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The Soldier’s Return (1900)

The Soldier’s Return (1900). Marcus Stone R.A. (British, 1840-1921). Oil on canvas.

The woman sits isolated; her black dress conjures up a sense of potential mourning. She is surrounded by symbols of the passing of time; the sundial, a book, material and a sewing box, all presumably to keep her mind occupied while her soldier lover is at war. These distractions have ultimately failed however as she holds a letter close to her heart. The soldier is directed to her in a conspiratorial fashion.

Rest Time in the Life Class (1923). Dorothy Johnstone

Rest Time in the Life Class (1923). Dorothy Johnstone (Scottish, 1892-1980). Oil on canvas. City of Edinburgh Council.

A rare depiction of life at the Edinburgh College of Art, in which the artist - the teacher herself - appears in the background, touching up her work. At 16, Johnstone enrolled as a student at the ECA. She took the Life Class with Ernest Stephen Lumsden where she revealed her talents at informal portraiture. In 1914 she became a member of the staff at the ECA.

The Two Crowns (detail), Sir Frank Dicksee, 1900


A Race with Mermaids and Tritons (1895), Collier Twentyman Smithers

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Sunset, Long Island Sound


Ariel on a Bat’s Back (detail), Henry Singleton


Leon Kroll - Summer, New York


Catrin Welz-Stein

For occasional emails of Dali offerings "In my eyes, indisposed In disguises no one knows Hides the face, lies the snake The sun in my disgrace Boiling heat, summer stench 'Neath the black the sky looks dead Call my name through the cream And I'll hear you scream again." -Sound Garden "Philosopher Illuminated by the Light of the Moon and the Setting Sun" - Salvador Dali

Happy birthday Rubens! Born on this day in 1577

They Called Me Leni

Une Nueva Partitura (The New Composition)

Une Nueva Partitura (The New Composition). Vicente Esquivel (Spanish, active mid-19th century). Oil on panel.

A painter and sculptor, he was the second son of Antonio Maria Esquivel. Vicente Esquivel was appointed Drawing Master at the Madrid School of Fine Art.


James Gunn - Pauline, Wife of the Artist, 1930

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt

Nicki Ault

Nicki Ault


By John William Waterhouse


An Avalanche in the Alps, 1803, Philip James De Loutherbourg. French (1740 - 1812)

An Avalanche in the Alps, 1803, Philip James De Loutherbourg. French (1740 - 1812)

Sandra Yagi

Sophie Gengembre Anderson 1823-1903

Auguste Herbin - Flowers 1906

Auguste Herbin - Flowers 1906

Pieter de Hooch is best known for his paintings of orderly interiors and sunny courtyards. You can view several of his works, including 'The Courtyard of a House in Delft', in room 25:

Painting by Heather Nevay: beinArt Surreal Art Collective:

Today is the Feast Day of John the Baptist, who is depicted in a number of works in our collection. Who was he and why was he so important to artists and patrons over the centuries? Find out by watching our special series on this pivotal figure: