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Mushroom Harvesting and Processing Machine Modern Technology Agriculture - Mushroom Packing Machine


UK's first driverless grocery delivery



Inside A Warehouse Where Thousands Of Robots Pack Groceries

Digital Culture

Arcimoto RegA+ Initial Public Offering - Join Our Story



14 High-Tech Farms Where Veggies Grow Indoors

In the 21st century, a significant change is underway in the food industry: farming is moving indoors. The perfect crop field could be inside a …

Understanding Graphene Batteries

This Graphene Battery User’s Guide, which has been created for both scientists and non-scientists, explains the working principle of graphene …

Robotic Kitchen - Top 5 Most Advanced Robotic Kitchens | Robotic hands that can cook food for you ✅

Concept Cars | Vehicles

Self-driving in a mobile lounge<p>Thanks to its various self-driving modes, there's no more need for manual driving with SYMBIOZ... Just as an option, …


This plastic bag is 100% biodegradable

A company in Indonesia has created a plastic bag so eco-friendly you can eat it.<p>It’s made out of cassava, the vegetable root which is a staple in the …


Scared yet? Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot can now jog freely

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot has been untethered and set free, which, for anyone convinced of an imminent robot uprising, is a rather worrying …


Anheuser-Busch orders 800 hydrogen-electric trucks from company that just sued Tesla

Budweiser's parent company is going electric — and it's not with the company most synonymous with electric vehicles.<p>Anheuser-Busch, the beverage …

3 Companies Developing Game Changing Technologies


Spectacular Zen Inspired Dream Tiny House

Amazing Off-The-Grid Tiny House Has Absolutely Everything!

FarmBot: open source backyard robot for a fully automated garden

13 Fascinating Farming Robots

Styrofoam Bricks DIY

How Paper Is Made

<b>How Paper Is Made</b><p>The first machine to make paper was developed in France around 1798. Although papermaking machines have been greatly improved and …

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The Moley Robotic Kitchen - Mission & Goals

Barn-inspired Dance Studio Rises in Rural Massachusetts

Each year, Jacob’s Pillow campus in rural Massachusetts, USA, hosts a summer dance festival with more than 200 free performances and other uplifting …


Trump administration targets H-1B visas—again

For the second time in two years, the Donald Trump administration has ruled out expedited approvals for H-1B visas.<p>On March 20, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that it has temporarily halted the premium processing facility for the H-1B visa, which allows applicants to …


Free Energy - how to make free energy 100% - simple at home 2018

Electric ‘flying taxi’ with ‘numerous propellers’ given boost by Toyota

At a private airfield somewhere between Monterey and Santa Barbara in California, you’ll find Joby Aviation’s electric “air taxi,” as JoeBen Bevirt …