is A Palm-sized Drone

Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus picked a great day to launch an unexpected product. The DR-1 is a tiny quadrocopter that you can pilot with an included remote for a bit of fun.

The company claims that the DR-1 is the smallest remote-controlled drone in the world. It can fly for about eight …


Watchdog Group Sues FAA Over Lack Of Drone Privacy Rules

Law360, Los Angeles (March 31, 2015, 10:36 PM ET) -- A privacy watchdog group filed a petition Tuesday with the D.C. Circuit asking the federal …