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Incredible image of a giant 17-mile-long iceberg that just broke off Antarctica

On March 6, 2015, the U.S. National Ice Center (NIC) discovered a new iceberg adrift off the coast of Antarctica. Measuring 27 kilometers (17 miles) long, iceberg B-34 meets the 19-kilometer minimum required for tracking by the NIC.

The berg appears to have fractured from West Antarctica’s Getz Ice …


Rapid warming period may be underway as Earth sets another record

March was the warmest such month on record for the globe as a whole, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), which is one of the centers that keeps tabs on global climate data. The JMA found that global average surface temperatures were 0.56 degrees Fahrenheit (0.31 degrees Celsius) …

Climate Change

Extreme Weather

Climate change will lead to higher temperatures, heavier precipitation, intensified drought and stronger storms. And the more we pollute, the worse …


Global Warning?

This infographic explores the two sides of the ever growing debate on global warming and who is causing it. This infographic provides information for …

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The Last Time Oceans Got This Acidic This Fast, 96% of Marine Life Went Extinct

The biggest extinction event in planetary history was driven by the rapid acidification of our oceans, a new study concl​udes. So much carbon was released into the atmosphere, and the oceans absorbed so much of it so quickly, that marine life simply died off, from the bottom of the food chain …


Rapid global warming may be coming sooner than you think

A new study bolsters the case that a period of much faster global warming may be imminent, if not already beginning. The study, published Wednesday in Geophysical Research Letters, uses climate records gleaned from coral reefs in the South Pacific to recreate sea surface temperatures and ocean heat …

Climate Change

California governor tells climate change deniers to wake up

As his state faces the worst drought in its history, with mandatory water rationing for residents and fears of destruction to the agricultural sector, California governor Jerry Brown had a message Sunday for climate change deniers: wake up.

“With the weather that’s happening in California, climate …

Climate Change

The incredible decline of Arctic sea ice — visualized

In 2013, the National Academy of Sciences released a report on “abrupt” climate change — basically, the chance of dramatic, planetary-scale changes, …

Climate Change

Soil is more affected by climate change than scientists previously thought

Soil organic matter may be more negatively affected by climate change than scientists previously thought. Plants, which send as much as 60 percent of …

Climate Change

Antarctica May Have Hit Highest Temperature on Record

But overall climate picture for southernmost continent remains "complex," say scientists.

Scientists have measured what is likely the highest temperature ever on Antarctica: 63.5 degrees Fahrenheit (17.5 Celsius).

The measurements were made last Tuesday at Argentina's Esperanza Base, on the northern …


NASA made an adorable video explaining climate change. l think a lot of people will FINALLY get it.

Here's your Hot Planet 101, courtesy of NASA. Take a minute to watch it, then we'll see how it's affecting life on earth right now.

If the symptoms of …

Climate Change

Welcome to the 'Double El Niño' — and more extreme weather

We’re about to experience a “double El Niño” — a rare weather phenomenon that climatologists had warned about several months ago.

That means two consecutive years of the concentration of warm water in the Pacific Ocean that brings West Coast storms, quiet hurricane seasons in the Atlantic and busy …


Basically, the only unusually cold place on Earth last month was the eastern U.S.

February was Earth's second-warmest such month on record, finishing up as the second-warmest winter and warmest 12-month period on record, according to preliminary NASA data. Both of these milestones signal the continued influence of manmade global warming as well as natural climate factors that …

Scientists stick it to climate deniers: Study provides direct evidence that human activity is causing global warming

For the first time, researchers directly observed carbon dioxide trapping heat in the atmosphere

People who continue to deny that human activity is directly impacting climate change (looking at you, Inhofe) had better pay attention to this one: scientists, for the first time, have provided direct …


Scientists Observe Temperatures Warming In Response To Increased Carbon Dioxide

Everybody knows that. But now we've also seen it.

Greenhouse gas emissions, particularly those from carbon dioxide, are on the rise. They have been for a while, to the alarm of governments, activist groups, and just about anyone vaguely concerned with environmental issues around the world. …

Scientists just blew apart the myth of the global warming “pause”

A new study explains why manmade warming has appeared to slow down -- and why it's due to ramp up again soon

The so-called “pause” in global warming, object of much scientific study and climate denier mockery, is a mystery no more.

In a study published Thursday in the journal Science, three prominent …

Global Warming

Bill Nye destroys climate deniers’ most infuriating deflection

Nye appeared on MSNBC's "The Reid Report" on Monday evening

On Monday afternoon, Bill “The Science Guy” Nye spoke with MSNBC’s Joy Reid about climate change and the brutally cold weather the Northeast has been experiencing.

“Let’s not confuse climate change with global warming,” Nye warned. “The …

How an Uncommon Mineral Can Reduce the Climate Impact of an Eruption

Sulfur is one of the largest culprit of volcanic climate change, but some minerals can help reduce its impact.The post How an Uncommon Mineral Can …

A Global Warming Primer

It’s Not Too Late To Stop Climate Change, And It’ll Be Super-Cheap

Posted on

"It’s Not Too Late To Stop Climate Change, And It’ll Be Super-Cheap"


Humanity’s choice (via IPCC): Aggressive climate action ASAP (left …

Here's How We Know Global Warming Made This Week's Blizzard Worse

The oceans are getting warmer and that means bigger, badder storms in the future.

This story was originally published by Wired and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

Manhattan may have gotten the wimpy end of this week's Northeast snowstorm, but it chin-checked New England. …


Study: The world’s cities are being increasingly plagued by heat waves

Over four decades of global warming, the world's major urban areas are feeling the heat

If you’re in the half of the world’s population currently living in a city, climate change is affecting you where you live.

More heat waves and fewer cold spells have become the new normal for many of the world’s …

Study: Global warming 'doubles risk' of extreme weather

Extreme weather linked to natural climate events in the Pacific Ocean will double as the world warms, according to climate modelling.

Parts of the world will have weather patterns that switch between extremes of wet and dry, say scientists.

The US will see more droughts while flooding will become …

Gideon Mendel’s Portraits From a Drowning World

Since 2007 Gideon Mendel has been strapping on waders, flagging down boats, and taking his Rolleiflex film camera into floodwaters around the world. His ongoing project, “Drowning World,” features seemingly serene portraits of flood victims in unexpected places. The project is Mendel’s personal …

U.S. Senate voted 4 times in 2 days to deny existence of manmade global warming

In a series of votes that took place on Thursday and Friday, the U.S. Senate voted against four separate measures that would have put it on record as recognizing what the vast majority of climate scientists have shown for decades now: that global warming since the start of the industrial revolution …

An Arctic ice cap’s shockingly rapid slide into the sea

For years, scientists have documented the rapid retreat of Arctic ice, from melting glaciers in Greenland to shrinking snow cover in far northern …

Ocean heat content is climbing so quickly that the tracking chart 'broke'

The past two weeks have brought new signs that global warming is not only continuing, but may in some respects be accelerating. Three independent agencies in the United States and Japan made the announcement that 2014 was most likely the warmest year on record since at least 1880, and very likely …

135 years of global warming in one terrifying animation

Is it warm in here, or is it just us? The debate surrounding climate change, and specifically global warming, will rage on for years to come. There …

Climate Change

India shines with renewable energy announcement

GLAND, Switzerland: As world leaders gather in Lima, Peru for the next round of the UN climate negotiations, India announced that it intends to more …