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Cystic Fibrosis improved with gene therapy for first time

Gene therapy has been shown to have a "significant" but "modest benefit" for cystic fibrosis sufferers for the first time.

The root cause of the genetic lung disorder -- which affects more than 10,000 people in the UK -- was discovered in 1989 at the site of chromosome 7. Since that time, research …

United Kingdom

Gene-modded mosquitoes will fight Dengue Fever in Brazil

The Brazilian city of Piracicaba has a potent new weapon in the ongoing fight against Dengue Fever, which infects more than a million people annually: genetically modified mosquito lotharios Created by Oxitec of Abingdon, UK and bred locally within Brazil, these GM mosquitoes (all of which are …


Does cancer follow the rules of math? This scientist certainly thinks so — and she's onto something.

In 2005, at the age of 22, Franziska Michor finished her doctorate in evolutionary biology at Harvard University.

Michor was born in Vienna, Austria, …

Medical Technology

Ageing rates vary widely, says study

A study of people born within a year of each other has uncovered a huge gulf in the speed at which their bodies age.

The report, in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, tracked traits such as weight, kidney function and gum health.

Some of the 38-year-olds were ageing so badly that their …


Your incredibly hard job could have a surprising benefit for your health

Days spent crunching numbers or reviewing manuscripts could drive you crazy — but could also protect you from cognitive decline later in life.

That's according to new research, which suggests jobs that involve certain kinds of challenging mental tasks can boost memory and thinking years down the …

The Brain

Sniffing could provide autism test

The way children sniff different aromas could form the basis of a test for autism, suggest researchers in Israel.

People spend longer inhaling the delightful aroma of a bouquet of roses than the foul stench of rotting fish.

The results of tests on 36 children, in the journal Current Biology, showed …


Sensors Reveal How Bad Outside Air Invades Our Cubicles

Office buildings feel like their own little bubbles. The temperature and humidity is tightly controlled. The air is filtered and recirculated. You …


Scientists in South Asia struggle to understand heatwave

Scientists in India and Pakistan say higher temperatures were just one factor behind the recent heatwaves and other causes have yet to be established.

They say low air pressure, high humidity and an unusually absent wind played key roles in making the heat unbearable but they do not know why such …

South Asia

Lab-grown blood, artificial organs – the science transforming our health

The news that scientists have developed blood that can be grown in the laboratory raised hope last week that a powerful weapon had been created to tackle disease. Ensuring that sufficient blood is donated to hospitals is a constant problem for medical services and any new source is to be welcomed, …

Evidence-Based Medicine

Foods can trigger pollen-like allergies

— What some allergy sufferers eat, including fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts, can make their allergy symptoms even worse, according to experts.

"The …

Healthy Food

Feeling Anxious? Have a Pickle

I’m from northern Vermont, and am the descendant of a long line of uptight Puritans and taciturn ice fishermen. Chattiness is not our bag. At parties, we’re big on nail-biting reticence and we tend to have an over-developed concept of personal space. A lot of us, as kids, hid behind the couch when …

Social Anxiety Disorder

15 COPD Healthy Eating Tips

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Don't skip breakfast

COPD can make breathing in the morning particularly difficult. But that's no excuse to skip breakfast.

Breakfast is …

10 Myths and Facts About COPD

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COPD is rare

The sad fact is COPD is the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. after heart disease, cancer, and stroke. It turns out …

Cool Stuff

COPD is the fourth

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How to prevent lung disease

by Anne Harding

If you take good care of your lungs, they can last a lifetime. “The lungs are very durable if …

13 Best and Worst Foods for Your Lungs

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The data on whether salt exacerbates asthma are mixed, but an association does make sense.

The hallmark feature of asthma is …

Infographics - Where Does the Air Pollution Come From?

Did you ever ask yourself: where does air pollution come from? The Infographic below explains what indoor air pollution can consist of and shows you …

Air Pollution

Asthma, allergy, eczema, my probs



16 DIY Home Remedies for Asthma

Image – Shutterstock

Asthma is a common lung disease which causes difficulty in breathing. Asthma occurs when you breathe, the air goes from your nose …

Healthy Food


Slideshow: A Visual Guide to COPD

Obesity poised to overtake smoking as key cause of cancer

Obesity will soon overtake smoking as the principal cause of cancer, warn specialists

A middle-aged cancer epidemic is being blamed on Britain’s poor diet and overly generous portions.

Leading specialists convened on Friday to issue a stark warning that obesity will soon overtake smoking as the …


Exposure of U.S. population to extreme heat could quadruple by mid-century | UCAR - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

BOULDER – U.S. residents' exposure to extreme heat could increase four- to six-fold by mid-century, due to both a warming climate and a population …


Biting back: Scientists aim to forecast West Nile outbreaks | UCAR - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

BOULDER – New research has identified correlations between weather conditions and the occurrence of West Nile virus disease in the United States, …

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Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Asthma


Breakthrough bionic leg prosthesis controlled by subconscious thoughts

Biomedical engineering company Össur has announced the successful development of a thought controlled bionic prosthetic leg. The new technology uses …

Assistive Technology

The best Apple Watch alternatives for iPhone users

Apple Watch