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Horizon - JBS Mandala Creations | Jolie Buchanan

Wishes - JBS Black & White | Jolie Buchanan


Paint Out Time! - JBS: Gratitudes | Jolie Buchanan

Dream - JBS: Framed Artwork | Jolie Buchanan

Time .... - Abstract | Jon Davatz Photo

Dark fores | Jett Paris

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Photo 40

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A dream come true - Rays of Light | Lars van de Goor

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Her Glow - Expressive art | James Mincey

All Woman<br>who lets her colors show.<br>Fights for her beliefs<br>and not afraid to glow.<br>#femaleart #vectorart #expressiveart

Take a Tour of These Imaginary Villas by Ana Popescu

Romanian born artist and illustrator, Ana Popescu explores her artistic ability in this series of paintings of mid-century modernist villas, entitled</i> …

Landscape Sculptures Made of Wood and Glass

Artist and designer Greg Klassen is known for his unique tables that mimic rivers, lakes and waterfalls from an aerial view. He uses the …

Photo 38

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A Gif Archive of the Most Famous Legends of Sports

From creatives Dan Koo and Matt Garcia comes a series of gifs called <i>The Infinity League</i>, based on the various legends of sports that have become …

Artists of the World Pay Homage to David Lynch in Honor of the Return of Twin Peaks

To celebrate the return or <i>Twin Peaks,</i> Spoke NYC has organized an art exhibition called In Dreams as a tribute to director David Lynch. The exhibition …

Close to the Heart - UV Bodyscapes | John Poppleton

Photo 33

Robots - Photo 22

Photo 12

Photo 21

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Photo 1

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Watercolor - Photo 2

NASA Releases Retro Travel Posters Playfully Enc... | Daniel Zeevi

I would have never imagined this day will come... | Manuel Gardina

I would have never imagined this day will come - me painting FLOWERS. I won't come back to this argument very soon.

Here is a great infographic that has been feature... | David Eaves

Here is a great infographic that has been featured on the website with information about the legendary Banksy. Read about his …

@}- 4 u :-D - my photomanip | Opel Mendoza

Living in a Technicolo... - Factorialist - Articles | Factorialist

What we see is only a tiny sliver of the electromagnetic<p><b>Factorialist</b> <b>Factorialist</b><p>What we see is only a tiny sliver of the electromagnetic spectrum, …

Greetings from Asbury Park - City Photography | Steven Hughes

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29 WAYS TO STAY CREATIVE - Inspiration | Daniel Zeevi

How to stay #creative<p><b>Daniel Zeevi</b> <b>Daniel Zeevi</b><p>How to stay #creative<p>July 3, 2015<p>453 Views<p>How to stay #creative<p>Board<p>Inspiration<p>1 Comments<p><b>11</b><p><b>Steven Hughes</b> …

The Peanut Butter to My Jelly: Adorable Illustrations That Personify Classically Paired Foods

<b>Macaroni and cheese. Peanut butter and jelly. Bacon and eggs. Spaghetti and meatballs. Milk and cereal.</b> Foods that we all know go perfectly …