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Ask the Coach: SPF and Shirts

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Wearable UV protection

I burn easily and run in a sun-abundant state. Do the high-SPF-rating shirts


The Best Cross-Training Options for Runners

The only way to become a better runner is to run, but the more running replaces other exercises in your fitness program, the more likely you are to …


3 Exercises to Add Power and Balance to Your Running

It is a hotly debated topic in global coaching circles: Are runners athletes?

Clearly, engaging in a long-distance running race, be it a 5K or …


Top Marathons Around North America to Run a PR

Grandma's Marathon

June 20, 2015 Duluth, Minn. 1 of 9

Photo Credit: Jeff Frey & Associates, Courtesy of Grandma's Marathon

This big race with small town …


From Zero to Varsity: A Beginner’s Guide to Training for Cross Country

How to thrive in your first year on the cross country team.

Is this your first year running cross country? Do you want to make varsity? Or do you simply want to become a better runner?

Both goals are achievable if you approach your summer in the right way. No matter your sport background, you have …


Beach Running 101: 7 Tips For Running On Sand

Here are some beach-running pointers for vacationers and coastal runners.It doesn’t take science to figure out that running on sand is more …


Shin splints after a long break

Getty Images

Corey asks: After a year-long running break, I’m back at it but experiencing crippling shin splints. I’ve tried changing shoes,

Shin Splints

Why Your Shoulders and Neck Hurt When You Run

You would expect any pain you experience while running to be located in your lower body, but that’s not always the case. Pounding the pavement can also cause discomfort in your neck and shoulders, according to Mike Reinold, D.P.T., co-founder of Champion Physical Therapy and Performance in Boston, …


The max factor: Take your own VO2-max test

Maximum aerobic capacity, known as VO2 max, is one of the key metrics for fitness. It shows how efficiently your body uses oxygen during …


How to add hill training into your routine

Once you understand the benefits, beginning to run inclinces will make you stronger.


The Simple Trick to Take 85 Seconds Off Your 5K Time

If you log hours on the road and track so you can slash a handful of seconds off of your race times, there's a simpler way.

Researchers in the U.K. recently discovered that the secret to speed is to treat your legs like you treat your favorite whiskeys: Put them on the rocks.

Runners who iced their …


101 Tips for Your Best Run Ever

"Stop fighting it!"

That's what a fellow marathoner yelled at me years ago in the middle of a very windy out-and-back marathon.

"Don't fight the wind, man," he said. "Wait until the turnaround, then pick up the pace when the wind is at your back."

The sheer simplicity of that advice! Until he …


How to Loosen Your Feet With a Golf Ball

Photo: Scott DraperAs a runner, your feet will take a pounding, regardless of what shoes you wear or how much experience you have.“A lot of runners …


Anton Krupicka: Evolution of an Elite

Ariella Gintzler May 27, 2015 LIKE TWEET COMMENTS 0

The pro trail runner reflects on injury and how it's changed up his training regimen

Anton “Tony” …

10 Hilarious Trail-Running Bloggers You Should Be Following - Page 2

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An actor and improv comedian out of Los Angeles, Ethan Newberry produces light-hearted YouTube videos …

3 Ways to Lace Up Your Running Shoes - Competitor.com

Lydiard Lacing

(also known as "straight bar lacing" or "parallel lacing")

Try this: if the top of your shoes feel tight or bind.

• Begin straight across …

Running Shoes

The Truth about Foam Rolling

Most trainers recommend foam rolling before a workout for good reason: A study in The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research found that rolling out for just a minute can improve your range of motion, while a study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise discovered that rolling after an …


The 4 Toughest Sprint Workouts You Can Do


While the super-lean physique of an elite distance runner might not be your goal, just about anyone interested in fitness can benefit from a little pavement, track, and trail pounding. And if you’re short on time, serious sprint sessions are a huge bang-for-your-buck workout as they …

5 Top Tricks of Trail Running

Spring has finally sprung, and with the great defrosting a whole new world of workouts has unfurled. For a top-tier cardio experience, we recommend …


5 Workouts to Build Trail-Racing Strength

David Roche May 20, 2015 LIKE TWEET COMMENTS 0

You signed up. Now it's time to get strong.

“Do you want to do this [insert adjective:

Workout of the Week: Dylan Bowman's Lactate Threshold Repeats

Boost your fitness and improve your confidence with this challenging interval session.

Despite some immediate success in his first few years of racing …


Why You Need Hills In Your Running Routine

Once you understand the benefits, beginning to run inclinces will make you stronger.

I'm new to running, so I'm reading as much as I can about training. Running hills is mentioned pretty often. Why is it important to include hills, and how do I incorporate them into my weekly training?


Dear …


The Best Way to Run and Race Hills

Follow these three rules to find success on routes with many ups and downs.

If you want to run and race hills well, it all comes down to doing three things:

1. Running by effort rather than pace.

I coach my runners to train and race in three simple zones. The Yellow Zone is the one where you can …


5 Unexpected Benefits of Running

As a three‐time marathoner, I've logged a lot of miles. While I can't say every mile was enjoyable, I love running because it has so many rewards. Of course some benefits are more obvious than others. I love to run because it helps me sleep better.

It makes me happy. It helps me maintain a healthy …


11 Great Running Routes Across America’s Cities

What's the best way to get to know a new city? Walk it. No, run it. We've picked the 11 best running trails in America, with one trail in 11 of the …

U.S. Travel

How was your weekend running?

I once beat the marathon world record holder Dennis Kimetto in a race. Only because he dropped out, admittedly, while I plodded on to the finish, but my “win” illustrates one thing at least: even the very best runners have bad days.

On Sunday, I had a bad day.

Three weeks after a big PB in the London …

Training with Depleted Carbohydrate Stores

Study finds performance boost from low-carb interval sessions.

The "train low, race high" paradigm has been widely discussed over the past few years. The idea is that you do some training sessions with depleted carbohydrate stores, and this helps teach your body to burn fat more efficiently. Then …


Why you should watch how your foot lands while running

A few years ago, researchers at the University of North Carolina asked runners which part of their foot struck the ground first when they ran. Of the 57 subjects, 37 identified themselves as forefoot strikers, while the rest said they were heel strikers.

The catch? When the runners were analyzed …

A Runner’s Dream, Realized (video)

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A video profile of Brett Rivers, the trail runner and tech-industry refugee who turned his passion …