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New emojis let you throw shade with style

Reactions to the Red iPhone 7, new iPads and Clips (Apple Byte)

Workflow acquired by Apple: one of the best apps for power users is now free

The app for automating common actions on iOS and iPad will remain on the app store, but its $2.99 pricetag has been slashed to nothing<p>Apple has acquired Workflow, a popular iOS app for automating common actions on iPads and iPhones.<p>The app, which fills a similar niche on iOS to services such as …


Yes, Facebook, I am safe – no thanks for asking

Facebook turned on Safety Check during the Westminster attack. In telling friends you are ‘not marked as safe’, is it providing another avenue for fear?<p>This morning, after reading the latest news updates about the terror attack on Westminster, I fired up Facebook. There I was met with an atypical …


Get your retro Pokémon fix with this Gameboy emulator for Apple Watch

If you think you’re a die-hard Pokemon fan, you haven’t met Gabriel O’Flaherty Chan yet.<p>O’Flaherty-Chan, a software developer, created a Game Boy Color emulator for the Apple Watch after noticing the lack of one in the iOS store. Building off the existing Gambatte emulator, he created <i>Giovanni</i>, …


Chrome 57 to limit power consumption for background tabs

If you use Chrome as your main browser, you’d be happy to hear that the latest version throttles background tabs to prolong battery life on your device.<p>If you are like me and rely almost exclusively on Chrome, you might have noticed that Google’s browser consumes a lot of battery power. That’s …


Starbucks brings mobile payment to India with the new Starbucks India app

Starbucks has finally launched its official mobile app in India. The Starbucks India app provides a fast and convenient way for customers to pay for in-store purchases and earn Stars through their My Starbucks Rewards account.<p>Starbucks entered the Indian market in October 2012 through a 50:50 Joint …


McDonald’s testing its ordering app in select markets

McDonald’s has seen traffic declines for four consecutive years, leaving the whole team wondering what to do to turn things around. Forbes puts McDonald’s as the #9 most valuable company in the world, and its golden arches are recognized worldwide. How do you improve a service that has used a …

Black Market

Chrome 57 will save on battery life by throttling background tabs

For many of us, Chrome is the biggest drain on our laptop batteries. As you might imagine, that’s due in part to having several tabs open at once. Thankfully, Google is working on a solution to our battery woes.<p>Version 57 of the browser is being retooled to throttle background tabs so they consume …


Google's new app lets parents control how kids are using their phones

You can do pretty much anything on a smartphone nowadays. That’s generally a good thing, but it can present a tough balancing problem for parents who want to give young children access to technology while still keeping tabs on what they’re doing.<p>Google’s new Android app, Family Link, aims to solve …


9 iPhone apps no one should leave home without

With 2 million apps in the Apple App Store, it’s hard to figure out where to get started. Whether you just switched to iOS or you simply have never …


Google's security AI is now so smart it doesn't need to ask if you're "not a robot"

Google’s security AI has become so smart, it can now tell whether you’re a human or a robot without asking you to check a box or solve annoying puzzles… most of the time, anyway.<p>We’ve all come across CAPTCHAs, those challenges that ask you to type in the characters you see in scrambled images (the …


These 5 simple tricks will extend your iPhone’s battery

While we wait for the battery life improvements promised by iOS 9, we’re taking a look at some nifty tricks to get more out of your iPhone‘s battery …


Hands On: Microsoft OneNote is powerful, but needs Office to shine

The strength and weakness of Microsoft's note taking app, OneNote, is that it works best alongside Word and Outlook. AppleInsider tries it in and out …

Microsoft OneNote

Watch Out For Apple Watch Series 3: A Superior Digital Wrist Piece

Rumors are rife about the third edition of Apple Inc.’s popular wrist gadget. Global smartwatch sales and those of other wearable gadgets are seeing …


Get ready for March Madness

Google Hangouts gets new features, GIFs finally hit Android GBoard

16 secret WhatsApp features that everyone should know about

Whatsapp has swiftly grown from a small startup to one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over one billion users.<p>While you may use it every day, you might be unaware of the cool tricks and secret features hiding in the app.<p>Here are our favourite 16.<p>Use the new typewriter font<p>To …


Prisma: The 14 best creations from the app that turns your photos into art


How to use the Amazon Echo and Alexa

The Amazon Echo and its little brother, the Echo Dot, have been a hit since they were released in the UK last year. Controlled entirely by speaking, its virtual assistant Alexa can be summoned with just a word, used to play music, set alarms or check the weather.<p>However, getting to grips with what …

Amazon Echo

10 most influential portable gadgets – in pictures

From the first box camera to the ghetto blaster and the Sony Walkman, these are the devices that brought our favourite tech out into the open

Gear & Gadgets

How to charge your iPhone faster

Fast charging is a feature on many Android phones, allowing them to gain as much as 50 percent battery in 30 minutes in most instances. We have yet to see Apple officially bring much innovation in this space to the iPhone (hopefully we will later this year), however there are a couple tricks you …


Twitter for iOS adds new storage setting for managing & clearing cached data

Twitter today is rolling out an update to its iOS app that makes it easier to manage the storage space used by the app, allowing you to regain some of your device’s internal storage. The update brings Twitter for iOS to version 6.7.31 and is available now on the App Store.<p>Mujjo Wallet iPhone 7 …


Google takes on Slack with new Hangouts 'Chat' and 'Meet' apps

Ever since Google launched Allo and Duo, we’ve known that Hangouts would be making the transition from a consumer-focused product to a business one. That change begins today with the announcement of Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet.<p>While the standard Hangouts app will stick around for a while, it’s …


Why your smart TV is the perfect way to spy on you

In a world of internet connected devices that could be targeted by hackers in a number of ways it has become common parlance to hear of smartphones and computers being hacked and turned into spying tools. But recently another common device has been added to the roster of possible monitors: smart …


Why are people posting the 8-Ball emoji on Facebook and what does it mean?

Facebook users are changing their status to the 8-ball emoji as part of a campaign to raise awareness about prostate cancer.<p>The black eight ball has been popping up on Facebook feeds in the last few days, with many people searching online for why people are sharing the emoji.<p>Many people are …


Apple, Samsung and Microsoft react to Wikileaks' CIA dump

<b>Several of the tech firms whose products have been allegedly compromised by the CIA have given their first reactions to the claims.</b><p>Wikileaks published thousands of documents said to detail the US spy agency's hacking tools on Tuesday.<p>They included allegations the CIA had developed ways to listen in …


Circle with Disney launches Alexa and rewards apps integration

Circle with Disney, a device that gives you control over your kids' internet activities by connecting to your WiFi network, now has a "smart family" platform. It's called Circle Connection, and it gives you a way to connect the device's accompanying application with various apps you can use to …