Where to Go and Things to Do While on Holiday in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Travelers, it is an absolute necessity to take a Dominican Republic Travelers Health Affidavit for every measure of traveling outside the island. As per the International Health Care Services Act(IHCSA) all of healthcare insurance will be immediately announced on entry into the country. However, this doesn't apply to Dominican Republic Travelers who is entering via the points of entrance like Punta Cana or San Juan. Where you are entering the Dominican Republic, you'll have to have the suitable IHCSA documentation hand to be medicated by the correct health suppliers. Failure to do this could lead to significant fines and charges against you.

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    E-Ticket Republique Dominicaine | Nouveau Formulaire


    Dans le cadre des mesures prises par le gouvernement, tous les voyageurs doivent remplir leur e-billet pour la République Dominicaine afin de rentrer …