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What AI Can Really Do Right Now

Artificial intelligence has been misunderstood for as long as it has existed. Herewith, the definitive Popular Mechanics guide to what A.I. is, what it isn't, who's responsible—and how you can get involved.<p>Voice Recognition<p>The Acoustic Model: Sounds Into Data<p>Your voice is measured by frequency, the …

Artificial Intelligence

The Rock Solid History of Concrete

How limestone, rocks, and volcanic ash built the modern world.<p>The story of concrete is so ancient that we don't even know when and where it begins. It is a story of discovery, experimentation, and mystery. Emperors and kings became legends for erecting great concrete structures, some of which are …


Horizontal Drilling

Electric car without batteries

Awesome Machines Deep Snow Removal Snow Blowing Sweeping Snow Turf Cutting Snow

Game of Thrones

Government killed inventor! Electric car without Battery invented


8 Machines that are Really Awesome ✅


Hulk Robot Is Coming: New 3D Printed ‘Synthetic Muscle’ Can Lift 1000x Its Own Weight

New one-of-a-kind artificial tissue is three times stronger than natural muscle (and could be used to create robots that move and work independently).<p>…


LIQUID PISTONS- Revolutionary Engine - Amazing products and gadgets of 2016 Ep 2-


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With more than half of the world population living in cities, one thing is undeniable: we are an urban species. Part game, part urban planning …


100 Year Old Self-Playing Violin - "The Eighth Wonder Of the World"

永久機関 Perpetual motion machines Part 1

Сборка ГИГАНТСКОГО гусеничного крана. Работа профессионалов

P-Laser Industrial Laser Cleaning : degreasing, mould cleaning, anilox roller cleaning, selective paint stripping, removing oxide layers, car restauration

Basic chemicals

In <b>The Essential Chemical Industry - Online</b>, there are 76 units which describe key aspects of the chemical industry in a concise way. They are …

Utah Improves Fischer-Tropsch Hydrocarbon Synthesis | Research & Development | News | West Virginia Coal Association

United States Patent: 9011788<p>We've many times documented that Coal can, even in combination with renewable and carbon-recycling organic wastes, like …

8.5 Fischer-Tropsch Process to Generate Liquid Fuels | EGEE 439

So, what can be done with synthesis gas? It can be burned and used in a gas turbine to heat exchange the heat to produce steam and operate a second …

General Electric MS9001E Gas Turbine

Scientists Turn Nuclear Waste Into Long-Lived Diamond Batteries

The diamonds are made from radioactive graphite and can generate a small electric current for thousands of years.<p>Researchers at the University of Bristol have developed a method to turn radioactive graphite blocks, a waste product of nuclear reactors, into artificial diamonds that generate …


First 'micro home' lands in Worcester charity's back garden

The £40,000 iKozie pod, which has only 17.25 sq metres of floor space, is part of effort to ease homelessness in city<p>A unique “micro home” inspired by the layouts of luxury yachts and airline first class cabins has been craned into place as part of an effort to ease homelessness in a British …


Chinese company tests turbine-driven electric super car

Chinese company Techrules brings a svelte carbon fiber supercar to Geneva, showing off a new type of hybrid electric drivetrain.<p>What Chinese company Techrules brought to the Geneva auto show looks like many of the other exotic cars in nearby booths -- a low-slung, carbon fiber-bodied wedge of speed …

Electric Vehicles

This Genius Invention Could Transform Jet Engines

Regatta Presents Capstone C200 Microturbine in Motion

What's The Deal With The Turbine-Powered Chinese Supercar That Has 1030 HP And Gets 1300 MPG?

If those numbers aren’t making your internal horseshit alarms beep and wail like aroused banshees, it’s probably time to change the 9-volt in there. …


How is it Made: The Most Luxurious BMW Car -Inside the Factory Producing the 7 series

Seamless steel tubes production process

Why Do Electric Cars Have Only One Gear?

Most electric cars have a single gear ratio. You probably understand the basic reasons for this, but the math is still super fascinating.<p>One of the biggest differences between electric cars and their conventional counterparts has to do with the drivetrain. An internal combustion vehicle has a …

Electric Vehicles