Meet the Dog Breeds From the TV Show Bluey (For Real Life)

The Heeler family are ... heelers, but what about the rest of Bluey's friends and neighbors from the hit Australian TV show?

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Meet the Dog Breeds From the TV Show Bluey (For Real Life)
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    The Heelers

    All the Heelers—Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, Chilli, Trixie, Stripe, Muffin, Socks, etc.—are Australian cattle dogs, aka heelers. For her part, Bluey exudes some of the heeler's main characteristics: She's playful, energetic, and independent. Can't imagine how Chilli and Bandit keep up with her all day.

    Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)

    Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)

    Loyal but independent, the affectionate Australian cattle dog, also known as the blue heeler, is a great match for anyone who shares his …


    Mackenzie is an attentive and active border collie, so he's well equipped to keep up with his friend Bluey.

    Border Collie

    Border Collie

    Border collies are intelligent dogs full of energy with a strong desire to herd anything—and everything—around them. Learn more about living with …

    Janelle, Chucky, Lucky, and Pat (aka Lucky's Dad)

    The Heelers' next door neighbors are Labrador retrievers who are always up for a game or activity, whether it's pulling up stumps or watching the game. (Maybe skip pass the parcel, though.)

    Wendy and Judo

    Bluey's other neighbors have beautiful hair and are very good at pilates.

    Chow Chow

    Chow Chow

    With their regal, distinctive stance and independent nature, chow chows both look and act like kings. They aren’t big snugglers, but chow chows will …


    Smart, active, and kind, this Dalmatian is Bluey's best friend.


    Coco is another of Bluey's many friends, and you have one guess at which breed she is.


    Bluey's teacher, an Aussie. Look, you need plenty of energy to keep up with all these kids.


    Another of Bluey's (very smart) friends.



    Easily recognized by its long body on stubby legs, the small and spunky dachshund has long been a family favorite. Learn more about living with …


    Bluey's friend loves to play as an explorer or member of the Army.

    Other Australian Dog Breeds

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