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Connect Your Car to Your Digital Life with Automatic

INTRODUCING<p>Automatic Pro<p>Unlimited car monitoring, zero fees. The only connected car adapter with unlimited 3G included.<p>How it works<p>Automatic …


3 CES Trends That Content Marketers Need to Know​ About — The Content Strategist

The next step in the digital revolution may be here, and the content marketing world better be ready.<p>While every year’s CES brings with it a flood of …

Internet of Things

The Future of Big Data: Beyond the Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things
Palo Alto

The internet of things is coming, but it’s not what you expect

The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 arrives at a time when global gadget sales are falling. The UK is ready to lead the way with the smart sensor tech that will take the place of smart phones and TVs<p>Headlines from CES 2015 this week include Samsung CEO’s promise of an Internet of Things (IoT) that …

Internet of Things

Here comes the 'Internet of Self'

Two of the biggest trends at International CES this year are the quantified self movement and the Internet of Things (IoT).<p>(Actually, the quantified …

Internet of Things

How The Internet of Things Will Shake Up Retail In 2015

Just as there’s no pause button or adjustment period between one year and the next, technology doesn’t wait for laggards to catch up. That’s why, as we barrel into 2015, smart retailers are rapidly adopting one or more of a half-dozen technological breakthroughs that are beginning to permanently …

Internet of Things

IoT Platform and Tools - 2014/15 Internet of Things Awards

Nominees<p>Variable, Inc. is an award-winning electrical design & software development firm for NODE+ sensors that develops ways to optimize …

Internet of Things

IoT 101 Project: Stream Temperature From Your Raspberry Pi

Introduction: IoT 101 Project: Stream Temperature From Your Raspberry Pi<p>“Hello World!” – This is likely the output of the first program you ever …

Raspberry Pi

For the Internet of things, the cost of cheap will be steep

In 2014, the Internet of things (IoT) moved beyond a buzzword; it became a security risk.<p>Gartner forecasts there will be almost five billion connected devices by the end of this year and 25 billion in 2020. However, the deployment of cost-efficient sensors and devices that has allowed the IoT to …

Internet of Things

Apple Emerges As A Promising Internet Of Things Platform At CES 2015

The whole “Internet of Things” theme reached a fever pitch at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. Many of the big tech players are trying to become the platform for how to connect together the growing list of devices with wireless technology inside of them–everything from your car to your …

Internet of Things

You can finally build a smart home without being an engineer

Building a smart home should be fun. You should be excited about how easily you can set the lights to turn on when you enter the house, and tell the thermostat to turn down when you leave for the day, and get the doors to automatically lock at the end of the night. These are all little things — and …