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Ralph Balson:  Constructive painting (1948)

<b>Ralph Balson</b>: Constructive painting (1948)

Paul Nash:  The Two Serpents (1929-1937)

<b>Paul Nash</b>: The Two Serpents (1929-1937)

Thomas Moran:  Sunset at Sea (1906)

<b>Thomas Moran</b>: Sunset at Sea (1906)

Helen Frankenthaler:  Tulip Tint (1975)

<b>Helen Frankenthaler</b>: Tulip Tint (1975)

Bruno Kurz(German, b. 1957)here,  here and here     Tumblr

terminusantequem:Maurice Estève (French, 1904-2001), Rivanoir, 1969. Lithography on paper, 68 x 83 cm

Maurice Estève (French, 1904-2001), Rivanoir, 1969. Lithography on paper, 68 x 83 cm

tri-ciclo:Ad ReinhardtAbstraction #6

<b><br>Ad Reinhardt</b><br>Abstraction #6


Ad Reinhardt

jareckiworld:Tihamér Gyarmathy -  Blue World   (oil on canvas, 1968)

Tihamér Gyarmathy - <i>Blue World</i> (oil on canvas, 1968)

thirdorgan:Carlos Lança (Portugal, 1937) Ego 1967

Carlos Lança (Portugal, 1937) Ego 1967


Size: 151.7x284.5 cm<br>Medium: Oil on canvas<p>Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York Gift, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cantor, 1958 © 2016 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/ADAGP, Paris

thirdorgan:Nadir Afonso (Portugal, 1920 - 2013) Place de la Gare 1968

Nadir Afonso (Portugal, 1920 - 2013) Place de la Gare 1968


<b>botanical garden</b><p>Convenevole da Prato, Carmina regia, Tuscany ca. 1335<p>BL, Royal 6 E IX, fol. 15v

furtho:Lyonel Feininger’s Street Nocturne, 1929 (via here) 

Lyonel Feininger’s Street Nocturne, 1929 (via here)


Size: 87.5x72 cm<br>Medium: oil on canvas


<b>Joan Miró</b> – Dutch Interior (III), 1928<br>Oil on canvas, 129.9 x 96.8 cm


Hércules Barsotti, <i>Untitled</i><p>(gouache on paper)


Kawase Hasui (1883-1957) Hatakudari in Shiobara


<b>Óscar Domínguez</b> – Tauromachie, 1951


<b>BRONZINO, Agnolo</b><br>Pygmalion and Galatea<br>1529-32<br>Oil on panel, 81 x 63 cm<br>Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence

magictransistor:Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack. Reaching The Stars. 1922

Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack. Reaching The Stars. 1922.


Robert Motherwell (1915–1991) - Figure with Blots (1943)


Victor Brauner (1903-1966) - Six personnages (1948)

Paul Henry(Irish, 1876-1958)here, here and here   more

<b>Paul Henry</b>(Irish, 1876-1958)


Girl Stands in a Field Reading Her Book

Girl Stands in a Field Reading Her Book. Harold Knight (English, 1874-1961).<p>After spending time in Paris, studying art under Jean-Paul Laurens and Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant, then at Staithes on the North Yorkshire coast, Harold Knight moved in 1907, with Laura, to Newlyn, a fishing port in Cornwall, where they became part of the Newlyn School.


The <b>Codex Laud</b> is a Precolumbian Mexican document dating between the 13th and 15th centuries outlining ritual practices associated with the Nahua calendar. It is one of only a few indigenous American documents which survived the Spanish Conquest, in which an unknown amount of other indigenous codices were destroyed in the name of colonialism.


Franz Gertsch (Swiss, b. 1930), <i>Schwarzwasser I,</i> 1990/91. Woodcut, 234 x 181 cm.

YOSHIDA Hodaka(吉田 穂高 Japanese, 1926-1995)Woodblock prints    here, here and here