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24 Of The Most Creative Watches Ever

The advent of the now nearly ubiquitous smartphone is slowly making watches and clocks obsolete, which is a crying shame because these both have a …


trying to get your parents to leave a family party more like


according to my calculations


my life all wrapped up into one photo


one time I did a face swap with my Wendy’s cup and it was the scariest thing ever


Pocket Artillery: Mini Cannon<p>That was so much more impressive than I expected


Do you ever just hate someone so much that whenever they do literally ANYTHING you’re like

The hometown of British surveillance gets the Banksy treatment

A new piece believed to be the work of street artist Banksy has emerged in the English town of Cheltenham. It touches on themes Banksy has explored before, namely the "surveillance state," with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. The untitled artwork subverts a phone booth and satellite dish, …

37 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Iceland Right Now

Iceland, a country rich with roaring volcanoes, monolithic glaciers, icy mountains and deep fjords, has become a mecca for photographers looking to …

38 Maps They Didn’t Teach You At School (Part II)

When we collected a list of 40 maps that you never would have seen in school, you guys totally loved them, so we’re back with more. If maps are one …

Netflix Raises Prices For New Customers, Current Customers Keep Prices For Two Years

New customers will pay $8.99 for streaming, and old customers will get to pay $7.99 for two more years.<p>Netflix told customers in an email Friday morning that the price of its streaming video service would go up $1 a month, from $7.99 to $8.99. For current customers, however, the price will stay at …

NBC's "Community" Is Canceled

This is truly the darkest timeline.<p>The always on-the-bubble show had a cult following but was never able to break through, ratings-wise.


I just found this really weird mole on my hand should I get it checked ??

Breathtaking Macro Portraits of Bees by Sam Droege

Bees have received an enormous amount of publicity lately due to the massive decline in their numbers across the globe. While most tend to focus on …