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Environment: 0 million cleanup ordered at coal-burning, pollution-spewing Four Corners power plant – Topic Hubs

New pollution controls will cut emissions at the Four Corners power plant. Settlement includes requirements for regional public health and …


Deformation of Falling Rain Drops

Radar reflectivity factor

Given the drop-size distribution of a sample of rain, the radar reflectivity factor may be computed by summing the sixth-powers of the diameters of …


How NEXRAD sees the atmosphere

NEXRAD has greatly improved the detection of meteorologic events such as thunderstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes. When rain, snow, or hail intercepts …

Indoor air pollution may kill 4 million a year - South

Household air pollution may have caused around 4.3 million premature deaths from respiratory diseases in 2012, mainly in developing countries, …

Air Pollution

Chile's Santiago declares smog emergency

Authorities in Chile's capital Santiago have imposed emergency measures amid rising pollution.

According to city officials, pollution has reached a "critical level".

Under the measures, around 40% of cars with a catalyst and 80% of those without are banned from the streets from 07:30 until 21:00 on …


Illiteracy about this energy source is outright killing millions of people worldwide every year

This article originally appeared on Quora as Ryan Carlyle's answer to the question:What are some policies that would improve millions of lives, but people still oppose?

Anti-science activism and statistics-illiterate fear-mongering are killing millions of people. It's shocking and horrifying to …


Alaska’s climate hell: Record heat, wildfires and melting glaciers signal a scary new normal

The Arctic state is battling two major blazes against a backdrop of rapid warming

Here’s the immediate problem: Alaska is on fire. Wildfires have been raging all week in the northernmost state: two major ones are currently being fought near the communities of Sterling (#CardStreetFire) and Willow …


Pictures of the Week 6.19.15


Belgium and Bulgaria in the EU dock over poor air quality

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU regulators are referring Belgium and Bulgaria to the bloc's top court over the quality of their air, which poses a major risk to health, the European Commission said on Thursday.

It has also issued a final warning to Sweden that it needs to take action.

Commission data shows …

Docking Stations

Why Brazil's megadrought is a Wall Street failure

It’s hard to overestimate the appalling environmental and economic crisis that’s brewing in Brazil right now. The country is in the grip of a crippling megadrought – the result of pollution, deforestation and climate change – that deeply threatens its economy, society and environment. And the …

Wall Street

Infographics - Where Does the Air Pollution Come From?

Did you ever ask yourself: where does air pollution come from? The Infographic below explains what indoor air pollution can consist of and shows you …

Air Pollution

Smoke from Canadian fires seen over Europe — EUMETSAT

On 13 June smoke from wildfires in Canada travelled over parts of Northern Europe.

By Jochen Kerkmann, Phil Nolan and Sancha Lancaster (EUMETSAT) and …


Photo of twin tornadoes was storm chaser's 'unicorn' shot

Hail as big as golf balls slammed into him as drenching rain fell, but none of that mattered. Weather photographer Kelly DeLay sensed this was his moment to capture the kind of rare natural phenomenon that fuels the adrenaline of a storm chaser.

And at 7:04 p.m. on June 4, DeLay snapped the …


Parrot unveils 13 new minidrones to tackle air, sea and land

Well, here's a fun surprise! Parrot has just revealed a pile of inexpensive new minidrones, 13 in all, including one that tackles a new medium: water. That hybrid UAV/Boat is called the Hydrofoil Drone, and is joined by a couple of new 'Jumping' drones and a new flying model, the 'Airborne.' Parrot …


NASA releases climate changes projections: winter isn’t coming

The world you grew up in is not going to be the same in 2100 if NASA’s climate change projections are correct. Ellen Stofan, NASA chief scientist, …


Environmental impact of aviation

The environmental impact of aviation occurs because aircraft engines emit heat, noise, particulates and gases which contribute to climate change[1][2] …

Adventure Travel

E.P.A. Takes Step to Cut Emissions From Planes

The Obama administration said on Wednesday that it would take the first step toward regulating greenhouse gas emissions from airplanes, but it acknowledged it would most likely take years before stringent standards are enacted.

The Environmental Protection Agency said that emissions from airplanes …


Sinabung Volcano erupts in Indonesia, forcing evacuations

Thick plumes of volcanic ash and flowing lava are spewing from Mount Sinabung.

About 2,700 people have been evacuated from the Indonesian island of Sumatra because of the increased volcanic activity in the region during the past two weeks.

Those who have been evacuated are from four villages south …


Climate change is making Mexico City unbreathable

The higher the temperatures, the greater the air pollution, and last year was the hottest in Mexico's history

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — On a sweaty May morning in this sprawling mountain capital, residents heard a painfully familiar warning on the radio and TV.

Air pollution was at dangerous levels, …


Rise in Deaths Even When Smog Is Below EPA Standard


A Portrait of Global Winds

High-resolution global atmospheric modeling provides a unique tool to study the role of weather within Earth’s climate system.


Volcano Erupts in Galapagos -- but Wildlife Has Bigger Problems

The eruption of a mile-high volcano on one of the Galapagos Islands this week has triggered concerns for the fragile and world-renowned ecosystem on …


Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Asthma


Slideshow: 10 Wost Smog Cities in America


Slideshow: 10 Worst Cities for Spring Allergies


A Home Air Quality Monitor That Can Be Checked Out From The Library

Air pollution comes from many sources — power plants, industrial production and fires, to name a few. In Pittsburgh, the most polluted city east of California, according the American Lung Association, avoiding dirty air while outdoors can be difficult, if not impossible. But a new device, available …

Air Quality

Azerbaijan fire deaths prompt 'flammable cladding' protest

Thousands of people in Azerbaijan have protested on social media at the use of flammable building cladding after a deadly fire at an apartment block.

Fifteen people were killed and dozens more were injured in the blaze at the 16-storey block in the capital, Baku.

Several thousand said they would …