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The great unraveling of globalization

In late 2013, Cisco chief executive John Chambers used a portentous phrase while telling analysts that sales in emerging markets were spiraling …


Japan plans to land rover on moon in 2018

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Land Rover

These Animals Might Go Extinct Because No One Wants To Eat Them

The Steller's sea cow, the passenger pigeon and the New Zealand moa all went extinct because people developed a taste for their meat.

But other animals are going their way precisely because they are no longer preferred table fare. The Livestock Conservancy, a North Carolina organization that …


Billionaires versus big oil

A growing number of the world’s wealthiest people, From both ends of the political spectrum, are banding together to bet on new technologies that could displace fossil fuels. The one thing they have in common? They believe it will make them a lot of money.

Above illustration by Vladimir Shelest:


Liquid mercury found under Mexican pyramid could lead to king's tomb

An archaeologist has discovered liquid mercury at the end of a tunnel beneath a Mexican pyramid, a finding that could suggest the existence of a king’s tomb or a ritual chamber far below one of the most ancient cities of the Americas.

Mexican researcher Sergio Gómez told Reuters on Friday that he …


NASA May Have Accidentally Created a Warp Field

“Star Trek” introduced the world outside of rocket science circles to the concept of warp drive – the propulsion system that allowed the starship …

Star Trek

Drought: Pleasanton among first cities to enact water fines

In a taste of what’s likely to come for much of the Bay Area, the city of Pleasanton this week moved to crack down on big water users with fines.

Starting May 15, city water customers will have to reduce their water consumption by 25 percent, compared to 2013, or pay a penalty that varies with how …

Natural Resources

Pastor Creflo Dollar Blames Satan For Blocking His Dream Of Purchasing A $65 Million Jet For Jesus

It’s been about a month since word spread about Creflo Dollar’s fundraising campaign to purchase a new $65 million Gulfstream G650 private jet, a campaign that failed almost immediately after the public scratched their head at anybody truly needing a $65 million jet to spread the gospel.

But …


South Park: Christian Broadcast Channel

The Next Great Gold Rush Won't Be Taking Place on Earth

There's a new gold rush heating up, but the hunt isn't for oil, gas or tech stocks — it's for asteroids.
There are more than 10,000 near-Earth …

Gold Rush

Son of Hubble to peers back in time

If you're hunting for the earliest galaxies and clues about potential life on other planets you are going to need a very big mirror and a golf ball of gold.

They are both necessary for the construction of The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), intended as the successor to the Hubble instrument that …


Five Hundred Soldiers Fought Against One AK-47 Wielding Bride in Moldova

This article originally appeared on VICE Romania.

This week, the Republic of Moldova Armed Forces conducted a "large military exercise" emphatically named "Northern Shield 2015." Five hundred soldiers were mobilized for this exercise, which sounds trivial compared to the drills that NATO and Russian …

War Games

China shocks world by genetically engineering human embryos

Critics warned that China was becoming the ‘Wild West’ of genetic research

China has been ordered to ‘rein in’ scientists who have edited the DNA of human embryos for the first time, a practice banned in Europe.

In a world’s first, researchers at the Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou confirmed they …


They’re Alive! Watch These Mini 3D Printed Organs Beat Just Like Hearts

There’s something almost alchemical going on at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine. Scientists there have genetically transformed …

This is the game-changing technology that's just been used to genetically modify a human embryo

Researchers from China have just published a paper showing how they've edited the genome of a human embryo, to try to block a gene that causes a rare blood disease.

The ability to edit human genes and, consequently, actually engineer a human being from birth, is something we've always thought of as …

Scientific Research

Chinese scientists just admitted to tweaking the genes of human embryos for the first time in history

A group of Chinese scientists just reported that they modified the genome of human embryos, something that has never been done in the history of the world, according to a report in Nature News.

A recent biotech discovery — one that has been called the biggest biotech discovery of the century — …

Life Sciences

Navy drone makes history

The latest version of unmanned naval aerial combat vehicles achieved another first on Wednesday when it conducted its first aerial refueling test, the Navy announced.

While flying off the coast of Maryland and Virginia, the X-47B, an unmanned vehicle designed to eventually operate off naval aircraft …


Stem cell scientists develop more effective way to create motor neurons

Often described as the final frontier of biology, the nervous system is a complex network comprised of the brain, spinal cord and the nerves that run …


Raising Social Security's retirement age is a disaster for the poor

There are few policies as popular with politicians, but unpopular with voters, as raising Social Security's retirement age. It's a perennial feature …


France arrests terror suspect after he apparently shot himself by accident

A suspected Islamic terrorist's plans to mount attacks on French churches were thwarted when he accidentally shot himself and called an ambulance, leading to the discovery of loaded guns, bulletproof vests and chilling notes about his intended targets, authorities said Wednesday.

French police …


This Clock Only Loses One Second Every 15 Billion Years

If you think your fancy watch is accurate, think again. This atomic clock—the most accurate in the world—is now so finely tuned that it will lose a …

Atomic Clock

These incredible images are the best yet of our near-neighbor dwarf planet Ceres

NASA's Dawn spacecraft made history on March 6 when it became the first spacecraft to orbit a dwarf planet. That dwarf planet is called Ceres, and we're finally seeing the first close up images of it.

Ceres is the largest object floating in a band of rocky debris, called the asteroid belt, which …


GoSol could be the key to no-cost solar heat around the world

Imagine a world where everybody could harness free and powerful energy from the sun with local materials. Solar Fire Concentration Ltd (SFCO) hopes …

Renewable Energy

170-year-old champagne recovered from the bottom of the sea

Every wine connoisseur knows the value of an aged wine, but few get the opportunity to sample 170-year-old Champagne from the bottom of the sea.

In 2010, divers found 168 bottles of bubbly while exploring a shipwreck off the Finnish Aland archipelago in the Baltic Sea. When they tasted the wine, …


Global warming threatens more than two-thirds of rabbit species

Climate change will have major effects on the ecology and distribution of many animal species. Now new research suggests that rabbits will be particularly hard hit as climatic changes alter their habitats over the coming decades.

Rabbits, hares, and pikas could become this century’s new climate …

Climate Change

This Is NASA's First 3D-Printed Full-Scale Copper Rocket Engine Part

Rocket Engines