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Argentina fire chief sacked over Patagonia blaze

The head of Argentina's national fire control agency has been sacked as a huge forest fire threatens to engulf a renowned national park in Patagonia.

Jorge Barrionuevo was sacked during a visit to the region by the government chief of staff.

The fire is advancing towards Los Alerces National Park, …

Forest Fire

South Australia bushfire: Firefighters warn of worsening weather

Firefighters in South Australia say they are racing to contain a major bushfire before worsening weather expected on Wednesday.

More than 30 homes are already feared destroyed in the hills behind the city of Adelaide.

More than 500 firefighters are tackling the fires, which have been burning since …

Peering Through the Haze: What Data Can Tell Us About the Fires in Indonesia | World Resources Institute

WRI has released updated data on the fires in Indonesia. Read the story here or see updated, real-time fire data on the new Global Forest Watch-Fires


Brazil sees "surprising" deforestation drop in Amazon

Brazil said deforestation in the Amazon rainforest has dropped by 18% in the past year.

Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira said the fall, for the year ending July 2014, meant deforestation was at its second lowest level in 25 years.

But campaigners say alternative monitoring shows an increase for …

Four dead in Wichita as plane hits Kansas airport building

At least four people were killed and five injured when a small plane crashed into an airport building in Wichita, Kansas, officials have said.

Firefighters responded at about 09:50 local time (14:50 GMT) to a "horrific fire" after a plane crash-landed, Fire Chief Ron Blackwell said.

Four people …

Burkina Faso parliament set ablaze

Protesters angry at plans to allow Burkina Faso's President Blaise Compaore to extend his 27-year-rule have set fire to parliament.

Correspondents say the city hall and ruling party headquarters are also in flames in the capital, Ouagadougou.

A huge crowd is surging towards the presidential palace …

Hawaiian lava flow creeps toward homes

Rain has helped tamp down smoke from a creeping lava flow which threatens residents of a Hawaiian village.

The slow moving, red hot lava from Kilauea volcano has been flowing toward the village of Pahoa for weeks.

Hotter than 1,600F (900C), it advanced 90 yards (82m) overnight on Tuesday and …

Smoke over Western Russia : Natural Hazards

Though Russia’s wildfires appeared to be abating, fires in two regions continued to produce heavy smoke on August 15, 2010. The top image shows fires …

Smoke over Western Russia : Natural Hazards

Though a plume of smoke still stretched across hundreds of kilometers, conditions in central Russia appeared to be much better on August 12, 2010. …

Smoke over the Dakotas

Seeing through Sakha’s Smoke : Image of the Day

With average January temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius, Sakha is famous for being one of the coldest parts of Russia. But in July 2014, it wasn’t …

Fires in Eastern Canada : Natural Hazards

North of the St. Lawrence River in eastern Canada, numerous forest fires were burning across north-central Quebec province on June 19, 2007, when the …

Smoke from Canadian Fires Blankets Eastern U.S. : Image of the Day

Smoke from multiple large wildfires in Quebec is blanketing the southern portion of the Canadian province and extending southward over the Great …

Smoke from Canada Moves South : Image of the Day

A combination of lightning and dry forests fueled numerous wildfires in Canada’s Northwest Territories in July 2014. The fires, burning in Canada’s …

Smoke from Canadian Fires Hovers Over Great Lakes

Canadian wildfires have been raging this summer and some of the smoke from those fires is drifting downward into the U.S.

Great Lakes

Weather could make firefighting more difficult in Northern California

As two Northern California wildfires continued to burn out of control Sunday, weather in the days ahead is threatening to worsen and expand the blazes.

The Sand fire east of Sacramento grew to 3,800 acres Sunday, and forced the evacuation of hundreds of residents, destroyed 10 homes and may not be …


Haze watch: Nasa captures stunning image of fumes billowing from Sumatra to Singapore

THE Pollutant Standards Index in Singapore hit a high of 321 on Wednesday, and on Friday, Nasa released stunning images of the smoke from Sumatra's …


Why Indonesia Can Only Wait for Rain as Riau Burns and Singapore Chokes

Indonesia has accepted international praise for its deforestation legislation but has failed to invest in its enforcement, two top environmental …

Pilot dies fighting California wildfire

The pilot of an air tanker battling a wildfire in Yosemite National Park in California has died after the plane crashed into a canyon wall on Tuesday.

The unnamed man was said to be attempting to lay down fire retardant to limit the spread of the blaze.

Rescue crews later found the wreckage and …

NASA Aeronautics Research Tests New Tool for Early Wildfire Detection

NASA’s research in unmanned aerial systems (UAS) may soon provide a means for early detection and mitigation of fires in the Great Dismal Swamp …

California King Fire expands as authorities await thunderstorms

An expanding wildfire in northern California kept nearly 3,000 people from their home on Sunday.

Nearly three-dozen structures have been destroyed in the King Fire, which continues to spread more than a week after it started, officials said. According to preliminary figures, 10 residences and 22 …


MODIS Website

September 9, 2014 - Fires in northern Canada

Fires continued to blaze across Canada’s Northern Territories in late August, 2014. The Moderate …


Helicopters rescue hikers amid Yosemite fire

Helicopters plucked hikers from atop Yosemite's Half Dome peak and other parts of the national park after a wildfire spread rapidly.

Around 100 hikers were evacuated from Half Dome, Little Yosemite Valley and nearby trails after the fire quickly swelled to engulf roughly 700 acres of land, park …

Half Dome

Wildfire burns near Yosemite park

Firefighters near Yosemite National Park made gains Saturday afternoon on a wildfire that torched 300 acres, injured one person and forced the evacuation of some nearby homes.

More than 745 fire personnel contained 60% of the wildfire, which ignited Friday, the California Department of Forestry and …

Yosemite National Park

Hawaii volcano lava threatens homes

Hawaii's Big Island has declared a state of emergency as a lava flow from Kilauea volcano is less than a mile (1.6km) from a residential community.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said the lava could reach the Kaohe Homesteads in about five to seven days.

Kilaeuea has been continuously erupting …


Brazil dismantles 'biggest destroyer' of Amazon rainforest

The authorities in Brazil say they have dismantled a criminal organisation they believe was the "biggest destroyer" of the Amazon rainforest.

The gang is accused of invading, logging and burning large areas of public land and selling these illegally for farming and grazing.

In a statement, Brazilian …

Yosemite National Park

How Big Data Is Helping Snuff Out California's Wildfire Epidemic

California is currently in the grips of a major drought, one of the worst of this generation. The region's lack of precipitation has not only …