Have You Heard of These 10 Rare Dog Breeds?

How's this for a quiz? We give you 10 dog breeds low down on the American Kennel Club's most popular breed list, and you can see if you've ever heard of them. Then, you can learn more!

Have You Heard of These 10 Rare Dog Breeds?

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    Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (No. 86)

    If you can get past having to spout out this mouthful of a breed name, these dogs are excellent for hunting and families. They came in at No. 86 on the AKC's most popular dogs list in 2019.

    Norwegian Elkhound (No. 93)

    These Scandinavian dogs were companions of the Vikings, and now they're perfect partners for almost any activity you can think of.

    Tibetan Terrier (no. 101)

    Whoops, these terriers aren't actually terriers, but they sure are cuties.

    Borzoi (No. 105)

    The former aristocrats! They can run awful fast, too. (Pronounced BOR-zoy.)



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    Borzoi are former aristocratic Russian dogs who love to run and relax quietly at home. Previously known as the "Russian wolfhound," these sighthounds …

    Schipperke (No. 106)

    Don't let the "little black devil" nickname scare you off, these active little guys and girls will keep you entertained plenty.

    Afghan Hound (No. 111)

    If you want a dog with better hair than you—sorry, it's true—here's the best dog for ya.

    American Eskimo Dog (No. 120)

    These small dogs are as spunky and active as they are fluffy and white. But still, they're far down on the AKC's list.

    Boerboel (No. 127)

    This breed of big boys and girls, which can weigh up to 200 pounds. They were even called "lion dogs" because they could defend their people from the African big cats.

    Scottish Deerhound (No. 149)

    These are some big and elegant sighthounds, and one even won the National Dog Show last year—so maybe you're familiar with this one.

    Plott Hound (No. 177)

    This is a rare, but all-American breed is great for hunters, and they make extremely loyal companions, too.

    Plott Hound

    Plott Hound

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    And a Bonus Breed You've Surely NEVER Heard Of...

    LOL, just kidding.