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How a Toronto prof changed artificial intelligence

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF.—Three summers ago, at the age of 64, Geoffrey Hinton left his home in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood to become an intern at …

Artificial Intelligence

Finally, Neural Networks that Actually Work

As a senior at the University of Minnesota, Jeff Dean built an artificial brain. Kinda. Using what was considered a supercomputer at the time, he …

Artificial Intelligence

AWS Wants To Put Machine Learning In Reach Of Any Developer

Andy Jassy, senior vice president at Amazon Web Services, announced a new machine learning platform today at the AWS Summit in San Francisco.

The Amazon Machine Learning service is designed to give developers without machine learning background the tools to build smart, data-driven applications that …

Amazon Web Services

Machine Learning Goes Mainstream I: InboxVudu Prioritizes Your Email

Machine learning is moving out of the backend shadows and into mainstream applications that ordinary consumers will use on a daily basis. These applications will recognize the intent behind written and spoken language and quickly classify the content of images and video. It would be a leap to say …

Tech 2015: Deep Learning And Machine Intelligence Will Eat The World

Despite what Stephen Hawking or Elon Musk say, hostile Artificial Intelligence is not going to destroy the world anytime soon. What is certain to happen, however, is the continued ascent of the practical applications of AI, namely deep learning and machine intelligence. The word is spreading in all …

Artificial Intelligence

Researchers show a machine learning network for connected devices

Researchers at Ohio State University have developed a method for building a machine learning algorithm from data gathered from a variety of connected devices. There are two cool things about their model worth noting. The first is that the model is distributed and second, it can keep data …

Machine Learning

CES 2015: Nvidia Demos a Car Computer Trained with “Deep Learning”

A commercial device uses powerful image and information processing to let cars interpret 360° camera views. The Drive PX computerMany cars now …

Deep Learning

11 Open Source Tools to Make the Most of Machine Learning

Open Source

10 IBM Watson-Powered Apps That Are Changing Our World

10 IBM Watson-Powered Apps That Are Changing Our WorldImage by ThinkstockIBM considers Watson to represent a new era of computing — a step forward to …


Google is funding “an artificial intelligence for data science”

Google is funding a project called Automatic Statistician that bills itself as “an artificial intelligence for data science,” it announced Tuesday. The project, which comes out of the University of Cambridge and is still in its early stages, aims to automate the selection, building and explanation …


Ranked: The 12 programming languages that will earn you the most

Computer programming has quickly become one of the most lucrative industries in the US.

The average salary for a computer programmer just hit an all-time high as it approaches $100,000.

But there are some languages and skill sets that are more valuable than others, and Quartz has compiled some data …

Baidu's Surprising Search For The Holy Grail Of Artificial Intelligence

Can one set of formulas hold the key to making truly intelligent computers?

That’s the theory driving some of the leading lights of artificial intelligence, from Numenta cofounder and former Palm cofounder Jeff Hawkins to Andrew Ng, the Stanford computer science professor hired earlier this year, to

Researchers are using deep learning to predict how we pose. It’s more important than it sounds

A team of New York University researchers that includes Facebook AI Lab Director Yann LeCun recently published a paper explaining how they built a deep learning model capable of predicting the position of human limbs in images. That field of computer vision, called human pose estimation, doesn’t …

Nervana Systems raises $3.3M to build hardware designed for deep learning

Nervana Systems, a San Diego-based startup building a specialized system for deep learning applications, has raised a $3.3 million series A round of venture capital. Draper Fisher Jurvetson led the round, which also included Allen & Co., AME Ventures and Fuel Capital. Nervana launched in April with …

Machine Learning and Cognitive Systems: The Next Evolution of Enterprise Intelligence (Part I)

IBM’s recent announcements of three new services based in Watson technology make it clear that there is pressure in the enterprise software space to …

Machine Learning

How facial features drive our first impressions

Whether it's a curled lip or a keen cheekbone, we all make quick social judgements based on strangers' faces.

Now scientists have modelled the specific physical attributes that underpin our first impressions.

Small changes in the dimensions of a face can make it appear more trustworthy, dominant or …

What is deep learning, and why should you care?

Editor’s note: this post is part of our Intelligence Matters investigation.When I first ran across the results in the Kaggle image-recognition …

Deep Learning

'Voice Recognition' System for Birds Can Tell Two Chirps Apart

A new method of decoding bird songs from large sets of recordings could help both expert and amateur bird-watchers identify which birds are present, …

Speech Recognition

PredictionIO raises $2.5M and wants to be MySQL for machine learning

A startup called PredictionIO has raised $2.5 million in seed capital to help it try and make a business out of open source machine learning software. Unlike previous open source projects, though, PredictionIO is designed to be easy to get started with and use, even by developers who aren’t data …

Software can decode bird songs

Scientists have developed a highly advanced bird song decoder, which can automatically identify the call of a vast variety of birds.

The software brings the "cracking of the dawn chorus" one step closer.

It used recordings of individual birds and of dawn choruses to identify the characteristics of …

Getting Started with Hidden Markov Models in R

by Joseph Rickert

In addition to the considerable benefit of being able to meet other, like-minded R users face-to-face, R user groups fill a niche in …


Spurious correlations: Margarine linked to divorce?

A website set up by a student at Harvard teaches us to look carefully at statistics. And it's fun at the same time.

"Margarine consumption linked to divorce." If you saw that headline on a newspaper or website, what would you think?

What if you read a little further and found a compelling graph …


An Algorithm That Recognizes Faces Better Than People Can

I, for one, welcome… etc. etc.

It's already a little eerie when Facebook suggests tags for who it recognizes in your photo, especially for faces that are small, blurry, or otherwise difficult to distinguish. What if Facebook were even better--better at recognizing people in pictures than you are?

Two …


Machine learning and health care mean $6M for Predilytics

Sometimes, two things just go together, such as peanut butter and jelly or, in the case of Boston-based startup Predilytics, machine learning and health care. The company announced on Tuesday afternoon it has closed a $6 million Series A round with investment from Flybridge Capital Partners, …

Health Care

Recommind's Advice for Making Machine Learning Work For Business

It’s easy to get caught up in the mystique of machine learning. After all, what’s not to like about the idea of algorithms sucking up and sorting through the data detritus of our companies’ back alleys like a Roomba Sweeper Vac?

The reality is a bit more complex. Like any “breakthrough” technology, …

Saba Transforms Traditional Career Development and Succession Planning Using Machine Learning and Cr

Saba Transforms Traditional Career Development and Succession Planning Using Machine Learning and Crowd-Sourcing

TIM Provides Real-time Personalized


Dropcam’s new camera is crystal clear — and it’s learning, too

Dropcam has pulled out all the stops with its new Dropcam Pro monitoring camera by vastly improving its clarity, control and, better yet, brains. Physical improvements account for a better picture than previously possible on a camera that could fit in your pocket, but it’s the touchscreen-optimized …


Tackling some really tough problems with machine learning

Machine learning startup Ayasdi is partnering with two prominent institutions — Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Texas Medical Center — to help advance some of their complicated data challenges. At LLNL, the company will collaborate on research in energy, climate change, medical …

Machine Learning

BigML says its machine learning tech makes data science easy

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — When data scientists talk about their work, it isn’t always easy to understand. At the same time, many big data startups are trying to make the technology seem simple.

For BigML, machine learning — a common element of data science — can be a basic two-step process: making …

Machine Learning