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By Darby Krajicek | World Wide News

Islamic State militants bulldoze ancient Iraqi city: government

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Islamic State fighters have looted and bulldozed the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, the Iraqi government said, in their latest assault on some of the world's greatest archaeological and cultural treasures.

A tribal source from the nearby city of Mosul told Reuters the …


Half man, half machine: Scientists engineer first 'cyborg' tissue - which uses living human cells and organic polymers

• Harvard scientists created 'cyborg' skin from neurons, heart cells, and nano-electronic wiring
• Wiring allows scientists to detect and respond to pH …


Researchers create world's first 3D-printed jet engines

Working with colleagues from Deakin University and CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), researchers from Australia's …


Nasa finds evidence of a vast ancient ocean on Mars

A massive ancient ocean once covered nearly half of the northern hemisphere of Mars making the planet a more promising place for alien life to have gained a foothold, Nasa scientists say.

The huge body of water spread over a fifth of the planet’s surface, as great a portion as the Atlantic covers …


Self-Driving Cars Will Be in 30 U.S. Cities By the End of Next Year

Automated vehicle pilot projects will roll out in the U.K. and in six to 10 U.S. cities this year, with the first unveiling projected to be in Tampa …


A compact fusion reactor presented by Skunk Works, the stealth experimental technology section of Lockheed Martin. It's about the size of a jet engine and it can fuel airplanes, most likely spaceships, and cities. Skunk Works state that it will be operational in 10 years.

This is an invention that might possibly modify the civilization as we know it: A compact fusion reactor presented by Skunk Works, the stealth …


Microsoft HoloLens engineer Mike Ey killed in tragic hit-and-run incident

Microsoft engineer Mike Ey was killed in a hit-and-run accident this past Saturday (28 February, 2015). The 30-year-old had been working on the …


First Teleportation Of Multiple Quantum Properties Of A Single Photon

To truly teleport an object, you have to include all its quantum properties. Now physicists have worked out howContinue reading on Medium »


Tsarnaev goes on trial in Boston Marathon bombing

BOSTON (AP) — His life on the line, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev went on trial Wednesday in the Boston Marathon bombing, with prosecutors saying he planted explosives specifically designed to "tear people apart and create a bloody spectacle."

"He believed that he was a soldier in a holy war against Americans," …

Boston Marathon

Ben And Jerry Are Totally Down With Weed-Infused Ice Cream

Soon you might be able to “satisfy [your] bowl” and get “half baked” while listening to some “Cherry Garcia.” (Yes those are all real Ben and Jerry’s flavors).

In case Ben and Jerry’s recent Bob Marley-themed flavor “Satisfy Your Bowl” wasn’t enough of an indicator…

And in case their special flavor …

Ice Cream

Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rythm of the War Drums - APC

Google will test 90% internet service for parts of southern hemisphere via Internet Balloons by the end of 2015

Google Loon has had tests with major cellular carriers. The internet balloons have provided high-speed connections to people in isolated parts of …


See The Eiffel Tower's Gorgeous New Wind Turbines

Paris' iconic landmark is going green

When the Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 it was only intended to last for 20 years. The tower has gone through a lot of renovations in the past 126 years, but the latest makeover is decidedly green. Last week, renewable energy firm Urban Green Energy installed …

Wind Power

This incredibly futuristic plane could be the future of airliners

Designer Oscar Viñals has envisioned the future. And the future is the Progress Eagle rendering.

It's a triple-decked, eco-friendly, hybrid jet airliner that would its 800 seats into the air with six hydrogen fuel engines and keep them there with its rear electric wind generators for sustained …


US considers banning type of popular rifle ammunition

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is considering banning a type of ammunition used in one of the most popular types of rifles because it says the bullets can pierce a police officer's protective vest when fired from a handgun.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is …


Amazon wants to curb warehouse clutter by installing 3D printers on trucks

More than anything, logistics are the biggest hurdle for retailers like Amazon. Managing stock, maintaining warehouses, and shipping orders is a …


How Google’s New Wireless Service Will Change the Internet

Google says its new wireless service will operate on a small scale, providing a new way for relatively few people make calls, trade texts, and access …


'Charlie Hebdo' now has 25 times as many subscribers as before deadly attack

Prior to the attack at the Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris on Jan. 7, when two gunmen stormed the magazine's office and killed 12, the satirical publication had a print run of between 24,000 and 50,000 copies a week, with 8,000 subscribers.

On Wednesday, some 2.5 million copies of the latest …


The latest IS propaganda video is just a little different | Video

Engineer Creates a Unique 3D Metal Printer for Just $2 — Prints in Gold, Platinum, Iron & More

Posted on 02/28/2015 11:00:16 PM PST by 2ndDivisionVet

It isn’t often that you come across new 3D printers that utilize an entirely new concept which …

Rumored Apple Car Will Fly, Shoot Lasers, Make Life Perfect For Millions of People

In 2007, Apple changed the face of mobile technology as we know it with the release of the iPhone. A few years later, they did it again with the iPad …


Islamic State frees 19 of 220 abducted Assyrian Christians

Nineteen of an estimated 220 members of an Assyrian Christian community kidnapped by Islamic State (IS) in north-eastern Syria have been released, activists say.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said an Assyrian commander had told it of the releases.

Some reports say the …


Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) Snowball in the Senate (C-SPAN)

If IPO can raise $100 million then 5 mile full scale Hyperloop will start construction in 2015

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), has announced that construction for a passenger-ready Hyperloop will begin next year.

Hyperloop …

High-speed Rail

The 'memristor': A new era for electronics?

In 1971, a physicist conceptualized the existence of a fourth fundamental element in the electronic circuit, besides the three that were already in use at the time.

His name was Leon Chua and he believed -- for reasons of symmetry -- that an extra component could one day be constructed to join the …

Computer Hardware

World first commercial wave power station switched on in Australia

“This is the first array of wave power generators to be connected to an electricity grid in Australia and worldwide,” said Ivor Frischknecht from the …