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Code Black Drone w/ HD Camera

Thursday was the last day to “Pre-Order” the Limited Edition Code Black Drone, but the good news is it’s now shipping in 1-2 weeks for US customers and just 2-3 weeks …


Farmers eye drones as key to future of agriculture

The drone could be ready to take its place alongside the tractor and combine harvester, as the next indispensable piece of farming equipment.

The Federal Aviation Administration recently released new rules governing the use of drones, and farmers, who see drones as a way to get a birds-eye view of …


AirDroids Wants To Democratize The Skies With Its Pint-Sized Pocket Drone

The buzz around drones is undeniable these days — as it turns out, even Martha Stewart uses one to survey her farm — but there still hasn’t been a runaway drone hit that has captured that imaginations of the masses. That’s exactly what a hardware startup called AirDroids is trying to accomplish …


Mind-Controlled Drone Scientists Work On Groundbreaking Flight

A company has successfully flown a mind controlled drone, a step that its scientists say will lead to passenger carrying airplanes steered only by pilots’ brains.

In a rather stunning demonstration yesterday, Portuguese business Tekever fitted a special cap to a pilot to measure his brain activity, …

Air Travel

Mysterious drones spotted flying over Paris landmarks for the second straight night

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Andrew …


Drone Ban? Corporations Skirt Rules

U.S. regulators proposed long-awaited rules this week that would lift a virtual ban on commercial drones likely next year, but some of the world’s biggest companies already have been benefitting from the devices.

Mining giants Rio Tinto PLC and Barrick Gold Corp. have used drones to map their mines …


Climb every mountain: how drones could help mountaineers climb Everest

They've prompted conspiracy theories over Paris, may soon deliver goods for Amazon and now could help climbers scale the world's most famous mountain.


French Researchers Bother Birds With Drones, For Science

Ecologists study how wildlife-studying drones affect the creatures

Everyone from filmmakers to drug traffickers knows that drones are useful for innumerable tasks. Scientists have started using drones in ecological research, monitoring animals in places that are too remote or delicate to visit in …


Check out this drone video of a frozen Niagara Falls

How cold is it? So cold that most of Niagara Falls has frozen over – and NBC News has the footage to prove it, thanks to a drone flight from the Canadian side of the border.

As the network explains, temperatures stayed below freezing for all of February, and now the three waterfalls that make up the …

Niagara Falls

Christ the Redeemer mapped by drone to create first ever accurate model

"Christ the Redeemer"is one of the most recognizable pieces of art in the world, and yet a perfect replica of the 38-meter high statue does not exist. The technology wasn't around when the statue was being designed in the 1920s, and the location of the statue — on top of the 700-meter Corcovado …

Christ the Redeemer

Farmers Eye Drones For The Future

Drone, drone on the range

Even though humans have been farming for thousands of years, there’s always a new trick to learn or a new technology to try. In modern times, these tricks often come attached to small flying aircraft, a fact evidenced by the continued and growing presence of drones at …


This is the Drone Helicopter NASA Scientists Want to Send to Mars

If it's ready in time, the autonomous Mars Helicopter could fly to the Red Planet along with the new rover set for 2020.

The Mars Helicopter is the latest in a line of ambitious, low-cost craft meant to revolutionize planetary exploration by taking to the air. A team at NASA's Jet Propulsion …


Portable Travel Drones: Forget The Selfie, Welcome To The Dronie



The luxury traveler is now adding a new toy to their luggage, the portable and packable personal drone. Gadget lovers and selfie fans are quickly making the Drone market explode and by the end of this year it will have replaced the prehistoric selfie stick with something …


What Does The Drone Industry Think Of The FAA’s New Rules?

The good, the bad, and the glacially slow

The Federal Aviation Administration did something rather remarkable on Sunday: they proposed a new set of drone rules. For years, drone hobbyists and businesses have been left in limbo, flying in unregulated skies and wondering whether they were …


FAA Updates Rules To Prohibit Drone Flights Over Stadiums

The FAA has updated their rules to more clearly prohibit drone flights over stadiums, the update to a “Notice to Airmen” or NOTAM modifies a previously existing restriction on overflights of certain stadiums by manned aircraft. The NOTAM was issued after the September 11th attacks and is justified …

Air Travel

Hammerhead Drone Makes First Flight

Look at this weird plane

The laws of aerodynamics require a certain smoothness of form, a kind of mandatory design elegance. The Piaggio Aerospace Hammerhead stands in contrast to this romantic notion of flight, with canards and pusher propellers combining into an airplane uglier than the sum of its …


Paris has a drone problem

Police in Paris yesterday detained three Al Jazeera journalists on charges of flying a drone without a license, marking the latest development in what's been a bizarre week for a city still reeling from last month's terrorist attacks. The arrests come amid growing anxiety surrounding unauthorized …


Paris police arrest al-Jazeera journalists over drone

Three al-Jazeera journalists have been arrested for the alleged illegal flying of a drone in Paris, prosecutors say.

Police spotted the drone flying in the Bois de Boulogne in western Paris.

The arrests come amid mounting speculation over night drone flights in the city, although no link between the …


Drone warfare: life on the new frontline

Safely ensconced behind flickering computer screens, military personnel are waging war in lands thousands of miles away. But is there a hidden human cost to remote-controlled combat?

Just a three-hour drive from Washington DC on the scenic Virginia coast, Langley Air Force Base is home to one of the …


See Russia's Tesla Tower through the eyes of a drone

Russia's massive impulse generator that can shoot deadly 500 to 650-foot lightning bolts isn't exactly off limits, but it is tucked away near a forest, far from the usual tourist traps... for obvious reasons. Thankfully, Russia Today got permission to film the Tesla Tower-inspired complex, giving us …


Drones are a Perfect Match ‘Fore’ Golf Courses

The golf industry is in trouble and drone solutions may be able to fly in and save the day. Golf rounds played dropped 4.9 percent in 2013 according …


Drone Geography: Mapping a System of Intelligence

A Predator drone at Creech Air Force Base, Nevada in 2011. Imagery: Digital Globe

This post is part of a series of posts and resources on drones and


How-To: Using a Drone for Dramatic Nature Photos

To see landscapes in a whole new light, shoot from a bird's-eye view More than half a century before the airplane took flight, photographers sent …


Flight Control App For Drones

3D Robotics recently introduced a free open-source Tower flight control app for drone copters and planes. The app makes it easy to fly a drone but also gives user the chance to build or alter features for their 3D Robotics drone.

Tower can be used with any Android smartphone or tablet from novice …

Air Travel

Want to Fly Your Own Drone In NYC?

View caught from the East Village with a personal drone.

Imagine: a world filled with cute, mechanical critters flying over our heads, carrying …

New York

Drones to Scan the Amazon Rainforest for Hidden Civilizations

Researchers are planning to use drones equipped with vegetation-penetrating lasers to scan the Amazon rainforest for signs of past civilizations, …


Drone waiters ready to serve in Singapore

We’ve seen drones taking on a wide range of uses and jobs. They’re pretty good at getting footage otherwise not possible and could even save your …


6 ways people are using aerial drones for good

Ambulance DroneDelft University graduate Alex Monton created an Ambulance Drone that can arrive to an accident scene as quickly as one minute after …


U.S. Allows Sales Of Armed Drones To Allies With Clean Human Rights Records

WASHINGTON -- A day after the State Department loosened restrictions on the sale of armed drones to foreign allies, the risks posed by targeted killings again became apparent.

Lebanese television reported Wednesday that 15 civilians were killed after U.S. airstrikes targeting Islamic State militants …

Human Rights