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The keyboard returns as Blackberry goes back to the future

Reports of the death of the BlackBerry appear to be premature with the company announcing a new phone which will be made under licence.<p>The phone, which will be called the BlackBerry KEYone will have physical keyboard as it did during its heyday.<p>In September it announced it was stopping making …


Google brings Assistant to Android phones

<b>Google's voice-activated digital assistant will soon be available on smartphones running the latest versions of the Android operating system.</b><p>Until now, Google Assistant had only been available on the firm's own Pixel phones.<p>The service, like Siri on iPhones, allows users to interact with apps and …


MWC 2017: LG G6 phone wants to run two apps at once

LG's latest flagship smartphone has an elongated display in order to make it better suited to showing two apps at once.<p>But the G6 has shunned the modular design of its predecessor meaning it no longer supports slide-in hardware enhancements.<p>The device was unveiled a day ahead of the Mobile World …

Mobile World Congress

Moto G5 Plus has a metal build and flagship camera

The Nokia 3310 is back and so is Snake

Nokia 6 is pure Android Nougat in a sleek aluminium body

Nokia 3310 is back - and it even has Snake

The ‘indestructible’ handset returns, complete with one-month standby time, colour screen and bags of nostalgia<p>The rumours are true – the Nokia 3310 is back, and it even has Snake. The updated version of the early noughties icon, famed for its seemingly indestructible qualities, was unveiled at the …

Mobile Technology

iPhone muggers turn to phishing to access the device

If your phone was stolen or got lost somewhere, keep an eye out for any suspicious texts or emails: thieves and muggers could have a high-tech trick up their sleeves. A Brazilian woman who got robbed began receiving phishing attempts not long after the event. Her husband told <i>Krebs on Security</i> that …


BlackBerry KeyOne has a physical keyboard filled with neat tricks

10 most influential games consoles – in pictures

It all began with the Magnavox Odyssey, and there have been some truly brilliant, innovative machines since. But which made the cut?<p>10 most influential mobile phones


Google is bringing Allo to desktops, but maybe it should kill some other apps first

Google’s VP of communications products Nick Fox took to Twitter to share a screenshot of an upcoming browser-based version of the company’s AI-powered Allo messaging app, which you can see above.<p>Fox didn’t specify a release date for the desktop version or whether Allo would continue to be tied to a …


The best 8 apps for iPad Pro


This site transforms your doodles into atrocious cat monsters

Machine learning has provided humanity with a powerful tool for creating horrid images of doom. Not only in the figurative ‘AI will kill us all’ sense, but also in the literal ‘OMG LOOK AT THIS ‘ sense. Remember Google’s DeepDream?<p>Now you do.<p>No image, however innocent or cute, is safe from being …

Machine Learning

Which internet-only TV service should Apple device owners use?

Feature<p>People truly wanting to cut the cord now have three major internet TV services to choose from: Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and DirecTV Now. All …

Apple TV

Instagram now lets you share 10 photos and videos in one post

Following up on its test a couple of weeks ago, Instagram is making a major change to its platform: you can now share multiple images in a single post.<p>The feature has long been available to advertisers, but this is the first time it’s becoming generally available to the public. To access the …


ColorWare offers custom-colored AirPods because earwax looks great on Jet Black

Apple isn’t big on options. Its $159 headphone, the AirPod, is a prime example. It only comes in two colors: white, and the color white used to be after you’ve used it six months.<p>Ahem, moving on.<p>Colorware, the company behind the retro-themed iPhone and MacBook, is back at it. For the ridiculously …


Do you have one of the most common passwords? They’re ridiculously easy to guess

If your password is "123456", "qwerty" or even "password", it would be a good idea to change it right now.<p>The three terms are among the most commonly-used passwords of 2015, according to an annual ranking from a security group.<p>SplashData, which collates passwords from data breaches in America and …


Microsoft app lets motor neurone disease sufferers speak by moving their eyes

A new smartphone app could give people with motor neurone disease the power to speak using only their eyes.<p>GazeSpeak interprets eye signals and registers them as letters, allowing the person to formulate words and sentences.<p>Eye movements can become the only way for people with motor neurone …

Motor Neurone Disease

Six questions about your phone's battery answered

Battery life is a perennial problem for smartphone owners. While our handsets have become faster and more powerful over the years, smartphone batteries often last less than a day under heavy use, or even moderate use after a few months.<p>The lithium-ion battery has been around for more than two …


WhatsApp returns to its roots with its Snapchat-style Status feature

Last September, we saw a Snapchat-like beta feature in WhatsApp’s Android app that let you share photos, videos and GIFs as your ‘Status’. It’s finally ready for prime-time, and it’s rolling out to iOS, Android and Windows Phone starting today.<p>As we noted back then, it is an awful lot like Snapchat …


This video app promises to keep your homemade sex tapes private

Few things can heat up your love-making sessions as much as getting into homemade videos. However, while some have made careers out of it, having your sex tapes leaked to the internet is simply plain embarrassing and nerve-racking. But fret no more: There’s an app that will keep your raunchy …


Facebook TV is happening, rivaling Netflix and YouTube

10 best applocks for Android

The applock is perhaps the most rudimentary of security apps. The way it works is that it will lock up your other apps from prying eyes. That way you don’t have to worry about someone accessing your Facebook, gallery app, or banking app. They work best when paired with a lock screen lock to give …


Hands-on with the 01: the ‘dimensioning instrument’ that can measure any object

A pen-like device linked to a smartphone app, this gadget claims to be more accurate than a ruler – but will it go the distance?<p>Billed as “the world’s first dimensioning tool”, the InstruMMent 01 looks like a pen, writes like a pen and doubles up as a handheld measuring device. Late last year, its …

Wearable Tech

How to permanently delete your Facebook account

<b>Had enough of Facebook? Here's how to permanently remove your profile from the social network</b><p>Facebook can be a great tool for staying in touch with friends and family but, for some people, the constant bombardment of updates, messages, likes, pokes and advertisements can all become a bit …


10 Best iOS 10 Tips Every iPhone User Should Know

iOS 10 is, arguably, the biggest update to come to iPhone. Not since the total redesign of iOS 7 have we seen changes this big to the iPhone’s operating system. From voicemail transcription (aka visual voicemail) to Siri with third-party integration, there’s a lot of new features to learn how to …


How to Send Your Heartbeat to Someone in Messages

One of the new (very odd) things you can do with Messages in iOS 10 is send your heartbeat to someone. If your loved one is concerned you’ve turned into a zombie, send them your pulse to let them know you’re still very much alive. Luckily, sending your heartbeat in Messages is quite easy to do. I’m …


Social Media Is Too Important to Be Left to the Marketing Department

When customers need help, they expect companies to offer it quickly and through multiple social media channels — but most companies aren’t set up to do that. Some companies increase their social media staff to offer live responses during big events like the Super Bowl or the Grammys, but then they …

Social Media Marketing

Amazon Echo – How To Change Name / Wake Word

The above Amazon Echo video tutorial shows users how to change the Echo wake word from Alexa to either Echo or Amazon.Currently Amazon does not …

Amazon Echo