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Blog Post: The secret to running up hills; posture, breathing and maintaining momentum

Every runner, whether experienced or a beginner, gets that feeling of dread every now and then when they remember that great stinking hill in the …


Why I love a no good, very bad run

If you are anything like me when you first started running, every run felt like a bad run.It was freaking hard. It hurt. I couldn’t breathe, the …


Marathon Mania In American History

Odd that Americans, long known for their short attention spans and — oh, look, a sparkly thing ... are at the same time manic for marathonic undertakings.

Running, for example. A century ago, scores of marathoners competed before huge wintertime crowds in the 1909 Brooklyn Marathon. Flash forward, …


How To Use Running To Lose Weight at Faster Pace

Running is one of the most vigorous exercises. It is extremely efficient in burning calories and boosting your weight loss goals. A healthy 150-pound …

Want to Be a Better Runner? Then Slow Down

The secret to being a better runner isn't more intensity. It's wise use of easy and intense training sessions.There’s a well-known Australian track


Strength circuit for distance runners

While a consistent running regimen will do a great job of strengthening your legs and lungs, it won’t do much for many of the muscles in the rest of …


How to Lace Your Running Shoes

Wide Forefoot

1 of 6

How to do it: From the toe of your shoes, thread the laces up the sides of your shoe though a few eyelets until you reach the …

Fast running is as deadly as sitting on couch, scientists find

Running a few times a week at a moderate pace is the best way to improve health, say scientists, as they warn against overdoing it

Too much exercise really can kill you, scientists have discovered, after finding runners who speed along at 7mph or more are doing themselves more harm than good.

A study …

Sports Science

How to Avoid Injury from Overtraining

Whether training for a 26.2 mile marathon, or your first 5K, when working to improve your fitness level, you must push yourself and your body to …

The Ultimate Guide to Running With Your Dog

Corbis Images If you're the owner of a four-legged friend (of the canine variety, at least), you probably know that running is mutually beneficial. …


12 Marathon Training Tips for Time-Crunched Runners

With the right training and motivation, almost anyone can run a marathon. Photo: www.shutterstock.comLauren Jimison has some guidelines to follow if


Workout of the Week: Stephanie Bruce’s 1K Repeats

Running this workout on the road is great practice when training for a marathon. Photo: Shutterstock.comImprove your ability to run goal marathon


Dear Coach: When Can I Get Back To Speedwork?

Photo: TandemStockHow can I safely get back into speedwork after running inconsistently for the past couple of months?Ah, speedwork. It hurts so …


How Do You Determine Your Best Racing Distance?

Moving up to the marathon as you get older is not uncommon—and it’s not just because you slow down as you age. Photo: Shutterstock.comThere are lots


Unique Running Strategies for Weight Loss: An Elite Runner's Perspective

Every year, millions of people make a New Year's resolution to lose weight. Beginners and advanced runners alike strive to become lean, mean running …

Six Weeks To New Run Speed

Photo: Ryan Bethke/Competitor.com
Add in these three key sessions per week to PR at your next 5K, 10K or half-marathon.
Want to translate your …


Base Building

What’s HARD and what’s EASY?

Example of a week of training applying the Hard/Easy Rule.

S M T W Th F S

hard easy easy hard easy hard easy

Here is few …

The world's coolest themed runs

No longer is it enough to simply lace up your running shoes and pant your way through a marathon.

Nowadays, you can add fun to your long-distance race by dressing up as a superhero, coating yourself in neon or seeing if knocking back glasses of wine before running boosts your endurance.

Though the …


Running in the rain, it is the Wet Coast after all

To run or not to run?
That is the questioned I pondered all day as I watched the so-called Pineapple Express thrash the streets of downtown Vancouver …

How To Maximize Your Run

Follow friends, take photos, set goals and more.

Describe your run with a creative title. Tag it as a workout, race or long run. View it on your …

Why Endurance Athletes All Swear By Beet Juice

Athletes at the London Olympics drank it for peak performance, U.S. marathoner Ryan Hall downs a glass to improve his run time, even Auburn’s …


I Did These 3 Things For 90 Days & Became A Faster, Stronger Runner

It wasn't long after I started running that I began to look for ways to become faster and stronger. I followed tailored training plans, started …


Running Form: Correct technique and tips to run faster

Finish Every Race Strong

Sprinting at the end is never fun, but sometimes it's worth the pain.

Ask any kids what their favorite part of the school day is and almost all will say recess. There are many reasons for this, but the number-one reason has to be the fact that at recess, you get to run as fast as you can. If you …

Are two runs a day a good idea?

Adding mileage to your training

Most experts agree that running doubles can be an extremely effective way of adding to your weekly mileage, whilst …

Coach talk: The importance of run base building

Photo: XterraSome of the best run coaches in the USA offer their thoughts on the importance of building a run base during the winter and spring.Ben


Take Control of Your Running Health

Ten keys to staying on the road and out of the doctor's office.

Each year, studies report that somewhere between one-fifth and one-half of runners get injured. The figure is hard to pin down because sports medicine researchers aren't in agreement about what exactly qualifies as an injury. Is it …

Why Runners Can't Afford to Skip Core Workouts

Are you still avoiding core workouts? Read why the latest research reveals you'll become a better runner by strengthening your core.

13 Running Books You Should Be Reading Right Now

Here are a baker’s dozen of recently published running books that are definitely worth a read. Photo Gallery 1 of {count} Back to Start • View Larger …