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Power Niche Marketing: If You Want to Get Rich, Own A Power Niche

Some of the most profitable law firms in the world are largely "pure plays" in their field.


Associate's Survival Guide: How to Adapt to the Changing Business of Law

Strategist Hugh A. Simons outlines the skills young lawyers should hone in a changing legal services industry.

The Problem With Legal Tech

Before you waste time and money and get frustrated with legal tech, make sure it’s right for you.


12 Productivity Hacks to Get Stuff Done

In the spirit of getting stuff done, let’s get on with it.<p>1) Remove Distractions — Notifications, News and Other Nuisances<p>Every time we’re distracted …

Pomodoro Technique

How to Survive a 60-Hour Work Week

It is not uncommon for people to have a 60-hour work week occasionally, but some individuals find themselves with this kind of schedule often. If you …

Today’s Law Degree Takes on a Broader Meaning

It can be awkward for law school deans to talk about: As the number of law graduates continues to decline nationwide, more are getting jobs that …

The Secrets to Creating a Powerful Brand Message Using the 'Trial Lawyer Marketing Method'

Here's an easy-to-use template to build your winning case, get more customers and bring in more sales.<p>Most businesses miss the mark in creating a powerful brand message. It's not delivered to their prospects in the right fashion. They haven’t built a believable “case” for their “jury” -- their …


Marketing Tips from Ten Successful Lawyers

Marketing is essential for law firms, but it’s not always easy to get it right. Here, ten successful lawyers share the tips that worked best for …

Digital Marketing

Analytics Unwound: A Guide For The Rest Of Us

The term “analytics” may be the most ubiquitous in today’s legal tech landscape. Of the 91 exhibitors present at the annual American Association of …

Machine Learning

Power Niche Marketing: The Second (Marketing) Threebie – A Very Simple One

In my last article, I explained that when I need to remind myself of the most important basic marketing things to do, I am mindful of the three basic …


Effective social media use helps firms attract business

In today’s legal market, most attorneys understand that social media is the name of the legal marketing game.


Solving the 'Divorce Lawyer' Marketing Problem

Avoid the hard sell, but make sure they remember you.<p>Imagine you’re a divorce lawyer. You want clients -- but what’s your marketing strategy?<p>You can’t just go up to couples bickering at restaurants and start passing out business cards -- unless you’re prepared for a glass of wine in your face. You …


The Boring Law Firm

The model is dead, may it rest in peace<p>W e have been circling this issue for years, but we won’t let go and head to where the facts take us: the …

Elon Musk

The Future Lawyer

<i>This post was based upon the author’s keynote address to The German Bar Association on May 26th, 2017.</i><p>One way to describe the future lawyer is to list some key challenges attorneys will confront, then identify skillsets required to meet them.<p><i>Defending the rule of law</i>. This is democracy’s foundation …


How Solos Can Do Work They Love When It Doesn’t Pay the Bills

Many lawyers start their own firm to focus on work that they love. But what if there isn’t a market for the work that you love or where a market …


Is It Really All About Content?

It's all about communication...


8 Qualities To Become An Excellent Lawyer

Possessing all these great qualities will make you stand out unique among your colleagues as a lawyer


Are Sunk-Costs Stalling Your Legal Career?

<b>Are “Sunk-Costs” preventing you from making a wise decision that will further your legal career or law practice?</b><p>A well known economic term, …

Critical Thinking

7 Startup Tips for Law Firm Marketing - Tech4Law - Helping lawyers with law marketing and legal technology

Marketing a law firm is a daunting task and often I have been asked by lawyers, just where and how should they start – as the number of options and …

Digital Marketing

How video content is changing legal marketing - British Legal Technology Forum 2018 - Europe's Largest Legal IT Event

We live in a digital world. Not only is this changing how we interact and how we do business, it also changes how we seek out information. In days …

Digital Marketing

8 No-Risk “SEO” Tips for Sustainable Online Marketing

Lawyers talk a lot about growing their firms through search engine optimization (SEO) and how they can get their law firm website to rank high in …


Effective Law-firm Marketing Can Be a Public Service

onFebruary 7, 2017 in Law<p>Value-added Proposition<p>Amy Royal says her marketing strategy has long emphasized providing helpful resources through blogs, …


Survey: More Than Four In 10 Lawyers Expect Their Law Firms To Increase Marketing Spend In 2017

MENLO PARK, Calif., Feb. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- They may not have put out ads for the big game, but many law firms intend to make more of a splash …

Georgetown Report And Fox Rothschild Signal Importance Of Niche Law Blogs

Most large law firms publish law blogs by traditional practice groups. There are over 130 employment-law blogs being published by Am Law 200 firms, …


You Can't Stop the Waves, But You Can Learn to Surf -- A New Tool for the Lawyer's Tool Belt: Mindfulness | Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division

Mindfulness is not simply a new wave, touchy feely program. CEOs, senior executives, and lawyers are using mindfulness as a tool to help promote …


The Gift Of Doing Meaningful Work

<i>Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.</i> <i><br>– Rumi</i><p>I get a lot of reader emails about …


How To Successfully Transition From A Law Firm To A Solo Practice (According To The Experts)

You’re ready to call it quits at your current law firm and start your very own practice. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to kick up your feet. Now more than ever, you should be working to make a name for your new brand, especially by developing relationships with clients.<p>Below, five …

Legal Services

2016: The Year Everything Changed In Social Media Marketing

Three megatrends culminated in online business development in 2016, requiring attorneys to change their digital marketing tactics and to re-focus on …

Social Media Marketing

Legal Marketing - Be Interactive (8 tactics)

The problem with much of legal marketing is that those in that space have the mindset of lawyers. Not marketers.<p>For example, how much of content is …

Digital Marketing