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Nico Gerard just invented the mullet of smartwatches | Cult of Mac

Most luxury watch makers are desperately coming up with a plan to keep traditional watch wearers from upgrading to Apple’s decadent smartwatch, but California-based Nico Gerard has decided to follow the age-old adage, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

For the company’s new Pinnacle line of Swiss …

Apple Watch

10 of the Biggest Hip-Hop Feuds Ever

Over the last couple of weeks the internet has been ablaze with squabbles from some of hip-hop’s biggest stars. You couldn’t move for news of the …

15 Mac Hacks You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The Mac is one of the most powerful and versatile machines on the market today. There are so many great features included with your Mac that it’s …



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If you worked at home in this house, you could wake up and get to your desk in 2 seconds. Getting any work done with that water view might be a bit difficult though. More photos here -

Why Magnesium Is Essential For A Healthy & Happy Life

Did you know that an adult heart pumps approximately 2,000 gallons of blood through your body every day? Or that it takes only 20 seconds for blood …


This Is Your Body Without Sleep (Infographic)

Virtually everyone has experienced the negative effects of a bad night's sleep: grogginess, crankiness, lack of focus and a host of other nasty …


Oud and bakoor

Oud and Bakhoor

The scent of the Middle East

Oud is a fragrant oil derived from resin and worn traditionally by both Emirati men and women. It has a …


How To Get High-Quality, Uninterrupted Sleep Every Night

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We’ve all heard the myth that exercising late in the day can leave you too amped up to fall asleep. But what happens if morning …


Rare footage of Bruce Lee giving a Kung Fu demonstration [video]

Even if you’re not a Bruce Lee fan, this video will still have your jaw on the floor. If you get bored with his answers, skip towards the end to …

10 Highly Effective Ways to Improve Your Sleep

Is your daytime productivity suffering due to your being tired? If so, follow these tips to catch better ZZZs.

There's no doubt that sleep issues contribute to both mental and physical health problems and also to societal stress. In my office, I often see patients who have difficulty with sleep and …


If you're guilty of any of these relationship habits, make changes.

15 silly things you do that can hurt your relationship

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If you're guilty of any of these relationship habits, …


Download the 26 wallpapers that are pre-loaded on the OnePlus 2

The OnePlus team waxed poetic about the default wallpaper on the OnePlus 2 and indeed, the image that users see when they power up their new phone …

WWE Not Happy About Meek Mill Sampling the Undertaker's Theme on Drake Diss Track

On Thursday, Meek Mill responded to Drake's diss tracks with "Wanna Know". The track prominently samples "Graveyard Symphony", wrestling legend the Undertaker's entrance music. As TMZ reports, the WWE aren't happy about the sample.

A spokesperson for the company told TMZ, "WWE takes its intellectual …


Sleep Protects Our Memories In More Ways Than One


A solid night's sleep is known to protect your memories from bouts of forgetfulness -- and now we know it's making them more accessible, too.

New research from the University of Exeter and the Basque Centre for Cognition, Brain and Language is taking our understanding of the relationship …

The Brain

Struggling? Try More Sleep!

Do you often feel exhausted by mid-afternoon? Find yourself drinking coffee or pop all day to keep going? Having trouble losing weight? Maybe you even pride yourself on "how little" sleep you need.

I bet the real reason you are struggling every day is that you aren't getting enough sleep. Most of us …


The Surprising Sleep Habits of the Rich and Famous

Some of the most enduring achievers defy the logic of '8 hours of sleep'

Thomas Edison thought sleep was a waste of time, preferring instead to take a series of daily power naps. So did Leonardo da Vinci. Nikola Tesla clocked about two of hours of shuteye per night. The secret to their success? …

Leonardo Da Vinci

Teens with Insomnia at Greater Risk for Self-Harm

A new study has found that teens who suffer from sleep difficulties, such as insomnia and short sleep duration, are significantly more likely to …


5 Unexpected Signs You're Draining Your Own Energy

Sign 1: People often say, "You have an amazing work ethic!"

When it comes to supervising the work project, selling the raffle tickets for the school benefit and supervising the kitchen renovation, you consider yourself someone who can get things done. You work hard at everything you do. You're …


Scientists say chronic stress can actually change your brain

A new study finds burnout changes neural circuits in the brain.

If you think you can bounce right back from long-term stress at work, think again.

New research highlights some serious neurological consequences of burnout, or a state of chronic stress that leads to exhaustion, detachment, and feelings …

The Brain

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[Y]ral: In Under 3 Minutes This Rap Star Takes Unilever Down For Poisoning Kodaikanal

By Kanika Katyal: Kodaikanal, often known as the 'princess of hill stations' is a scenic hill station located 7000 feet above the sea level in the …


Pass The Kale! Hip Hop Green Tour Promotes Veganism In The Black Community

…There is a long history of hip hop artists who are either vegan or vegetarians, especially the Old Schoolers who are of the Nation of Islam faith …

Hip Hop

The Smurfs, Care Bears & Dora The Explorer Will Never Be The Same, Thanks To Ice T

Ice T may play bada** Detective Fin Tutuola on Law & Order: SVU but he’s actually a voiceover king for children’s shows.

During a recent visit to The

The GQ Fragrance Guide: What is Neroli?

Citrus oils dominate the world of scent but it isn't just a simple case of oranges and lemons – there is a range of different ingredients derived …


12 Bathrooms with Blue Tile