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Meet The World's First Heartless Human Able To Live Without A Pulse

How it's made - Hot Dogs (With Sound Effects!)

Learn to Make Mozzarella Cheese in 5 Minutes

Cyborg Cockroaches: How They Work

A tiny backpack turns a pest into a rescue robot

Disasters can bury survivors in unstable rubble. Finding those victims may one day fall to small robots--but living insects enhanced with electronic parts could do the same job sooner. In 2012, researchers at North Carolina State University steered …


​The Girl Who Would Live Forever

Matheryn Naovaratpong was two years and two months old when she didn't wake up on the morning of April 19th, 2014. She was rushed to a hospital in Bangkok, where doctors discovered an 11 centimeter-long tumor in the left half of her brain. Matheryn—her family called her Einz for short—had …


To Mars

Elon Musk next to the recently unveiled SpaceX Dragon V2 capsule, designed for human flight.Photo by Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images Why is Elon Musk so …


NASA images show dwarf planet Ceres in highest-resolution yet

NASA's Dawn spacecraft, which has spent the past month orbiting the dwarf planet Ceres, managed to snap the highest-resolution images seen to date of the mysterious planetary body, according to the space agency.

Dawn spent the past month in orbit on the dark side of Ceres, but has now managed to …


NASA Tests Cartoonish Flying Wing Drone

Putting the "aeronautic" back in NASA

NASA’s Multi-Utility Technology Testbed (MUTT) looks like a kid’s cartoon drawing of an airplane crossed with a stingray, and it comes with the appropriately pet-esque moniker “Buckeye.” The remotely operated flying wing drone will test how wobbly parts work on …


Cow Milk Without the Cow Is Coming to Change Food Forever

Real Vegan Cheese is made from the same proteins found in cow's milk, but they came from genetically modified yeast. But is it real? Vegan? …


The Mission to Resurrect the Woolly Mammoth

Musk’s Cousins Battle Utilities to Make Solar Rooftops Cheap

In September 2013, Hawaiian Electric Co. told thousands of customers they couldn’t connect their new solar panels to its distribution grid. In some …

Solar Power

Custom Aluminum TURBINE Shotgun Slugs -Testing

Fossil Fuels Just Lost the Race Against Renewables

The race for renewable energy has passed a turning point. The world is now adding more capacity for renewable power each year than coal, natural gas, …


Q500 Typhoon Quadcopter with 1080P 60FPS HD Video Camera, 3-Axis Gimbal and Personal Ground Station. Extra Battery & Extra Rotors Included.

Dicapac USA Inc. WP-S10 Waterproof Case for Compact Digital Cameras (Dark Brown)

• Waterproof underwater housing usable up to 16.4' (5.0 m)
• Meets standard requirements for JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) IPX8 at 0.5 water pressure …

NAB 2015: A New Quadcopter from 3D Robotics

[bc:4173329622001:960:540]Steven Gladstone, of B&H Photo, discusses the exciting new Solo Quadcopter with Colin Guinn from 3D Robotics. Arguably, the …

NAB 2015: First Look at New Blackmagic Design Cinema Cameras

[bc:4175313954001:960:540]Blackmagic has made a big splash at NAB yet again, by announcing a plethora of new products, chief among them the URSA …

This is Why You Shouldn’t Check Your Camera Gear In When Flying

It’s often recommended that photographers keep their gear with them when flying rather than checking it in. If the risk of theft and careless baggage …


Alzheimer's Disease could be prevented by immune system tweak

New research raises the prospect that statin-like drugs could be given to the middle-aged to ward off dementia

Alzheimer’s Disease could be prevented or cured by a new drug which reboots the immune system to stop devastating memory loss, scientists believe.

A new study has shown for the first time …

Evidence-Based Medicine

Robot chef that can cook any of 2,000 meals at tap of a button to go on sale in 2017 - Factor

It is becoming easier for us to implant microchips into our bodies and augment what we can do. All it takes is a simple injection and human …


Seoul to adopt urban agriculture by introducing ‘vertical farms’ – The Korea Times


Seoul City Hall is planning to introduce “vertical farms.”

The farms would be three stories high, with vegetables and crops grown on the …


Man Accidentally Shoots Mother-In-Law After Bullet Bounces Off Armadillo

Shooting your mother-in-law is never going to go down well, but at least this guy kind of has an excuse.

Police say 54-year-old Larry McElroy fired …


This cement alternative absorbs CO2 like a sponge

Scientists create invisible objects without metamaterial cloaking

(ITMO University) Physicists from ITMO University, Ioffe Institute, and Australian National University managed to make homogenous cylindrical objects …

Scientific Research

British Photographer Captures Stunning Panoramic Landscapes That Will Take Your Breath Away

British photographer John Chapple didn't always plan on photographing stunning landscapes around the world, in fact his career started off on a completely different path, working for a news agency in Devon. But now father of two, Chapple says that his love for landscape photography comes a very …


UK opposes international ban on developing 'killer robots'

The UK is opposing an international ban on so-called “killer robots” at a United Nations conference that is this week examining future developments of what are officially termed lethal autonomous weapons systems (Laws).

Experts from the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defence are participating in …

United Kingdom