The Year of 2015

By Darby Krajicek | 2015

Troop pullout on agenda for Afghan president's US visit

The timeline for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is expected to be high on the agenda during Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's first visit to Washington this week.<p>Ghani, who arrived in the US on Sunday, is due to meet US President Barack Obama on Tuesday and will also hold meetings with …


A Year of War Completely Destroyed the Donetsk Airport

In Donetsk, in eastern Ukraine, the Sergey Prokofiev International Airport has been reduced from a modern transportation hub to piles of scorched rubble in less than a year of warfare. As recently as last May, the airport was still operating and in good condition, though international flights had …


The World Mourns Charlie

7 Trends That Will Shape How You Travel in 2015

The new year brings the promise of 365 new days to plan trips and see the world. And 2015 is shaping up to be rather interesting for travelers. From wellness retreats to ultra-affordable luxury, here are the burgeoning travel trends we're most excited about.<p><b>In the Spotlight: New Hotel …

Banff National Park

What U.S. Intelligence Predicted the World Would Look Like in 2015

Shortly before 9/11, officials foresaw a fundamental shift in the nature of power.<p>Nine months before the September 11 attacks—and just days after the Supreme Court halted the Florida recount, handing the presidency to George W. Bush—U.S. intelligence officials published an 85-page prediction for …


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MPs likely to vote to recognise Palestine as a state

Motion is only symbolic and ministers will abstain, since official UK government position is to support talks for two-state solution<p>The House of Commons is likely to recognise Palestine as a state for the first time on Monday as MPs debate a motion on its right to independence.<p>Labour MPs will be …


Growing Popular Resentment Could Lead To The End Of ISIS

Growing inequality and a general lack of concern for civilians living under ISIS's rule could eventually spell the end of the group, Elizabeth Palmer and Khaled Wassef report for CBS News.<p>In Raqqa, Syria, ISIS's de facto capital, civilians chaffing under the jihadist's strict rule are becoming …

Islamic State (ISIS)

Valor and Defiant to race for future Army $100 Bn helicopter replacement program

The US Army has selected two contractors to design and build future helicopters under the service Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator JMR-TD). …


Could Super Ghost become the future Littoral Combatant?

Juliet Marine Systems a small company from Portsmouth, N.H., has developed a unique high-speed watercraft called Ghost that could take on missions …