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Why Do Electric Cars Have Only One Gear?

Most electric cars have a single gear ratio. You probably understand the basic reasons for this, but the math is still super fascinating.<p>One of the biggest differences between electric cars and their conventional counterparts has to do with the drivetrain. An internal combustion vehicle has a …

Electric Vehicles

Popular Mechanics

We've seen 3D-printed houses, but TEN FOLD Engineering is bringing us the folding house. (via BestProducts.com)

Ten Fold Engineering

Ten Fold Technology is flexible and can be used and re-used for different purposes in different places.<p>Ten Fold Technology was conceived to resolve …

Fuel Cell

Farming in Skyscrapers

Dickson Despommier is a professor of public and environmental health at Columbia University and champion of a concept called vertical farming. The …


The robot invasion has begun in the grocery aisle

A family-owned grocery chain in the Midwest is set to test an aisle-roving robot, joining technology-savvy retail behemoths like Amazon and …


Cat® Activated Undercutting Technology


Intelligent Technology Smart Farming Automatic milking machine, Feeding, Cleaning Cow Goat




The Future of Your Job in the Age of AI | Robots & Us | WIRED

The surprising news from scientists about rising sea levels!

Summary: Rising sea levels have become a core element — perhaps the core — of climate activists’ warnings. What do scientists say? Should we worry, …

Climate Change

45 Amazing Homes and Offices Built from Shipping Containers

Engineers and architects have transformed ordinary shipping containers into amazing homes and office spaces around the world<p>Engineers and architects have transformed ordinary shipping containers into amazing homes and office spaces around the world. Here are a few of our favorites.

Freight Farms Builds Farms in Shipping Containers, and NASA Wants to Launch Them to Space

This Boston-based sustainable agriculture company grabbed NASA's attention along with Elon Musk's brother, Kimbal.<p>If we built farms in space, they'd look nothing like the vast wheat fields of Kansas. But they just might look something like urban farms being used today—modular closed-loop hydroponic …


The Joule Box Portable Hydrogen Power Plant


Saskatchewan Did What?! Province OKs Canada's First Geothermal Power Plant

Saskatchewan has developed a bit of a negative reputation on the environmental front lately. Guess that’s what happens when a premier threatens to …


Tesla looks at sourcing lithium for batteries from geothermal wells

News<p>Tesla looks at sourcing lithium for batteries from geothermal wells<p>Process of mining lithium and other metals from geothermal brine (source: …

Super Factories-Tetra Pak


The Biggest Factory in the World - Documentary Films


Smart and Powerful Extreme Logging ATV Harvests Tons of Trees: Kranman Equipment in Action

Why the Automotive Future Will Be Dominated by Fuel Cells

Range, adaptability, and refueling time will put hydrogen fuel cells ahead of the competition Photo: Toyota Photo: iStockphoto <b>Fill ’er Up:</b> Refueling …

Electric Vehicles

Intelligent Technology Smart Farming, Modern Agriculture Technology: chicken factory


New Modern Agriculture Machines 2017 - Harvesting Bananas


Future Latest Intelligent Technology World Amazing Modern Agriculture Heavy Equipment Mega Machines

How to Determine the Earth's Circumference

• Education<br>• Math<br>• Geometry<br>• How to Determine the Earth’s Circumference<p>How to Determine the Earth’s Circumference<p>You can figure out the earth’s circumference …

Virgil unbound: Italian Alps ruin becomes dream budget home


8 BADASS MACHINES Will Blow Your Mind!

MEBOR SAWMILL LINE, Large & automated

Amazing Machines in the world Nice Collection Technology 2016- YouTube

Incredible Heavy Lift Quadcopter Progress Update


6 Microrobots Move A Car 18,000 Times Their Weight - BTF