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(RIMPAC 2016) US Marines Test New Military Drone Equipment To Be Used In Combat In The Future

Kalashnikov Is Now Building 20-Ton Tank Drones

The company that popularized the AK-47 is moving on to the next big thing in warfare.<p>The company named after the inventor of the AK-47 rifle is planning to build a new unmanned combat ground vehicle, or UCGV. The vehicle will carry both machine guns and anti-tank missiles and weigh up to 20 …


World's Tallest Solar Tower to Supply 120,000 Homes With Renewable Energy

Israel's 787-foot concentrated solar power tower—which will be the world's tallest such tower once construction is complete—will bring up to 121 …

Renewable Energy

Amazing Road Painting Machines Compilation

4 Megawatt modular micro nuclear reactor is in Canadian pre-license review and targets 2025 for demo reactor

The U-Battery consortium, led by Urenco, has registered its micro-modular reactor technology for pre-licensing vendor design review with the Canadian …

Leafy Green Machine™

Introducing Handle

Windowless planes: is this the future of flying?

You Can Make Your Own Self-Driving Car

The instructions are out there.<p>Most of the headlines about self-driving cars are made by big companies like Tesla, Volvo or Ford. The latest effort by long-time hacker George Hotz's, called Comma.ai, aims to make the whole endeavor simpler: instead of buying a new, expensive self-driving car, make …


7 Earth-like planets found orbiting star 39 light-years from Earth

'We have made a crucial step toward finding if there is life out there,' researcher says<p>Scientists have discovered what looks the best place so far …


The Best Robotic Arms In 2016 - How Advanced They Are

Ford Invests in Argo AI, a New Artificial Intelligence Company, in Drive for Autonomous Vehicle Leadership | Ford Media Center

• Ford is investing $1 billion during the next five years in Argo AI, combining Ford’s autonomous vehicle development expertise with Argo AI’s robotics …

This Roller Guardrail Seems Brilliant, Except For One Major Problem

Running into this energy-dissipating guardrail is a lot less violent, but it's what happens next that worries us.<p>This may seem blindingly obvious, but you never really want to crash into a guardrail. They're devices born of necessity—often placed to keep an out-of-control vehicle from careening …


List of fuel cell vehicles

Main article: Fuel cell vehicle<p>A <b>fuel cell vehicle</b> is a vehicle that uses a fuel cell to power an electric drive system. There are also hybrid …

Fuel Cell Power Generator - 5kw Natural Gas - Tropical S.A. | Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology

<b>Fuel Cell System Code :</b><p>NG-5<p>NG - 5<p><b>Type :</b><p>FUEL CELL CHP<p><b>Fuel :</b><p>NATURAL GAS,<br>PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane)<p><b>Power Output :</b><p>5600W<p><b>DC Output :</b><p>24V/48V/72V<p><b>Battery</b> …

How much electricity does an American home use? - FAQ

U.S. Energy Information Administration - EIA - Independent Statistics and Analysis<p>Sources & Uses<p>Petroleum & Other LiquidsCrude oil, gasoline, heating …

Renewable Energy

Alex Gervais, Metis Teen Who Took His Own Life, Was 'Abandoned' By Gov't: Report

VICTORIA — A Metis teenager in government care was alone, hungry and crying out for help in the days before he jumped to his death from a …

British Columbia

Sudden cliff collapse highlights danger of Kilauea’s volatile lava flow

DARPA's Killing US Army Weapons Documentary 2015

Boston Dynamics "nightmare inducing" wheeled robot, presentation video close-up

Cold recycling technology – Pioneering solutions from Wirtgen

The demand for technologies that conserve resources has spiraled in recent times. In this domain, the cold recycling process has built up an …

Zapping Trash With Plasma Produces Clean Energy and Fuel

Popular Science reports that companies like Startech are blasting trash with plasma and producing clean fuels like hydrogen as a byproduct. …

Australia Tests Mail Delivery Drones

Australia Post, which provides postal services for Australia and its overseas territories, is testing mail delivery drones that could allow for …

Scientists May Have Made Metallic Hydrogen, a Potentially Game-Changing Fuel Source

Metallic hydrogen could be used as semiconductors or rocket fuel. But some scientists are not convinced it was created at all.<p>Hydrogen is most commonly found as a gas floating in our atmosphere, but it can take many forms. Many rocket engines, for instance, used ultra-cold liquid hydrogen as a …


Has China Announced a New Long-Range Missile? (Updated)

The target—at least of the announcement—is Trump.<p>A new, road mobile intercontinental ballistic missile may have been sighted <b>(see update at bottom)</b> in a city in northern China. The Dong Feng ("East Wind") -41 missile, or DF-41, can carry up to a dozen nuclear warheads is claimed to have longest …

Cold War

Smart Bricks - A New Way to Build

Driverless Cars

Cold Fusion Reactions by Renzo Mondaini

Cold Fusion:whats that nuclear reaction?