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ZTE's Axon Elite can be unlocked with your eyes, fingerprints or voice

BERLIN — Still tapping your phone to unlock it? ZTE's Axon Elite lets you use your eyes, fingerprints and voice to unlock it instead.

The Chinese telecommunications company announced its latest Android smartphone on Thursday at IFA in Berlin.

Whereas the Axon Pro was designed in the U.S. specifically …

Central Nervous System

ASUS at IFA 2015

How To Show & Hide Caller ID iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Dropbox App Won't Open on Mac OS X - Fix

Stop over chatty group messages

Addictive app Byte turns your iPhone into stupid, creative fun

If there’s anyone at TNW who is really into what the hip kids are looking at, it’s Owen Williams. My Amsterdam-based colleague slipped a URL of an app launching today, Byte, into our Slack channel and left it there for me to find.

What I didn’t expect was spending an ungodly long time staring at …


'Borderlands' is the latest backwards compatible game on Xbox One

Even if you spent $399 on the ultra-crazy edition of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection there was a pretty gaping hole in it. No, I'm not talking about what that purchase did to your bank account, I mean the anthology's distinct lack of the series' first game. Well, for Xbox One owners that's …


Droners is a marketplace where you can hire a drone and operator for anything you want

If you like the idea of getting drone footage, but aren’t really that interested in operating and owning a drone yourself, then there are a few options for you.

One is something like the Photokite Phi, but that would still involve owning a drone, even if it does remove the need to really operate it …


Gear S2 propels Samsung into sleeker design, focus on apps

Samsung's newest smartwatches work with the most recent Android phones and support Samsung Pay, among other features.

Enlarge Image

BERLIN -- Samsung …


Apple may release a brand new iMac with an incredibly sharp screen soon

It looks like Apple will be adding a new iMac to its lineup come October. The company is reportedly planning to release a version of its 21.5-inch iMac with a stunning 4K display, according to 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman.

The company will unveil the new iMac in October, and it's expected to start shipping …


Amazon brings Goodreads to UK Kindle users

Amazon has updated its Kindle ebook readers and Fire tablets with Goodreads integration in the UK and Ireland, bringing book recommendations and shared notes from the 40 million-strong readers’ community.

The e-commerce giant acquired Goodreads back in March 2013, and began adding features to its …


Google expands health conditions feature to over 900 illnesses

Google's health conditions feature is about making it easier to find information about an illness. So, when there's a local outbreak, or you get early symptoms, you can be better prepared. Mountain View has doubled the number of diseases in its database, bringing the number up to over 900 -- …


Apple launches a new Twitter account to help you find great iOS games

Apple may not care much for desktop gaming, but with iOS, it’s created a solid platform for mobile entertainment.

The company has begun tweeting from a new account, @AppStoreGames, which highlights iOS titles curated by its editors.

Along with hot releases, Apple will also share weekly previews of …

App Store

Is a 12.9-inch iPad Pro coming soon?

12 Things We’re Hoping to See at the September 9 Apple Event

We can safely say that the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be coming with Force Touch and a nicer camera, but what else does Apple have in store for its fans? Here are 12 things we hope to see during the September 9 iPhone announcement.

1. Eddie Cue busting a move.

Apple's senior vice president of …

Tim Cook

Skype redesigns its Android and iOS apps with easier navigation, enhanced search, and better multi-tasking

Microsoft today updated its Skype apps for Android and iOS with a big focus on the look and feel. You can download the new apps now directly from Google Play and Apple App Store (iPhone, iPad).

The company says it has “redesigned Skype to be much more natural and intuitive,” although it will take a …


Google’s New Street View App Less You Browse 360-Degree Imagery, Share Your Own Panoramic Photos

It’s no “street view for cats,” but Google’s newly launched Street View mobile app does promise to make it easier to explore Google Map’s immersive, 360-degree imagery as well as contribute your own photos to improve the overall Google Maps experience.

The app, which is actually an update and …

Google Maps

Man creates home-made helicopter from 54 drones

A YouTube user has posted footage online of a unique flying machine, harnessing the power of dozens of miniature drones

When is a drone not a drone? When it's got a pilot sitting inside it, that's when.

So although we're not quite sure how best to describe the flying machine in the video above, we're …


World's first truly wireless headphones unveiled

Japanese electronics company Onkyo has announced the W800BT headphones, claiming they are the first with earbuds not connected by wires

The world’s first “true wireless” in-ear headphones have been unveiled at the IFA technology show in Berlin, by Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer …


Is the 140 character limit holding Twitter back?

Could Twitter's defining feature be preventing its international growth?

As with so many of the technologies that are now part of our digital furniture, one of Twitter’s most famous features – the 140 character limit – was incidental and almost accidental.

Its co-founder, Jack Dorsey once explained …

Social Media

Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic: hands-on

Samsung has finally caved in and created a round-faced smartwatch, which feels like a leap forward for the company says Sophie Curtis

After months of pressure, Samsung has finally launched its first round-faced smartwatch, the Gear S2, featuring a 1.2-inch 360x360 circular screen and a rotating …


Samsung Gear S2 hands-on!

Clear Cache, Cookies and Data in Google Chrome Mac / Windows

Samsung finally has an elegant smartwatch in the Gear S2

Few companies have churned out as many different smartwatches as Samsung, so it's little surprise the company is showing off a new one — the Gear S2 — at IFA. What is a surprise, though, is how much more elegant, more polished the S2 feels compared to just about all of Samsung's previous attempts. …


T-Mobile lets you dial up a video chat just like a regular call

T-Mobile has launched a video calling feature that you can access straight from your smartphone's stock phone dialer. With T-Mobile Video Calling, "there's no need to search out, download, configure and register additional apps," said CTO Neville Ray. It seamlessly switches between LTE and WiFi and …


Let Tripomatic plan your next trip, and never miss the sights again

Tripomatic, an impressive, universal app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, promises to ensure users never miss the must-see tourist sights of …


TwoDots will bring new levels every week with Treasure Hunt, an in-game competition event

If you don’t think addictive mobile puzzle TwoDots updates with new levels fast enough, things are about to change. We’ve got an exclusive look inside Treasure Hunt, the game’s newest feature that aims to push new levels to users every seven days.

Treasure Hunt is a weekly event that features a …

Chrome Custom Tabs makes transitioning from app to the Web insanely fast

Google is making your transition from native apps to the mobile Web a bit faster. Chrome Custom Tabs allow apps to pre-load, cutting the time it takes to load a webpage in half.

Custom Tabs will start working “in the coming weeks” from partners like Feedly, Medium and Tumblr. Google also writes …

Google Chrome

Apple admits it has 'homework to do' to improve Apple Music

Apple has “a bit of homework to be done” to improve its Apple Music streaming service, the company’s international iTunes boss has said.

Apple Music launched in June as a rival to Spotify and while it has been praised for its curated playlists it has been criticised over its user interface and bugs …

Music (UK)