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Android Wear vs. Apple Watch: Which one will “wow” your wrist?

Wearable tech is fast becoming the next big thing. We’ve seen fitness trackers gain popularity, smart jewelry take off, and even luxury brands start …

Wearable Tech

Robots & Us: A Brief History of Our Robotic Future

Is Tesla Really the Future of Cars?

The auto industry’s fate rides on the answers to three unresolved questions: driven or self-driving? Electric or gas? Private or shared?<p>As Tesla surged past Ford and General Motors last week to become the most valuable car company in the United States, here was the brusque assessment of Bruce …

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How the United Airlines CEO Should Have Handled The Incident

Detroit Is Stomping Silicon Valley in the Race to Build Self-Driving Cars

If you’re betting on Silicon Valley stars like Google, Tesla, and Uber to free you from your horrorshow commute with autonomous driving technology, …

Driverless Cars

EVs Are Dangerously Quiet. Here’s What They Could Sound Like

The rumble of a car’s internal combustion engine is so pervasive few people even notice it anymore. Now consider what cities might sound like in the …

Electric Vehicles

Wi-Fi expansion to lay smart city foundation

GREATER LAFAYETTE, Ind. — An upcoming expansion of public Wi-Fi aims to lay groundwork for Greater Lafayette to take advantage of cutting-edge smart …


Energy, 'smart government' projects comprise bulk of smart city efforts, report shows

(Navigant Research)<p>Energy and smart government dominate the project types undertaken in the fast-growing field of smart city technology and the …


Does ideology affect Smart Cities?


Smart cities need to make sure they don't leave people behind

Career Navigator<p>Smart cities<p>World Water Day<p>International Day of Forests<p>Inside Development<p><b>Smart Cities</b><p>Smart cities need to make sure they don't leave …



<i>Mayor & Commissioners Approve Landmark Tech Deal at Zero Net Cost to Taxpayers</i><p>Hailed as a first-of-its-kind innovation, Miami-Dade County Mayor …


J&K govt committee approves smart city proposals for Srinagar,

Jammu, Mar 28 A committee of the Jammu and Kashmir government has approved the Smart City Proposals (SCPs) for the twin cities of Jammu and Srinagar …


Smart home system uses predictive algorithms to warn of impending disasters

Why it matters to you<p>Predictive machine analytics can help keep you and your family safe from possible threats in the home. OnePrevent is the latest …

Home Automation

CAMEO360 - The World's Smallest Dual Lens 360º 4K Camera

There are many available action cameras in the market, but they are either too expensive or offer limited capabilities. Creating the perfect videos …

Shell's Gas Station Chargers Will End Tesla Range Anxiety

Shell, one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, is planning to bring electric car chargers to its gas stations, starting with the U.K. …

5 of the maddest gadgets at the London Wearable Tech Show

Is the world tired of wearable technology before it has even really taken off? We hardly saw any new wearables during Mobile World Congress, but at …

Smart Cities

Zipcar Founder Robin Chase on Upending the Status Quo

This is the third in a series entitled The Future of Mobility, a joint project of CommonWealth and Meeting of the Minds.<p>Freedom no longer means …

Wearable tech is growing, it's just not fashionable yet

Wearable tech is a steadfastly growing sector that to date has yet to be fully embraced by the fashion industry. Interestingly, the worldwide …

Wearable Tech

Cardiomo's AI-powered smart patch wants to keep tabs on your heart

There's not always a great story behind every new piece of wearable tech we encounter, but in the case of the Cardiomo, a stick-on wearable that …

Self-driving cars and AI get boost from UK Budget

Self-driving cars and AI received a fillip in the budget, with a £270m investment fund for “disruptive technologies that have the potential to …

United Kingdom

In Smart Cities of the Future, Posters and Street Signs Can Talk

University of Washington engineers show how "smart" posters can send a message via FM radio waves to smartphone or car radio

Smart Cities

Apple iPhone 8: Patent hints at 3-D selfies, augmented reality and driverless cars

Apple has been awarded a patent for advanced facial recognition technology boosting rumors about features in the upcoming iPhone 8 and hinting at …

Augmented Reality

Worldwide Internet access via drones has still some way to go

Facebook’s solar-powered drone crashed on its very first flight. Google has announced it is closing down its solar-powered drone programme, though …


What it's Like to be an Entrepreneur in Southeast Asia | Q&A