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Case study: Big data improves cardiology diagnoses by 17%

The human brain may be nature’s finest computer, but artificial intelligences fed on big data are making a convincing challenge for the crown. In the …


New Smart Sensor Sniffs Out Decaying Meat Before You Can

Carbon nanotubes help you decide when it's better to stick with your veggies

Foul smells are generally good indications of food gone bad, and now MIT chemists have developed a new sensor that does all that nasty smelling work for you. The portable and inexpensive device detects gases from meat, …

Carbon Nanotubes

Top 10 Things You can Do Today to Be More Happier, Backed by Science

I would love to be happier, as I’m sure most people would, so I thought it would be interesting to find some ways to become a happier person that are …


Why happiness is infectious: you can actually smell joy

Utrecht University in the Netherlands found that odours produced by our bodies can communicate happiness to others

It is said that happiness is contagious and now scientists believe they may know why.

For the first time researchers have found that humans can pick up whether a person is feeling joyful …

Scientific Research

Scientists find key to 'turbo-charging' immune system to kill all cancers

Imperial College scientists are developing a gene therapy designed to boost immune cells

A protein which ‘turbo-charges’ the immune system so that it can fight off any cancer or virus has been discovered by scientists.

In a breakthrough described as a ‘game-changer’ for cancer treatment, researchers …


Holding a Grudge Produces Cortisol and Diminishes Oxytocin

Are you currently holding a grudge against someone? Is someone holding a grudge against you? This blog post offers scientific reasons and some basic …


Pollution levels linked to stroke-related narrowing of arteries

Air pollution has been linked to a dangerous narrowing of neck arteries that occurs prior to strokes, according to researchers at NYU Langone Medical …

The Electric Mood-Control Acid Test

A startup called Thync will sell electrodes that you put on your head to improve your mood. The results may vary to a surprising degree.I’m working …


The IoT Of Health: Big Data Can Make Us Healthier

The fact that you can now use your smartphone to unlock your front door, turn on the lights, adjust your thermostat, and set your DVR is all thanks to the unprecedented levels of connectivity emerging in what’s generally called the Internet of Things. Not only are we connected to the internet, but …

How Pfizer Is Using Big Data To Power Patient Care

Not so long ago, nearly every encounter with a doctor started with a receptionist waving a clipboard and asking me to take a seat. When I got into my doctor’s office, we‘d discuss the results from the blood test I’d taken the week before, my history and what I remembered to tell him. He’d write …

Tracking parasites with satellites

Scientists are teaming up to use satellite data to target deadly parasites to help predict patterns of parasitic diseases such as malaria, worms and …


Peek's smartphone eye team in crowdfund appeal

The team behind a portable eye examination kit that uses smartphones is crowdfunding to raise funds for its new innovation.

Peek Retina is a smartphone camera adapter engineered at the University of Strathclyde and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Peek's apps and adapter tackle avoidable blindness by …

Do dreams occur in slow motion?

When we dream, does time pass at a different pace? David Robson investigates.

When my alarm wakes me up, I’ll often hit the snooze button before returning to the warmth and safety of my duvet for another quick doze. But although what follows can seem like a short dream – perhaps a single …

I Asked 20,000 Doctors About Fitbit And Apple's HealthKit, And Here's The Answer

Practice Fusion, a fast-growing provider of free electronic health records, threw a brilliant pitch at me. Would I like to pose a question to their doctors? More than 112,000 medical professionals use Practice Fusion’s cloud-based software, and every week the company taps into its community of …

Brain's dementia weak spot identified

The brain has a weak spot for Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia, according to UK scientists who have pinpointed the region using scans.

The brain area involved develops late in adolescence and degenerates early during ageing.

At the moment, it is difficult for doctors to predict which people …

The Brain

Scientists use Wikipedia search data to forecast spread of flu

Can public health experts tell that an infectious disease outbreak is imminent simply by looking at what people are searching for on Wikipedia? Yes, at least in some cases.

Researchers from Los Alamos National Laboratory were able to make extremely accurate forecasts about the spread of dengue fever …


Mind control used to switch on genes

Swiss researchers have developed a way to "switch on" specific genes using the power of the mind.

Their system uses human brainwaves to turn on an infrared light that then activates a gene to start making a protein in specially engineered cells.

The scientists believe the futuristic technology could …

Scientists develop a brain decoder that can hear your inner thoughts

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have invented a brain decoder device that’s able to work out what you’re thinking based on …

The Brain

Google is developing cancer and heart attack detector

Google is aiming to diagnose cancers, impending heart attacks or strokes and other diseases, at a much earlier stage than is currently possible.

The company is working on technology that combines disease-detecting nanoparticles, which would enter a patient's bloodstream via a swallowed pill, with a …


Brain scans show cause of seasonal affective disorder

Scientists say they have identified the underlying reason why some people are prone to the winter blues, or seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

People with Sad have an unhelpful way of controlling the "happy" brain signalling compound serotonin during winter months, brain scans reveal.

As the nights …

Your nose knows death is imminent

Until as recently as 1987, British coal pits employed caged canaries as sentinels that alerted miners to the presence of poisonous gases. Being more sensitive to them than we are, the birds would get distressed before the gases reached levels that are dangerous to humans, giving the miners time to …

Open Access

Your Brain On: Warm Weather

Getty ImagesWhat’s the opposite of a brain freeze? There should be a word for that, because hot weather messes with your mind’s ability to process …

The Brain

China's Deadly Air Pollution Jumped 30 Percent This Year

In 2010, air pollution contributed to 1.2 million deaths and 2013 looks like it could be even worse.



Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' Takeover Will Officially Not Be Conangate 2.0

Gerard Depardieu's New Home Is Now a Towering Inferno

CERN Scientists Continue to Prove Their …


China's Air Pollution Linked To Millions Of Early Deaths

More than 1 million people are dying prematurely every year from air pollution in China, according to a new analysis.

"This is the highest toll in the world and it really reflects the very high levels of air pollution that exist in China today," says Robert O'Keefe of the Health Effects Institute in …

Air pollution becomes Asia's migraine

- +

Air pollution has become a curse for millions of city-dwellers in Asia, posing a mounting risk to the very young and very old, pregnant women and …


WHO should declare climate change a “health emergency”

NEWS: The British Medical Journal says Ebola deaths will "pale into insignificance" compared to mayhem caused by global warming

Climate Change

Sense of smell 'may predict lifespan'

Measuring people's sense of smell in later life could help doctors predict how likely they are to be alive in five years' time, a PLOS One study suggests.

A survey of 3,000 adults found 39% with the poorest sense of smell were dead within five years - compared to just 10% who identified odours …

Brazil releases 'good' mosquitoes to fight dengue fever

Brazilian researchers in Rio de Janeiro have released thousands of mosquitoes infected with bacteria that suppress dengue fever.

The hope is they will multiply, breed and become the majority of mosquitoes, thus reducing cases of the disease.

The initiative is part of a programme also taking place in …

Skirt size increase linked to breast cancer risk, says study

Going up several skirt sizes in midlife could be a warning sign of increased cancer risk, research suggests.

Women who went up a skirt size every decade after their mid-20s had a 33% greater risk of breast cancer after the menopause, say researchers at University College London.

Watching your skirt …