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China to Plant ‘Green Necklace’ of Trees Around Beijing to Fight Smog

Senior Chinese officials have tried tackling their country’s chronic air-pollution problem in piecemeal ways — fining some polluting companies, investing in alternative energy sources and ordering lower-level officials to enforce standards, for example.<p>To the dismay of many, pollution levels remain …


In Bid To Improve Air Quality, Beijing Shutters Last Coal Plant

There is no clean, beautiful coal in Beijing anymore, to take from Donald Trump’s preferred way of describing the black rock used to power most of the world’s energy grid. Beijing has shuttered its last coal-fired power plant.<p>Years of deteriorating air quality have led the city on a mission to go …


Siberia permafrost: There are over 7,000 methane-filled bubbles 'ready to explode' in the Arctic

There are over 7,000 gas-filled bubbles in remote parts of Siberia that are set to explode, scientists have discovered. Following extensive field …

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Biofuel mixture could cut jet particle emissions by more than half, study suggests

Cleaner fuels offer environmental benefits, but so far remain costly<p>A blend of conventional jet fuel with biofuel has been found to significantly …

Loss of Arctic sea ice is hitting Beijing hard with more intense air pollution

The loss of sea ice in the Arctic has been linked to worse air pollution in Beijing despite efforts to reduce emissions of smog-creating gases and …

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‘Airpocalypse’ smog events in China linked to melting ice cap, research reveals

Stagnant weather caused by fast-melting Arctic ice helped create conditions for China’s recent extreme air pollution events, scientists say<p>Climate change played a major role in the extreme air pollution events suffered recently by China and is likely to make such “airpocalypses” more common, new …

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MMS 2000

SPECIFICATIONS<p>Measurement Method: Ion trap mass spectrometer<br>• Mass Range: 45–400 amu (standard)<br>Custom ranges over 15 amu to 500 amu available<br>• Ionization …


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Why 1st Detect?<p>1st Detect is a leading supplier of chemical detection and analysis instrumentation to the Security & Defense, Healthcare, …



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DX4000 - Portable FTIR Gas Analyzer

Technical Data<p>DX4000 FTIR Gas Analyzer<p>General parameters<p><b>Measuring principle:</b><p>Fourier transform infrared, FTIR<p><b>Performance:</b><p>Simultaneous analysis of up …


Pollution kills 1.7 million children every year, WHO reports

One out of every four deaths among young children is linked to environmental hazards, report finds<p>Exposure to environmental pollutants kills 1.7 million children under the age of five each year, according to two reports released on Monday by the World Health Organization (WHO). Worldwide, more than …

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Air pollution: New attempts to tackle Cairo’s black cloud

<b>Egyptians are bracing themselves for the next season of smog that has come to visit the skies of Cairo and the surrounding cities every year for nearly two decades.</b><p>Known in Egypt as the black cloud, the dense smoke first appeared over Nile Delta cities and Cairo in 1997. It spread rapidly and now …

Breathe easy? Air pollution trackers put to the test

Do the latest personal air pollution gadgets actually work?<p>BBC Click's Lara Lewington investigates if they can help her pick the healthiest route to take.


The WHO Estimates That Nearly 2 Million Children Die Of Pollution Every Year

When a disaster hits, those most likely to die are the most fragile: The very old and the very young. We know pollution is an enormous risk for the elderly, but no data had really been gathered on how it affected children. The answers, it turns out, are grim.<p>According to the World Health …


What does air pollution do to our bodies?

The BBC's science editor David Shukman examines the effect that air pollution has on our bodies.<p>UK scientists estimate that air pollution cuts British people's lives by an average of six months.


Nigeria's Port Harcourt covered in mystery cloud of soot

<b>The Nigerian city of Port Harcourt used to be known as "The Garden City". However, it has recently been covered in a blanket of black soot, which has prompted the federal government to declare a pollution emergency there.</b><p><b>Photos courtesy of AFP/Getty Images.</b>

A Lot Of US Smog Has Actually Floated Over From Asia, Scientists Say

“It is one atmosphere and we can’t treat our environment entirely separately from the global environment,” said one of the report’s authors.<p>Some smog over parts of the western United States originated as air pollution in Asia that then floated across the Pacific Ocean, according to a new scientific …


Deaths from particulate pollution: It’s worse than you think

PM2.5 is what used to be called fine soot, tiny particles less than 2.5 micrometers or less in diameter, about 1/30th the width of a human hair. …


Photos reveal how polluted the U.S. was before EPA was founded

It can be argued that the current presidential administration appears to lack interest in the traditional mission of the Environmental Protection …

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Dramatic disintegration of Canada permafrost threatens huge carbon release

Permafrost, or frozen soil, is rapidly collapsing across a 52,000 square mile area in northwest Canada – about the size of the entire state of …

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Small changes to airline routes could have big climate impact

An international research team has published a study claiming that airlines could significantly reduce their impact on the climate through …

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Build a Portable, Low Cost, Open Source Air Particle Counter

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A mystery soot has set off an air pollution panic in Nigeria’s oil hub city

Across Nigeria’s oil-producing Niger-Delta region, environmental pollution has long been a part of daily lives.<p>But while residents have become used to multiple oil spills which have damaged livelihoods and farmlands, they currently face a new kind of danger: rising black soot particles in the air. …


Libelium releases new IoT Smart Cities Platform enhancing accuracy in noise level and air quality pollution sensors

<i>With the aim to improve control on environmental emissions and sound pollution as key factors to combat climate change and to prevent the impact in</i> …

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Study finds link between air pollution and daily cause-specific mortality in China

In the largest epidemiological study conducted in the developing world, researchers found that as exposures to fine particulate air pollution in 272 …


European smog could be 27 times more toxic than air pollution in China

Smog in Europe and North America could be more than 25 times more lethal than the average air pollution found in Chinese cities, a new study suggests.<p>…

The West’s biggest coal plant may be about to shut down

The largest coal-fired power plant in the West — one of the biggest climate polluters in the nation — could close later this year, a major symbolic …

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