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'I would have jumped off a roof for Mao': how Li Cunxin danced to freedom

Li Cunxin was just 11 when Chinese officials came to his home in rural Shandong and told him he’d been selected to study at the Beijing Academy of Dance. It was 1972, the height of Mao’s cultural revolution, and an entire nation was being shoehorned into creating a new communist China. Cunxin had …

La danseuse tire sa révérence - Hier soir à Lyon... la tournée d'adieu de Sylvie Guillem

A 50 ans, Sylvie Guillem, la plus grande danseuse française de son époque effectue sa tournée d'adieu. Elle était lundi soir à Lyon pour les Nuits de …

American Ballet Theatre – The Sleeping Beauty – New York

American Ballet Theatre in Alexei Ratmansky’s The Sleeping Beauty.
© Doug Gifford. (Click image for larger version)American Ballet Theatre
The Sleeping

Metropolitan Opera

Great performances: Michael Redgrave as Uncle Vanya

Laurence Olivier wasn’t exactly famous for his generosity towards rival actors. But even he was moved to write in his autobiography that Michael Redgrave’s Uncle Vanya was “the best performance I’ve ever seen in anything”. Olivier may, of course, have been swayed by the fact that he himself …

Dancing with Mrs Dalloway: Woolf Works by Wayne McGregor – in pictures

Virginia Woolf

Royal Ballet: Woolf Works review – a compellingly moving experience

When the final curtain fell on Wayne McGregor’s new ballet, Woolf Works, the cast were greeted with cheers and a standing ovation. And sighs of relief backstage, one imagines, because in more than one sense the Royal Ballet had bet the bank on the piece. If it had failed, it would have proved what …

Performing Arts

A New Dance by Rebecca Patek at Chocolate Factory

The title of Rebecca Patek’s new performance piece is a mouthful: “The Future Was Looking Better in the Past: My Family Herstory: or from religious persecution to american greed to murderous infamy to denial, repression and the slow dissolution into moral confusion, financial ruin and karmic …


Drama League Names ‘An American in Paris’ Best Musical

The Drama League, a national organization of theatergoers, has chosen “An American in Paris” for its top musical honor this year.

The organization on Friday announced its 81st annual awards, naming not only “Paris” for its distinguished musical award, but also naming “The Curious Incident of the Dog …


Julia-Rose Lewis: 'If artists can keep being brave then you get a lot back'

One of the brightest young talents on the Australian stage, Julia-Rose Lewis won the Philip Parson fellowship for emerging playwrights for her first play Samson. After a run at Brisbane’s La Boite and currently running at Sydney’s Belvoir theatre, the coming-of-age story of four young people …

Religion (UK)

A Century of Alberto Burri: 1915–2015 on Sotheby's Blog

MILAN - In the year of the centenary of Alberto Burri’s birth, the Modern and Contemporary Art sale in Milan will pay homage to one of the most …

Hear Samuel Beckett’s Avant-Garde Radio Plays: All That Fall, Embers, and More

Think of radio plays, and you most likely think (or I most likely think) of the form’s American “golden age” in the first half of the 20th century. …


Review: ‘The Painted Rocks at Revolver Creek,’ an Athol Fugard Play

“They got eyes but they do not see us,” says the gentle old man to the young boy in “The Painted Rocks at Revolver Creek,” the tender, ruminative new play written and directed by Athol Fugard. Both man and boy are black South Africans, and the man’s observation refers to the white farmers for whom …


Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? Not the Royal Ballet

Choreographers have never been shy of ransacking the literary canon for storylines. Greek myth, most of Shakespeare, bits of Dickens, Dracula, Wuthering Heights, The Great Gatsby – all have been turned into ballets. Yet aside from one oblique adaptation of the short story “Lappin and Lapinova”, the …

Virginia Woolf

To the lightshow: how astronomy and Virginia Woolf inspired the Royal Ballet

Virginia Woolf lived and worked at a time of monumental change in our understanding of the universe. The initial decades of the 20th century saw the biggest revolution in our thinking since Isaac Newton in the seventeenth century and this generated a great deal of popular interest in the subject, …

Virginia Woolf

Review: Serving 4 Helpings of Balanchine, With Thunderbolts and Tornadoes

Why don’t we see George Balanchine’s exquisite pas de deux “Sonatine” more often at New York City Ballet? Choreographed in 1975 to Ravel’s three-movement solo piano piece of that name, it’s an intricate, spellbinding vehicle for sensitive dancers. Although Balanchine originally made it for Violette …

Performing Arts

Public Theater Season Will Feature New Musicals by LaChiusa and Stew

Familiar collaborators will be front and center next season at the Public Theater, which will offer two new musicals by composers who have been regular presences there: “First Daughter Suite,” Michael John LaChiusa’s sequel of sorts to his 1993 “First Lady Suite”; and “The Total Bent,” by Stew and …

First Lady

How two Brooklyn brothers became protégés of a star

Reporting on Misty Copeland for 60 Minutes this week, correspondent Bill Whitaker heard the story of the star ballerina's childhood: how a dance …

Royal Ballet's leading lady returns at 52

Alessandra Ferri stars in Wayne McGregor's new Covent Garden production based on the novels of Virginia Woolf

At 19, Alessandra Ferri became one of the youngest principal dancers at the Royal Ballet. Aged 52, she is returning as its oldest leading lady since Dame Margot Fonteyn.

Ferri will take the …

Review: Belarus Free Theater’s ‘Trash Cuisine’ Serves Politics With Teeth

If you judge a show by its title, you’d expect “Trash Cuisine,” the latest offering from the intrepid Belarus Free Theater, to be a friendly, jokey hoot. It’s a name that puts you in mind of those breezy adventure shows for armchair chefs — “Have Fork, Will Travel” or “Bizarre Foods” — with an …


Tony nominations aren’t kind to new American plays

In five weeks’ time, actors, actresses and the occasional lighting designer will adorn clothes nearly as nice as those at the Emmys and gather for the Tony awards. On Tuesday, a marginally amused Bruce Willis and a pale Mary Louise Parker stood in the Paramount hotel in New York and delivered the …

Wolf Hall

Long Night’s Journey

Tolstoy’s famous dictum—the second half of it, anyway—that “every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way” certainly applies to the O’Neills, in …

Conservative News

In Full Bloom at Japanese Festival in Brooklyn

The annual Sakura Matsuri Festival, which showcases traditional and modern Japanese culture, was held over the weekend at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The festival, in its 34th year, has expanded to include a fashion show of cosplay, short for costume play, in which people dress as characters from …


A famous American theater has cast a black woman as Hamlet. It's not only historic, it looks cool.

In about two minutes, you may think to yourself, "I got to get to Philadelphia!"


The woman in the above picture is British-African actress Zainab …

William Shakespeare

Review: ‘The Belle of Belfast,’ a Pressure Cooker of Moral Quandaries

Just before Nate Rufus Edelman’s winning drama “The Belle of Belfast” begins, the buzz saw intensity of Stiff Little Fingers’ republican anthem “Alternative Ulster” and John McDermott’s set — an imposing exposed-brick wall covered with graffiti and topped with barbed wire — signal that you’re in …

Pressure Cookers

Maxim Gorki Theater Leads an Immigrant Vanguard in Berlin

BERLIN — Standing in her office at the Maxim Gorki Theater here, a pack of Gauloises cigarettes in hand, Shermin Langhoff gestured at an image of one of Jeff Koons’s gleaming balloon sculptures hanging on her wall.

Slowing the pace of her usually rapid German, she said: “It’s lunacy. This object is …

German Economy

Something Rotten! review – Shakespeare musical is comfortable but not clever

That guy Shakespeare can really do it all – comedies, tragedies, histories, romances, sonnets, epics. Also, he can twerk.

If you’ve ever longed to see the Bard of Avon shaking his ass, then speed to the St James Theater in New York, where you can catch him crammed into leather pants and a jaunty …


Review: Renée Fleming Plays Against Type in ‘Living on Love’

Making her Broadway debut in “Living on Love,” the lumpy little comedy that opened on Monday night at the Longacre Theater, Renée Fleming seems like far too nice a woman to be playing a diva. That sounds irrational, I know, since Ms. Fleming, the great soprano, is one of the most celebrated opera …

Great American Novel

Peter Sarsgaard as Hamlet at Classic Stage

Shakespeare wrote many great roles, but few, if any, rival Hamlet and King Lear in terms of complexity (and potential glory). Both roles offer meaty challenges for actors, and it is practically a rite of passage to assay at least one of them in the course of a career that includes the classics.

Into …


Review: ‘Wolf Hall,’ the Stage Version, Untangles Tudor History With Relish

And now let’s settle in for a really, really good gossip.

The subject? The British royal family and its so-called friends. You wouldn’t believe the scandal they’re stirring up these days, with their love affairs and divorces and back-stabbing rivalries.

It’s chilling (and thrilling, too — admit it) …

Wolf Hall