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How to Rim a Cocktail Glass, Because It's an Important Skill You Should Have

The easiest way to take your homemade drinks from decent to worthy of your favorite upscale cocktail bar is to master the art of the rim. Anyone who’s had a minty sugar-dipped mojito can attest: That crystallized slick of goodness clinging to the edge of the glass is a revelation in every sip. And …


Pratt Institute Reveals Legends 2015 Honorees: Daniel Boulud, Nina Campbell, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Tod Williams, Billie Tsien All Named

Brooklyn's Pratt Institute has named the honorees for its Legends 2015 gala, which will be held Oct. 29 at the Mandarin Oriental in New York. …

New York City

“Chilled Sweet Corn Soup with Scottish Langoustines, Piquillo Coulis, Aleppo Pepper, Lambsquarters, Pickled Celtuce and Oregano oil.…”

“Smoked Sablefish, Heirloom Tomato, Garbanzo and Jalapeño Panna Cotta, Purslane salad. #JeanFrancoisBruel @meadowsandmore @lerouxeddy”

“Chickpeas also known as Garbanzo Beans are a nutrient-dense food, providing rich content of Protein and Fiber, higher than fruits,…”

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“Cafe: Jivara-coffee Chantilly, Ginger Caramel, Chocolat Fondant and Turkish Coffee Ice Cream @ghayaoliveira @jaycebaudry @lerouxeddy”

“Finely handcrafted hazelnut bread with our Tarragon-Chicken Galantine. @francois_brunet @lerouxeddy”

Spoon and Stable’s Gavin Kaysen Says Minneapolis Diners Are Just Like New Yorkers

Gavin Kaysen left New York City and mentor Daniel Boulud to open Spoon and Stable in his hometown of Minneapolis.Chef Gavin Kaysen made national …


Singapore sells seashells and more by the bay - The Nation

FOODIES FROM all over the region and beyond will be making their way to Singapore next week as the Marina Bay Sands plays host to the third edition …


“The Cattail is sometimes called the “Cossacks” asparagus and tastes like cucumber with a fibrous texture, Mac will pickled them for our…”

“Méditerranean Red Mullet, Fennel, Thai Basil, Aleppo Seed, Saffron and Tomato Réduction @lerouxeddy”

Coupe Glacée Diva Renée Recipe

From Daniel's Dish: Grand Finale

Pistachio Chantilly


• ¾ cup heavy cream

• ¼ cup crème fraîche

• 2 tsp. sugar

• ¼ cup finely ground Sicilian pistachios


In a medium bowl, whisk together heavy cream, crème fraîche, and sugar until soft peaks form. Add the ground pistachios and continue …


Paired to Perfection: Daniel Boulud's Corn and Heirloom Tomato Tart

Corn and tomatoes are at their peak, so it's the ideal time for a dish that elevates both to new heights.

I like to make this savory tart at this time of year, when the local tomatoes are bursting with flavor and corn is at the height of sweetness. With its traditional pastry shell and custard-like …


“Freshly caught Mediterranean Red Mullet prepared by Karen for a new summer appetizer...@lerouxeddy”

“Caramelized Veal Sweetbreads, "Boudin Blanc", young Button Golden Chanterelles, Runner and Coco Bean, Australian Black Truffle and Marengo…”

“Thank you @elgranpete for the best beef i had ever ,200 day's aging .stuning flavors #spain #Galicia Directamente desde Casa Pena en…”

Rotisserie chickens give Toronto something to crow about

Local chefs chime in on what makes Swiss Chalet’s classic dish, the rotisserie chicken, such a success.

News (Canada)

“#HOTDOGDAY the bun the dog the 299 relish all house made @epicerieboulud ZZZBest ・・・ It’s NATIONAL HOT DOG DAY!! Come try the DB Dog,…”

Venetian and Palazzo F&B VP Sebastien Silvestri: The birth and impact of restaurants in casino resorts

2014 Ultimo Grand Banquet

DB Brasserie Grand Opening at Venetian

2014 UNLVino: Bubble-Licious at Venetian

Editor’s Note: As Robin Leach ends his


“Ananas: Rum-Raisin Millefeuille, creole sauce and white lemon pepper pineapple sorbet @ghayaoliveira @jaycebaudry @lerouxeddy”

“#homecooking #Lyon #Chandieu #VealBreast #ShotsPotatoe and much more #FeuDeBois #Lyon”

“Roasted Quail Breast, Pioppini, Romaine lettuce, Crispy Legs and Green Peppercorn Sauce #JeanFrancoisBruel @lerouxeddy @dartagnanfoods”

“Thank @robertbohr for making it happen #burgundianreunion #troisgros @danieljohnnes ・・・ What a joy to celebrate this 60th birthday with…”

Acclaimed Chef Zach Bell returns to Café Boulud – for one night | Feast Palm Beach

Months before he bid farewell to Cafe Boulud in 2011, Chef Zach Bell poses for a portrait in the cafe’s dining room. He returns for one night at the …

James Beard

#FBF An honor to have @DanielBoulud induct me as a Chevalier of the French Legion d'honneur. #FrenchLegionofHonor

Daniel Boulud's Picture-Perfect French Picnic

Boulud doesn't truck with bread knives, at least not on a picnic—it's all about that tear-and-share baguette.


“a real pleasure and honour to cook for @danielboulud, @jknappett and @watermelonchang tonight..”

“Griotte Morello Cherry-Manjari Cube, Cocoa Nib Sablé @ghayaoliveira @jaycebaudry @lerouxeddy”