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Welcome to the most polluted place on Earth

Lake Karachay, located in the southern Ural Mountains in eastern Russia, is the most dangerous lake in the world.

In less that an hour you can receive a lethal dose of radiation (600 roentgens).

Back in the 1940s, Mayak (Russia’s secret nuclear-weapons factory that was built for the creation of …


Canadian wildfires wreak havoc as haze spreads across region – in pictures


Singapore and Indonesia Spar as Haze Breaks New High

Disputes between the two neighbors flare up regularly over haze. The Malay Peninsula has been plagued for decades by forest fires in Sumatra to the …


Peering Through the Haze: What Data Can Tell Us About the Fires in Indonesia | World Resources Institute

WRI has released updated data on the fires in Indonesia. Read the story here or see updated, real-time fire data on the new Global Forest Watch-Fires

Wildfires Consume the West: Pictures

Northern California

China's air kills 4,000 people a day – but not for long, say officials

Outdoor air pollution contributes to the deaths of about 4,400 people per day in China, according to a recent scientific paper.

The paper once again …


Burning Moscow river shoots thick plume of black smoke high into the air

An oil spill along Moscow's Moskva River caught fire Wednesday, sending flames and a towering plume of black smoke into the air. The fire allegedly started when a patch of grass along the river caught fire and then, in turn, ignited the oil slick.

The incident occurred where the Ring Oil Products …


Environmental Sensor Networks | Actionable Insights

Hello, we’re Aclima. We design and deploy environmental sensor networks that help people live aware.

Our networks reveal actionable insights about our …

The Quest to Build a Simple Air Quality Monitor

When I asked Bernie War how he liked living in Shanghai, the Miami native said he liked everything about it, except the air. He’s been there for three years. First, he started work on an open source air purifier. Then, he looked at building an air quality monitor. His most recent project, the Ella …

Air Quality

Spain wildfires: Firefighters battle huge blaze in Catalonia

The Catalonia region of Spain has seen its biggest forest fire this year, with more than 1,200 hectares (3,000 acres) burned in less than 24 hours.

Helicopters have been used to contain the fire, which broke out on Sunday.

Some 400 people were forced to leave their homes, but authorities said there …


Big data sensors not ready yet in Chicago

A year after researchers had planned to install "big data" sensors to track some of the vital signs of urban life along Michigan Avenue, the project has been delayed while scientists sort out kinks in their plans and seek financial and planning help.

To date, just two sensors have been put in place, …

Big Data

Aerosol Products

Operational Products

Aerosol Optical Thickness

Product is composite global field of Aerosol Optical Thickness based on one month of data of aerosol …

RSAT: Aerosol-One-Stop-Shop: SYNAER

Satellite Aerosol Products


Aerosol Instrument/ algorithm


Mission / Instrument

Data Access

Fine mode (over ocean)

MODIS collection 5

Assimilated Ozone Fields from OMI -- archive

40 CFR Part 58, Appendix G to Part 58 - Uniform Air Quality Index (AQI) and Daily Reporting | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

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View PDF at GPOPt. 58, App. G

Appendix G to Part 58—Uniform Air Quality Index (AQI) and Daily Reporting

General Requirements

1. What is the …

NCDENR - Division of Air Quality - Air Awareness - Air Quality Forecast Center - AQI Color Code Guide - AQI Calculation Table

Air Resources Laboratory - HYSPLIT Dust Modeling

HYSPLIT smoke calculation originated from a prescribed burn

The HYSPLIT model can be run to estimate the spatial and temporal evolution of smoke (as …

Cars on fire as California brush fires spread

A fast-moving brush fire in the Los Angeles area has shut down a major freeway and set cars on fire.

The flames, swept by desert winds, burned on both sides of Interstate 15, the main connecting road between southern California and Las Vegas.

Dozens of vehicles were abandoned as drivers ran to safety.


Nearly 9,500 people die each year in London because of air pollution – study

Nearly 9,500 people die early each year in London due to long-term exposure to air pollution, more than twice as many as previously thought, according to new research.

The premature deaths are due to two key pollutants, fine particulates known as PM2.5s and the toxic gas nitrogen dioxide (NO2), …


Volcanic ash detector network to be installed around UK

A network of ash detectors is to be installed across the United Kingdom to help prevent volcanic ash cloud shutting down European airspace.

An ash cloud from Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull led to airlines cancelling flights in 2010.

Aviation authorities and the Met Office were accused by some …

United Kingdom

Mexico's Colima volcano triggers evacuations

Hundreds of people have been evacuated from villages around a volcano in western Mexico amid fears of a major eruption.

Ash from the Colima volcano is falling on local communities, and authorities have sealed off a 12km (7.5 mile) area. The local airport has also been closed.

Mexico's interior …


Wildfires In Canada And Alaska Drive Thousands From Homes

"Extreme." "Unprecedented." "Historic." Those are just a few of the words being used to describe the start of this year's fire season in North America.

The wildfires are centered in the northwest of the continent, but their consequences are far-reaching. Thick smoke has blanketed parts of Wisconsin …


Indonesia volcanic ash causes new Bali airport closure

The airport on the Indonesian island of Bali has been forced to shut again due to ash from a volcanic eruption, authorities say.

The transport ministry said Denpasar airport would remain closed until at least 16:00 (08:00 GMT).

Mount Raung in East Java has been spewing ash into the air for nearly a …


Smoke Blankets British Columbia : Image of the Day

A difficult fire season in western Canada brought its impacts to coastal city streets in early July 2015. A thick pall of smoke settled over …

Helium Leaking from Earth in Southern California

A natural helium leak in Southern California reveals that the Newport-Inglewood fault is deeper than once thought — with a direct line from the …

Making All Cars Driverless Would Reduce Emissions By 90 Percent

The green argument for driverless cars

With large tech companies like Google and Uber circling driverless cars, the conversation has mostly been one of “how soon can we do this?” and not “should we?” Of course, autonomous cars would be cool, but what are the advantages besides the obvious luxury of …

Driverless Cars

The science behind the summer pollen count

This week saw the highest temperature for a July day ever recorded in the UK, but while many enjoyed being outdoors, others were suffering.

It's peak season for pollen at the moment and with an estimated 31 million people suffering from hayfever, the pollen count is an important part of the weather …

Public Broadcasters

Personal Weather Station Monitor app review: offering timely weather report from the Weather Underground network

Personal Weather Station Monitor offers updated weather reports and data derived from the extensive network of Weather Underground. Full Article...


Mass evacuation in Tennessee after train with toxic substance derails

More than 5,000 residents of the US state of Tennessee have been evacuated after a freight train carrying toxic chemicals derailed and caught fire.

The train was carrying a flammable, toxic substance called acrylonitrile when it came off the rails near Maryville, just outside Knoxville.

Firefighters …